Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I haven't done this in a while.
Two reasons.
1. Forgetfulness.
2. Usually when it comes around I am not in the mood for loving anything.

But here we go.


Yup thats about it. Or at least are the biggest ones popping out at me right now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Need kickboxing lessons.

So I bought some books on the way to Herald park on Thursday just in case things were slow.
The one I started first was a murder mystery about a pedophile.
So I gradually read it over the weekend finishing just after I got home on Sunday afternoon.
Okay second part. Since I had been constantly eating the whole weekend I felt very fat and I needed to do something physical so while my mom was at her bible study on Sunday night I went for my usual Tim Hortons walk. Wow, I was so creeped out by everything on that walk. I mean I usually am a little paranoid, but that was times ten of what I usually feel.

When I got to Timmies I was healthy and got a buttered bun and only two timbits.

When I was telling this story to Kris at my lesson today he suggested I carry a pocket knife with me at all times. I think I like the kickboxing idea better.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boys like Girls

'The Great Escape'
I am still addicted to this band.
And this song makes me smile everytime.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Manic Monday.

So yesterday was alright.
Bought a 25 dollar phone card since living without my cellphone was getting hard(I know I am sick).
Hung out at Juniper park for a while.
Went down and walked from Behns house to Timmy's and back..While I was there I got somebody to take my Thursday shift so I can go to Harold.
Then me and Matt went up to chapters where I bought a book for *Free*(Giftcard). Then I bought a mocha frappicino for *Free*(Ditto).
But I realized I am not one of those types who can go to Starbucks and read. It was so hard to concentrate with the music..and other people talking. And I kept checking the time sure that a while had passed and it would be like 3 minutes.
Anyways, then we(Me and Matt) went down to the theatre saw 'Prince Caspian'...and I got that free with my scene points too.
The movie was..well not that good. First of all they hardly followed the book. And way not enough fight scenes I mean come on.
Yes I could expand but I do not want to go into detail since there are still people who haven't seen it.
So this morning I got woken up and told the phone was for me.
It was Phyllis..asking if I would come into work at 1 instead of 4. Of course I said yes. But it will be my first 8 hour shift in a while.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, Wow.

There is really no explanation to this day.
It started at eight..! Krystin phoned..and I agreed to work tonight. Wasn't the number one thing I wanted to do on a Friday night but I didn't have anything else planned..and the terrible thing about it is I would have cancelled my plans.

So then I was up and I couldn't fall asleep again so I did school. Made muffins.
Then had a long nap..Killing time basically.
Went to Timmy's picked up my check went to the bank..shoppers drug mart. I always have fun in shoppers. Then I walked back to Timmy's.

I don't want to go into all the terrible details of myterrible day but I will say I worked 6 and a half hours without sitting down..It was a freakshow. Since our store closes at 11:00 now everything has to be stocked and cleaned for closing. Before it wasn't a big deal cause night staff could do what we missed but now it is pressure all the time. The last two nights I worked I stayed at least 10-15 minutes late. CRAZY!

Now I go to work again tomorrow since I am so nice and took Darien's shift..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh.

Okay enough ranting for today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Belated C.D.O.T.M.

So I am a little late since this is Aprils edition but better late than never.

OK... So first C.D. Is Marie Digby-Unfold.
And I actually discovered her off of Youtube. I think I started by searching Umbrella then I went to Umbrella covers and found her. She actually has the cover on her CD.
Um. Yes not really sure about the music yet. It's mostly slow..relaxing stuff.

Number 2.
I just went into SoulSource yesterday for the first time. And since they are closing down all of the stuff is super cheap so I picked up this C.D. it was 4.99. I thought even if I don'tlike it it was super cheap so who cares..well when I went to pay for it it was only 2.80..Even Better!
So yes. Kristine Martin-Valley Deep. From what I have listened to so far it is very not me but the whole idea of this was to expand on my music so here I gooooo.

I promise you the May issue will be in May.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Over the halfway mark!

Well, I am officially less than 6 months away from getting my 'L'.
Which means I better start reading the book and practising.
Even though I don't really want to drive I know if I don't do it right away it will just make it longer to get the full license and everything.

And that's all I want to say right now.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's amazing how you can be in an extremely good mood. Well, not extremely but close.
And then one little thing happens and even though I wish it wouldn't it justs puts me back to where I started.
(Breathe..don't cry.)

Friday Morning I was excited.

I went to E-free church and babysitted with Silken. That was fun, and I got paid.
Then me and Kandace went to 'Made of Honor'. We had been looking forward to it so it was a little disappointing when it wasn't how I thought it was going to be. But it was fun just doing something with Kandace since sometimes we can go weeks without hanging out.(Awww you better feel special Kandi!)
Then I had an adventure with the McIssacs where we drove here and there and everywhere(Slight exageration) trying to find Amanda and her friend.
So by that time(7:15ish) I was really tired and exasperated and a whole lot of other emotions.

