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Let's just all try and be classy like Audrey Hepburn.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet the team.

The daunting task of blogging about my trip is still...daunting. But I thought I would approach it in a round about way and introduce you to the players of the story first. (In no particular order)

This delightful woman was our cook. She came from Romania especially for this job and at the time she got to Greece, about two weeks before we arrived, she didn't know any English, and was pretty shy about it. But over the course we got to know her and were able to bring her out of her shell.
She made AMAZING food. Every day it was something new and delicious, partly the reason why I ended up gaining 10+ lbs.

This crazy girl is all the way from Australia. Such a funny character. She was the eldest of the group, and it showed a lot of the time. It was great to learn from her and to be inspired by HER learning.

The deck hand.
A lovely man from Germany who has moved to Greece to be a missionary.
He definitely gets a prize for being able to keep up with all of us and dealing with less than fun chores. I won't go into some of the things that he had to do, but they were disgusting.

My Hannah squared.
This girl is so sweet! And sweet meaning nice, kind, considerate, happy etc.
Always encouraging and positive. I'll try not to hold her american citizenship against her :).

This crazy girl didn't wash her hair for the entire 7 weeks of the trip, experimenting to see if her hair would start cleaning itself. It never got too gross, but it never did very clean either :).  The youngest of the group, she challenged me with her question asking and wise beyond her years comments and thoughts.

Oh hey. It's me.

Natey Pot Pie.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I like this boy. In the strictly friendship way (in case you were wondering.) Always making me smile. Always singing me Nat King Cole. He's the best kind of sensitive and funny all wrapped up into one great package.

The artist of the group.
She missed her flight and wasn't able to make it one time, but inspite being several days of training behind the rest, she managed to pick everything up at an amazing speed and had no trouble fitting into the group. In the airport on her way home, her boyfriend proposed to her, which made us all very happy since we had been hearing about their amazing relationship the whole trip.

The Z man.
This guy is WEIRD! But in a great way. Having his own theme song, and creating commercials for cookies that we found in one of the towns. One of the few that had previous sailboat experience.

Taylor Brown.
And unlumpable boy from Saskatchewan.
This boy was great to get to know. We had some nice one on one chats, and he was good at calling me out things. He joined Marinna in her no-hair-washing challenge. 

An incredibly talented girl. She speaks French and Spanish fluently, and has recorded an album.
I feel a special bond with this one. Okay, I feel as special bond with every single person on that boat, but this one feels a little different. She was the first one I met, and it was nice having the hour  of getting to know her before everybody else starting showing up. 

Our skipper.
I learned so much this man. Some from lessons, some not. I respect him greatly, and am really glad I got the chance to know him, and learn from him. Dealing with a boatfull of people who don't know what they are doing must have been difficult at times, but he didn't let it show, and after 7 weeks he had trained us all up to be competent crewmen.

Rocking the pants. Could be always be counted on to have a good time, looking great in snorkel gear, petting the cats. Just an overall nice girl. I don't think I could ever say anything bad about this girl.

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