Wednesday, January 30, 2008

(God is Great)

God is great, God is good
Thank you for this food
Take care of Laxman in India
Sumon in Bangladesh
And Bassirou Isaaca
And(insert the name of somebody who is either not at the table or a sick person.)
In Jesus' name Amen.

That constitutes the prayer that we say every night.
Well. If Cade me Sean or Noah do it.
The strange names are all of the sponser children. We only have Bassirou right now but we just didn't get out of the habit of praying for the others.

Matthew and Behn's was a little different.

For what we are about to recieve may the Lord make truly thankful.
And then they said everything else the same.

Of course now that they are older they do different ones..Matthew can't even remember the names so he just says sponser kids.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been doing alot of thinking lately.
Not about anything in particular, about everything really.
But nothing has come out of it yet.

I don't really do anything these days.
I do my school by 12 have lunch and check my email and I am done.
So I sometimes just lie around because I feel as if there isn't anything for me to do. But there is.

There is alot that I should be doing that I am not and the other way around as well.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

One bottle of pop. Two bottle of pop. Three....

I have been finding these past few days that I can't read.
Everytime I try I can't focus. And I will go do something else.
Which makes me very sad.
I love reading.
When I was younger I would go into the library pick out..over ten books and have them read way before the next library day.
But now I have a stack of books in my room and I can't even get through the first one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Guten Nacht.

Yeah. You didn't think I actually knew words from other languages but I do.
Wow I feel strange right now.

I actually took German when I was a wee thing thinking that I could learn and then speak to my cousins in a foreign language. Actually we had plans to lear italian so nobody could understand us but that never worked out.
I have pretty much accepted that I can't learn another language.

I feel kind of obligated to blog because I have everyday of this month except one. I think.. I don't know.

I made some cookies for our neighbours because he shoveled our driveway with his lawnmower..
They are really easy.

One chocolate cake mix
2 eggs
1/4 oil
and three skor bars chopped.
Then you mix those together and bake in a 350 degree oven for roughly ten minutes.

I got it out of the 4 ingrediant cookbook from Betty Crocker.

Did you know that in Adventures in Oddysey their cookbooks are made by a woman named Becky Rocker or something like that. I will find out.

I am going to bed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Such a wierd word.

It's ten so I should get to bed.
Believe it or not I have been waking up at 8:30, this is like amazing for me.

But brief update.

Umm I worked yesterday instead of today. Was actually terrible.
Today I had my guitar lesson. Which did not go as well as usual. And for the rest of the day I did little things. Nothing signifigent.

But I have been getting all my school done, which is quite a change from what I usually am like. I think I will actually get Grade 11 done this year. But this is speaking from my second week of it so I couldn't really judge.

Tomorrow. I guess I will go to youth.
Yeah you haven't really been missing out on anything.


Monday, January 21, 2008


Did You rise the sun for me?
Or paint a million stars that I might
Know Your majesty?
Is Your voice upon the wind?
Is everything I've known marked
With my maker's fingerprints?

Breathe on me
Let me see Your face
Ever I will seek You

'Cause all You are, is all I want, always
Draw me close in Your arms
Oh God, I wanna be with You
Oh with you

Can I feel You in the rain?
Abandon all I am to have You
Capture me again
Let the earth resound with praise
Can You hear as all creation lives
To glorify one name?

Breathe on me
Let me see Your face
Ever I will seek You

Chorus (x2):
'Cause all You are, is all I want, always
Draw me close in Your arms
Oh God, I wanna be with You

Oh God, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you

Sunday, January 20, 2008

One way to waste a day.

I got home from Church at 1:00 and I knew that I would be bored all day so I just slept to pass the time.
5 hours of time.
Then I got up,ate, read some and now I am here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, who's birthday is it guys?

IT'S MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

Okay usually I wouldn't be so happy and..wierd but I have been waiting to post this since like November So yeah.

Exactly 1 year ago I started this blog.
Well. I posted the first post.
I actually joined blogger in like October and had a different blog I think.

I was just testing blogger out at the time.
Jill said I should try it and I did so here we are.
Okay enough celebrating.
I had not been on the computer since Thursday morning so I was getting computer withdrawl(Sp?)

Anyway so Thursday night I got off work at 8 and me and Kelsey went out for coffee.
I can't go into details because in a way that might ruin the brilliance of the night.
But it did involve getting kicked out of two stores and going to the hospital.