When we got to the church I just was there for a short bit because me and Nadine left to go to Cade's show. That was good. I'm glad I went.
Got back and played DDR and did henna.

Then got a ride over to Behn's house with Rebekah and stood around outside while everybody tried to break into Cade's car because he had locked himself out.

Went home. Watched tv and talked to people on the computer just so I could prolong the time before I would have to go to bed and then leave the house the next day.
The Haiti meeting..went as planned?
Nothing really to report about that.
After me and Kelsey were going to go mothers day shopping but some events made me decide to go home. So mymom picked me up but she had to go to coopers. I was mad and sad(bad comination) and taking it out on my mom and I kind of realized that 'Wait tomorrow is mothers day. The day to honor my's not really good to be getting in fights just cause I'm not having a good day. So while she was in coopers I decided to ask her to drive back to the church so I could go with Kelsey. (Funny side note. We went by the flower section in coopers and she commented how pretty the pink lilies were..So I bought them for her later when I was with Kelsey.)

Spending time with Kelsey can make me feel better no matter what mood I'm in so that was one of the reasons I went back. To start off we went to SWISS PASTRY TO SEE NADINE!! So much fun. I had never been there before so it was cool to see what they had and well to be honest the service wasn't the best. My waitress ate some of my drink, patted my head(!) and listened in on our conversation...haha Love you Nadine.

Then we pretended to be sophisticated and tried to shop downtown but didn't turn out so well.
Wal-mart was next where we picked out some garden flowers for Mama Baerg and then Coopers and my house.

On the way to my house we were trying to figure out how to get the flowers in without my mom seeing them. We got pretty into it. But turned out we didn't need a plan cause my mom wasn't home.

So with flowers safely in my closet with the door shut I bid Kelsey farewell.

Nooowait back up
I made the card and coached Noah and Sean to say "Happy Mothers Day Mom I love you" and made everyone sign the card.
Okay, so even though I had it drilled through my brain and my brothers I forgot to do the speach for my mom when she woke me up..of course I was half asleep so you can't really blame me.
But Sean and Noah did alright even though S. did skip out on the I love you part.
Then when she wasn't looking I sneaked the chocolates and flowers onto the deck and the rest is history..haha.
Church=The best thing ever... I LOVE it when mrs. Hayes talks.
Lunch @ WhiteSpot=Sort of wierd but very good bonding time...and lots of memories were talked about.

Afternoon @ Grama's=Good since I get to hear all the latest news about..basically everything.

Walk while my mom was in her bible study thing=I am so paranoid. I kept thinking that the people walking/biking behind me are really rapists/murderers..

Walked to Timmies. Cleaned up the storefront since it was gross. Spent a lot on food. Went back to the church...waited for my mom. Almost got home before we remembered we had to pick up the boys at Behn's house.
Came home watched Tv..
EXCEPT....I am not going to tell you what upset me just now. But it wasn't that big so.

I work tomorrow.
Tuesday I hopefully get Merlin.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


To say I am panicking would be an understatement.
38 days.
Until I should be done grade 11 but I tell ya the math situation is not going so well right now.
38 days until my summer starts and I am busy for two months straight.
38 days until I am supposed to have raised 2000 dollars in order to go to Haiti.
38 days until my last summer as a high school student.

So I am having to re-evaluate how I spend my days putting school at the top.
And examining where my money goes..since I have to save uppppppp tons so that I can make it though the summer.

WHeeeww so much fun.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, today, did not go so well.
I moved onto a new term in school which is good because there are some things I actually want to do.
Then I went to my grama's house to clean cupboards again. It did go quicker than last time but still.
Then I went to work. I knew it wasn't going to be the best of days since I don't really get along with the people that were there but..when I was on my like 7:30 somehow the two boys got started talking about how I was a Christian and all that..
I'm not going to get into detail...partly because just last week I signed a paper which said I can't badmouth anybody at work on the internet. But they were really mean..and part of me wanted to like argue with them but I knew I would probably start crying if I did, and they would ignore it anyway.
So I just ignored them instead and talked to God in my head. It did make me feel better which reassured me since lately I have been feeling..questioning? I don't know. Not doubting..that's the wierd part. I never doubt that there is no God, it's just usually I feel that I am unworthy and I won't go to heaven.
It's confusing I know.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It feels so good to not post.
Even though I have tons of stuff I could write about, I am not.
It's as simple as that.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


1.Chicken Clubs.
2.Clean rooms
3.Butter Tarts.
4.Grocery Stores.
5.The Library.
6.My friends from work
7.Scramble when I win.
8.Having my cellphone back.

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