Saturday, July 18, 2009

She is alive.

So, I was feeling sorry for all of you since I never blog much there is no quantity to my posts. So, I'm going to try and write a super long one this time. Can't promise anything but here goes nothing.

For like a month now I have been going about my business without wearing glasses or contacts. I know it must be terrible for my eyes and all but it's just easier not having to worry about that at all.

My meals of this weekend so far have been microwave popcorn, poptarts and onion rings. Yuummm. It was the first time I had ever had the rings, they were okay, I guess.

There is a strange man watching me. Creepy.
Umm I can't think right now.

I keep waking up at five every morning. Not very fun.

This morning I went to the staff room at seven and I have been here since then except for once when I went to get food. It is now three. I really should go do something else. I am wasting away my precious weekend.

Campers come again tomorrow. Crazy.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, There is this tea that I have been looking for everywhere, it's call earl grey vanilla. I cannot find it anywhere. I have looked at like 7 different grocery stores. But I do know it exists because I saw the advertisment for it on the back of the reg. earl grey and someone here at camp has it.

I really want a package. There has been two people that have gotten packages from home and they look so cool..there is like food and clothes in them. But no mom, this is not a unsubtle hint to send me one. It doesn't really matter. It's just a statement.

Okay, my try failed. But I'm going to go get fresh air now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You turned my 5.5 day into an 8 day.

Haha, you guys will not be able to understand this. But that's okay. As long as I know what is going on it's all good.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Because I can never remember to do this on Thursday I am just changing it to monday..for this week at least.

1.Oreo Cakesters.( Like actually ..those things are amazing. If you don't know what to get me for my birthday you can just give me some of those.)
3.HOT CHOCOLATE!(The real stuff)
5.Random crazy adventures.
6.Food in general.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


1. Oh my goodness. One of the many benefits of camp is: I don't wear any makeup anymore! Well, sometimes I put on a bit...but I have been feeling beautiful without it, and that makes me very happy. And it saves so much time in the morning :).

2. I am eating soooooo much!
Seriously. I eat like seconds and thirds every meal. I know I am prolly going to gain so much weight but whatever. I'm okay with that at the moment too.

Monday, July 6, 2009


*Note* During the week I only have an hour break every day and that is divided between sleep and God and anything else I need to do when I am bymyself. So if you email me or something please don't expect a reply. I would email you back iffffffffff I had more time.

So, Hey guysss.
It has been awhile eh?
Let's quickly go over what has happened in the last....two weeks-ish.

I went to camp...*YAY!*.
It has actually been...somewhat amazing so far.
The first week was staff training and it was sooo full and packed, it felt like the whole summer in one week.
Highlights were...Umm July 1st...we were in the Peachland parade..soo fun. We had a float...and there was some of the themes from this year and a replica of our pool and archery range and we sang camp songs buuuut I....had an intense job. *Backstory* This year out camp got a BMX track..and so me and Steve rode BMX bikes in the parade. It was sweet. I would ride around the float in my huge helmet and elbow and knee pads and pretend I could actually do jumps and stuff..when in actuallity I can hardly even ride a bike. But Steve did show me how to do a bunny hop so now I can do that but it is pretty lame.

And then at night we watched the fireworks but since it is Peachlands 100th birthday they were HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE. So good.

So yeah. The whole week was filled with work projects and sessions and training in general..and food. I would have to say that the food was the best part.

On the weekend we took a bus(*GASP*) my second ever bus ride. Starbucks run..and then the carnival/fair thing..and A&W and food shopping and yeah..hahaahhahaha oh man...exploring a creek...hahahahah.

Ummmmmmmm, Yes so camp started yesterday. I was a little nervous before..but as soon as the girls started coming it was good..and I felt comfortable.
The age group for this week is 5-10? I think. I have 7, 8 and 10's in my cabin and so far they have been really good. Let's hope it stays that way :P.

So yes. It's been great. It's actually quite unbelievable for me when I think that I still have a whole summer left when it feels like it has been so long already.

But prayer would be appreciated cause I am almost certain that the all the weeks will not be as slack as this one(just wait until teen camp :).

So yeah. there is a little update. Dont' expect anything from me again for a while. Besides, reading about camp is prolly so boring :).

Love you guys!

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