Haha. that's ajoke sorta. We went to Zachs and Starbucks and Kelsey wanted to stay as long as we could to see if we would get kicked out but I drew the line at closing time. Yes I know I am a spoil sport but I didn't want to tell Kelsey's parents that I had gotten her in jail for not leaving a coffee shop. After we went to starbucks I jokingly suggested we should go to the hospital(word of advice:never jokingly suggest something to Kelsey :P)
So we walked up the road but the main door said it was closed and if you needed to get in go to emergency so we walked up further when we finally got up there I convinced K. that we really didn't need to go in. And it might seem strange that two girls wanted to just go up the elevator to the top floor at 10 at night.
So we walked down again and went to Zachs. That wasn't really in the plan but it's a good thing we went because we had some really good conversations.

Yesterday I had to wake up at 8 which is like 5 for me.
And me and Cade went to 'teen class'.
It was good. We cooked stuff :P.
But the cook person *Becky*(the name has been changed to protect the innocent.) kept watching over what I was doing which was quite unnerving for me.
And I don't like to cook with other people.

After it was over I stayed at Kandace's house until we went to 27 dresses that night.
I think that was the first time I have seen parents encouraging their children to smuggle food into the theatre(I wish my parents were like that.)

Then we went to Dairy Queen for Dilly bars and water..mmm water. I was so thirsty yesterday.
Continuing on.
The Neutelings dropped me off at the church and then me and dad dropped mom off at my grandparents.

Then me and dad went home home alone!!!!!!!!!
Okay. This concept was kinda hard for me to grasp and I was scared.

But there was a flaw in our plan.

The doors were locked.
(this is kind of funny when I was thinking of this later because just that day me and Kandace had been talking about how I don't need a house key because somebody is always there when I get home.)
So we went to Behn's house to pick up the house key and came home.
When we got home we found that the internet wasn't working so I went to bed quite alot earlier that I would have if there had been internet.

I woke up at 5:45
To get ready to go Skiing.
Which I should be doing right not.
Kelsey is picking me up in 34 minutes

So I will go.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here I am,
Procrastinating the schoolwork..again.
But I am on track so I deserve a little break,
at least that's what I am telling myself.

Last night.
I didn't want to go.
But I did and for the first part of the night I was just blank and not doing anything.
But then we were put into small groups and I was scared..haha I hate having to pray in front of other people that might sound bad but I seriously can't do it usually.
But last night my group just prayed for each other and it was fun.
I was relaxed.
Until I messed the whole thing up by praying for starbucks cards(don't ask.)
But it was good.
Something all of us needed.
It's good to do that sometimes.

So for school I have my history and my bible study thing on tapes and each are an hour long.
If they expected me to sit for 2 hours listening to these tapes they were wrong. So I started cleaning my room. That got me through the first day. And I have to do this every day.
Already I have vaccumed cleaned my closet gone through everything I own that is in that bedroom. Even cleaned my part of the bathroom.And that's all just in three days. I am going to have to think of something constuctive to do while I listen. I was thinking of moving it all over to the kitchen and then I could bake. That would be killing two birds with one stone.
I don't know.
But as long as this is going on I am pretty sure my room will be spotless and I will have my clothes and makeup on at a decent time in the morning. I guess this is a good thing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Jill!

Jill is 20. This is almost too hard to imagine.
We have been through alot together.
We 2 girls have stuck it out in the land of 7 guys.
Too many memories.
Volunteering at food bank. Getting 'high' on commonplace things.
Beanie Babies! And the story we once made about the three sisters(do you still have that?)
All the plays.
Keepers at home!!
Marco Polo at your house and you knew who it was because you said I have tiny wrists..okay maybe I am going into too much detail here :).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Typical Day.

I did almost all my school.
But I had to leave early so that is my excuse.

I went to walmart. On a mission.

To make up the ultimate best friend package that I could.
Of course it didn't turn out so awesome as I sorta felt rushed for some reason so I didn't give the idea much thought I just went here and there picked stuff out.

But I tried to pick stuff out that I would be happy to receive.
My mom asked me what the occasion was. No occasion. Friends are just supposed to do things like this.

It's not a bribe to try and make you forget what's in the past.
But to celebrate the start of what's to come.
Me and Kris talked today.
I am probably be bringing in one of my songs next week.
That's a probably not a defenite yes.
I just sorta cringe when I think about it.

But this means that...
1. Yes I have gotten a new Cd this month
2...I have worked more in some of the areas I like not as much as I wanted to though
And 3. I am starting on the whole recording songs bit.

So I am doing good for the first 15 days of this year. Let's hope I can keep up with it.
Oh yeah and I told Kris about my resolution so I basically have to do it now.
I need to go finish school. Especially since teen class starts on Friday so I can't do school all day then.


Monday, January 14, 2008

School Pressure

I have so much school to do.
I have a feeling that I might have to quit something in order to get it done.
Calculations say that I will have to do 3 hours and 45 minutes each day. That is a lot people.

But I will still blog for you people. If you are faithful enough to read this then you must be rewarded.
Of course it might not be very exciting seeing as I won't be doing much but I will try.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


She found me out.

