Saturday, March 28, 2009

Creeping 101

1.When creeping someones a.facebook page or c.msn profile it is always better not to let them know, but in the future bring up random facts that you know about them. Trust me, it will freak them out more.
Being the quiet(well not really anymore) small shy girl that I am, I always think that nobody knows me and that I just know everything about everybody else.
It's always really weird for me at like church when random people come up to me and they know my name...Yes, I don't really know where this is going..I've just been thinking about it lately.

So for Jill's sake I will write a little about camp.
1. The food was AMAZING! And trust me I ate so much. I went up for like 3rds and 4ths for every meal. I came home and weighed myself and I had gained two pounds..but I'm not going worry about that right now.

2.My campers were AMAZING! Compared to all the other cabins I've been in, this cabin was a dream. There was never really any problems and they got along..pretty well :).

3. The weather was..not amazing. Here's the thing. I came expecting summer weather since that is what it had been like in Kamloops but no. I get there and there's snow and mud and nastyness, everywhere. Not fun. So the whole week my shoes were soaked. One night it snowed and then one of the days it rained for a long time.

So there's basic jist of it without going into detail.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All you have to know is I'm happy and alive.

I am too tired to go into a long speal about camp and frankly I don't want to.

All I know is (0.) my body is on camp schedule (1.) my 'usual' bedtime is 9:30 (2.) I didn't get a nap today and (3.) I am freaking tired. So ask me in person if you really want to know.

Friday, March 20, 2009

For all you chai tea lovers..

Try a 'Large Steamed milk with 1 chai tea bag and two pumps of sweetener'.
Now I am not going to lie, it was not fantastic, but I think that's only because I was not in the type of mood for that sort of drink.
The only reason I had it was because I keep forgetting about it and I finally remembered today.
So yes.

Anyways. I'm off for my spring break camp adventure. I actually have a camera this time so there will be pictures. I hope I remember to actually take pictures. It will be Epic.

Here I am at 12 hours til I leave and I'm not even packed yet. I'm crazy.
I'm going to forget so much since I will be half asleep in the morning.

Anyway. Prayer would be appreciated. I am trying to put myself in the mindset of being a leader and having kids look up to me, it's slow going seeing as usually I am the one being the kid myself.

I'm sure it will be fine/fun. I just need to chillax. I will be taking my happy pills along, just in case.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Someone just asked me if "Hot Chocolate" was my wannabe swear word.
*Shocked face*
I was offended, to say the least.
Still am.
Also considering never talking to that person ever again.
If they only knew what it really meant.


I have been told 4 or more times that I look like the girl from Twilight.
My cousin went and saw it in theatre and she said it was like I was on screen.

I'm not really seeing it myself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

You know you are addicted when..

You go to your work place 5 days in a row and you don't even work full-time.

Well, I am milking the opportunity of living at my Grandparents house that is literally just around the corner. Friday when I got here I went down to do some training CD's, and ended up staying there quite a while. While I was there Danika asked me to pick up a shift for the next day. And I can't say no to people unless there is a legitimate excuse.

So Saturday I worked from 9-1:30. Then Cade picked me up and we went straight to Kyley's birthday party which was alot of fun. It was also very..let's say enlightening (but don't even ask I won't tell you). Came home. Stayed up 'til 3:00 in the morning*note* It technically was only 2 in my head* talking to people on facebook chat.

Woke up today..well presses the snooze button a couple times then turned it off. So much for getting things done this morning. And went down to Timmies again. Of course I had an excuse this time..I was getting breakfast for my grampa and food for my Sunday school class. So Yeah, later on I will be going to a work meeting and tomorrow I have to work. So there you have it.
Somebody who needs to be kept away from the coffee and donuts. My hoodie has been there so much it has the nasty coffee smell. It's so gross.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some things you should know..

..But you probably don't #2.
*Note* As you might have noticed, I have not been blogging as much as is my usual. But I will have you know that I have been trying..I had like 6 drafts but they were all short and boring and most of the things I was talking about is long in the past so I took two of the 'information' ones and am mashing them together. So some of the facts might be a little outdated.
1. I take my tea black but my coffee double double.
2.I can live with only small amounts of sleep, but I prefer not to.
3. My eyes are exactly the same, like same prescription. So if I accidently switched my contacts I would be okay.
4.I used to get a chubby chicken burger every time I went to the mall and sour patch kids every time I went to the movie theater.
5.I am really shy when I first start thing and then as time goes by I get more confident and like my normal self.
1. Chocolate kisses start tasting funny if you save them so eat them right away....I guess that could go for real kisses too :).
2. I hit my head on the corner of my desk this morning, while I was still sleeping. It could have been really serious but it isn't, it just hurts like..nasty spiders though.
3.Disturbia is pretty much my favorite song right now. Every time it comes on a work(which is like at least once a shift) me and Taran start singing along.
4.I found $3.50 in the couch. It made me happy.
5.I love those days when I make everything clean and organized and I do everything I'm supposed to. But those days don't happen very often.
6.My hair is realllllllllllllly soft.
7.The other day my mother bribed me. I know. It was shocking.
8.Only wierdo's(like my family) has a turkey dinner in March.
9.I took off all the nailpolish on my toes today, and I counted 4 different colour layers.
10.When I am procrastinating from school I usually like to clean the house. Which always makes my mom mad, cause on one hand she wants me to do school but then on the other hand she likes having her house clean..=).
1. Hot smoothie with chai tea bag=the best thing ever!

I spy with my little eye..

And I can have showers in it!
After two stinking years!

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