Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Last Post.

For a while.
I was thinking I better do one post before I go.
Well. I am packed. So packed in fact(hahah a rhyme:P) that I have no bedding to sleep with tonight. Don't know what I will do.
Monday we had a girls night. We started at value village. Trying on crazy clothes, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff. And then we went to 7-11 and got some stuff to eat/drink then traveled down to riverside park to eat it. We talked and sorta listened to the music in the park thing. It was this small folk band, we didn't listen for long :p.
Then yesterday I had my last shift at work it was eventful. And busy.
Then today I woke up early. 8! without an alarm clock or a mom. And I started packing. the thing about waking up early is by the time you've got most everything packed it's still before lunch time and you have nothing to do :).
Then at like 4:00 Rebekah phoned to see if I wanted to go to the beach. OF COURSE I did. So Keley gave me and Cade a ride down to riverside park and we swam and had a mud war. The water was soooo cold. It took me like ten minutes after I got out to warm up again. Then they played a foot ball game. I forget what it's called. Then David and Rebekah went home but me and Cade and Kelsey and Josh and Alex went to Zacks for supper/dessert/snack I had never actually had food/drink there before. It was good.
The basically we went home.
And I did laundry and I finalized my packing.
And now I am ready to go.
Found this cool video on youtube.
Homeschooler Song
Actually any of they're songs are good. So you guys should look em up

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