Her Blog is now set to "This blog is open to invited readers only".

Hello. The whole point of a blog is so anybody in the whole wide world can read it.


this feels kind of wierd.
I am typing this entry in Behn's house.
Today has been eventful.
But lets talk about yesterday shall we?

I woke up at 5:30.
Packed my stuff up and we went.
I didn't fall asleep.
We got there. And it was dead.
I had to go through the Skipatrol door because Bento's wasn't open yet.
Waited there for a while and then went to get my pass.
Had to pay a whole 15.75 for it.(Contrary to popular belief we do not get them for free.)

Went back. Waited around for a while longer.
Finally decided to brave it.
Got my stuff on.

It was actually...Painful :P.
The first few runs were torture.
My legs don't like being in the ski boots.
But after I while I got used to it.

But at lunch I decided I was done.
Well in my mind I knew I should go out again but I never really got around to it.

Then my dad came in for lunch at 2 and said there were lot's of patrollers so we could go home.
We stopped for gas and then we went to walmart. He made me stay in the truck because the skiis were in the back.

We went home.
Had supper then I passed out on the couch.
My mom woke me up at 11 to say I should take out my contacts. Then I went to bed.

Today was church.
Then we had a haiti meeting after that.
After we raced home. Got some better shoes and then drove down to the petrocan were Kelsey picked us up.
Then we picked up the Hammonds and went to Sahali.
The hike was awesome.
So much better than last time.

And now I am here. At Behn's place. Just chilling out.
Hmm maybe I'll clean.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothing post.

So one of the reasons I have been posting alot is because a couple days ago I realized I only had four posts for the new year and I kinda like to have it so the days of the month and the number of posts are even..well so now I am going to be two days ahead but oh well.

I am going skiing tomorrow for the first time this season.
I wonder what it's going to be like. I am going by myself but I kinda like it that way because then I can go if I want to and I can take breaks whenever.
I might just have a short day so I am bringing tons of books because my dad has to stay there until the bitter end.

Me and Jess went to Alvin and the chipmunks today. Well. At first I thought it was terrible. Well it was but there were a couple times when I laughed. And it's not like we could have not gone. This is ALVIN we are talking about. We have so much history with alvin.

When I went to the mall yesterday I got some jeans as well. I know now that I am a 27. Well 26 too but the 27's are nice and loose.

When I got home from the movie theatre I arrived to find KFC on the counter. I asked what had happened and my mom explained that she hadn't felt like cooking so she asked dad to pick something up.
?????????????????????????????????? She has not done anything like this in the history of my existence. And why did she have to pick the day when I was full from popcorn and candy?

thanks y'all for commenting.
It does brighten the spirit.

Personal note to Kandace. POST SISTER!!
Where have you been the past..(pauses to count.) 8 DAYS!!
In Hannah time thats like 8 years.

CD of the month goes to.....

So I went to play yesterday but I had forgotten what was on my list of cds to buy so I was trying to remember them all.
So I was looking looking. I couldn't find any of the name plate things, I thought that was funny.
Hmm then I discovered that I was searching in the 'metal' section. Teehee maybe that's why I couldn't find anything.
So I went over to the right genre but I still couldn't find them.
Ooops I made another discovery..I had been looking for the first names but they catagorize them by the last.
In the end I didn't end up finding any of the ones I was looking for. But by chance I found this one and when I did see it I remembered that I had wanted to buy this one and it was 10 bucks less than regular price, so everything worked out in the end.

Timmy Tales..

Okay. So.
Here's the thing.
Awhile ago when I was first getting into the whole blogging thing I was searching everywhere for blogs to read. And Jill had a list of peoples blogs on hers so I started reading those.
And there is this one lady her name is Sonya. She goes to Jill's church.
Well I started reading her blog and I have been checking up on it for the past 6 months or so. So to make this short and sweet and I went to get cash for drvie thru yesterday and there was her husband at the window. Biggest shock of my life.
I recognized her husband from the pictures she puts up(my mom says thats not a smart idea.) and yeah. I saw that she was in the car and I almost confessed but I thought that would be too creepy.
Can you imagine if somebody randomly came up to you and told you they read your blog?
That's pretty much all I had to say.
Oh and this other guy had a Tim Card that had like 200 dollars on it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Okay last post of the day I promise.
It's just that I ten to get blog crazy when I am home alone and I have nothing else to do.


Important announcement.

REally Big.

No more 10.

I need to celebrate.

Poor Tree

I feel sorry for the tree.
He used to be all decorated up but now he was stripped of his finery and thrown out into the snow.
Truthfully I like him better plain.
He was the best tree we have had so far. He almost looked fake because he was so full and big.
Maybe because we bought him from a lot instead of going out into the wilderness to chop one down.

Happy Birthday Behn!

21 hmm.
That's 10 years older than I was four years ago.

He has two bananas

Behind me, there is a man
I don't know how he got there
he has a funny nose
and bushy eyebrows

I sneak a peek
why is he there?

Okay I confess
I've got myself into a mess
I am in the express lane
with more than ten things

I'm sorry strange man behind me
I fear it is going to rain
I need my items checked out now
even though I am in the wrong lane

1 2..5 6..9 10......19 20.
I look behind me again.
He has two bananas
I feel guilty but I laugh
he throws down his fruit
and stomps out the door.

Don't ask me what this is. I don't rightly know myself.
One day I was just sitting with a notebook in front of myself.

No this is not from personal experiance.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One of those days..

Not going to talk about it. But...

You know those shocking discoveries you make sometimes. And you don't know if it's actually right so you test it over and over again to make sure?

This is the worst thing I have ever heard of.
Why change that brilliant taste?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


You see, the littlest things in my life can be scary such as today.
Just now as I was on the computer I saw a truck pull into out our driveway.
And a man walked towards the door.
Mom and Sean are gone so the only ones awake are me and Noah. And I couldn't really have sent Noah to open the door so I did it.
It was a package guy. And I signed for the package. Wow.
Haha you might not think this is so important but it is a first in my life.
It took me a while because his little electronic signing device wasn't working properly. And my signature did not look at all like my own but oh well.
Which brings me to another resolution.
I want to try and do a first every week.

And then there's this.
I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile but I just kept forgetting.
About a week after Mexico when I was finally going through my bags I found this.
Well. At first I don't think I realized what it was I just thought it was one a the random papers that I brought back but then when I was going through those random papers I read it. Oh my gosh shock of my life. Why they had to check the bag that was the messiest is a mystery. I felt kinda embarassed for myself.
Next time I will 'try' to keep my bags in order.

And lastly. as I was browsing through blogs and doing random things last night I came across this.

I don't really understand it. I kept thinking it was fake and so I waited for the next screen to tell me the joke but the next screen never came. Maybe if I clicked on it. Or maybe it is actually real.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Charlie bit me.

Snow Camp 08

To be honest.
I didn't like it.
Which is most peoples reply.

And usually when I say something like that there is some good qualities but they are overshadowed, but this time.


Which is wierd.
And it seemed that I was happy the whole time.
But I have learned it is better pretending to be happy.
Probably wreaking havoc on my mental self in a terrible way.

But sometimes pretending to be happy makes me feel better.


So on Wednesday, Ryan had us think about the best time in this past year. I think it was time. Maybe thing.
But I drew a total blank.
There were small things but nothing big that stuck out.

Some people said camp. But as most of you know camp was up and down for me so I didn't want to say that.

It pretty much made me feel worse thinking about it. And then I kept thinking like the whole next day, trying to find something.

Maybe work. Sometimes it's a pain but on the whole I enjoy it and I have made a lot of friends. Its kind of of good thing having friends that don't go to youth.
I don't really want to explain that.

Then I started thinking about this one day at camp.
Some of the work crew went up to 'clean up' the pool area.
Well it started as cleaning but pretty soon we had all been pushed into the water and we were splashing and having contests to see who could be the best penguin.
And had had fun. I was happy the whole time.
It was funny because everybody else was in chapel and then we were playing in the pool.
My mom bought a new mouse today. It works good.
It seems to almost make the computer run faster, or maybe it's all in my head.

And I made butter tarts. I have never before so it's a new experiance.
Since I don't like raisins I made some special non-raisins ones just for me.
They have been eaten already.

I'm thinking about changing back to my green.
Orange is nice but. Green is nicer.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New, Hannah likes New.

Well, I always knew that 15 and 16 were going to probably be the best years of my life. Old, but not old enough to have to be worrying about what I am going to do all my life(trust me I am not thinking about it.) And young but not young enough to be..young. Anyway.
Considering that these past couple months haven't been so great there isn't anywhere to go but up from here. Hopefully that's what I'll do.
So far this year has been good.
Me and Kandace stayed up til 6 am watching retarded movies and then I got like 5 hours of sleep watched another movie then went to work. Which was good even though all of us seemed to be going a little slower than normal.
I got off early and went over to the grandparents where everybody had been relaxing for the last 4 hours.
And here I am.
Snowcamp is this weekend so that should be good.

So my resolutions are as follows:

1.Buy at least one new CD each month.

2.Work in the areas I like best more(Like music and cooking)

3.Maybe record some of my songs(nobody tell Kris. If he knew that I actually want to record he would like make me do it tomorrow.)

Yes short but sweet.

YAY 2008!

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