Sunday, October 31, 2010

A long time ago far, far away.

A family of five decided to move out to the country and become bumpkins.
They couldn't handle all the work of a farm themselves so they invited their grandparents along for this crazy adventure.

Now it came time for the Annual Day of Harvest Celebration and everyone gathered to enjoy each others company when all of the sudden A baby was born!
And that is the story of Hannah.

Would you like a little more detail?
The first year that my family moved to the farm they decided to have this thing on Halloween to make their sons feel like they were still having fun even though they had been banished to Pritchard where no trick-or-treating ever happens.

This occasion had things like hay rides, food, bonfires and fireworks(not to mention pig fights, which is curious since we never owned any pigs.).
So they invited a whole bunch of people to come out and everybody was having a great time all the while getting excited for the main event The Fireworks.
Finally it was time for the viewing and everybody is waiting in anticipation mother went into labor and she had to skip the show to go birth me.


Hello people, this today is my annual day of aging.
I won't have much time to enjoy it though since I will be going non-stop all day but I will try to for a couple minutes at least..somewhere..somehow.

I was trying to think if anything was really special about 18...
Nope..well, I get to start paying taxes.. and I get EI which is great..cause I'm unemployed at the moment. :)

But there is one thing. I officially technically have permission to date from my parents now so.. Bring it on. Boys, I am ready for you :). Haha.

P.s. This is my last post for two weeks. I'm going to do some boring charity work :) so I'll see you when I get back.

Friday, October 29, 2010


It's not that I am getting lazy.
Just wise, maybe. :)
Why shave your legs all the time when you are going to be wearing pants anyway?
I'm sorry if I have totally grossed you out with this post.
But the honest truth is that in some sick, twisted way I am proud of my accomplishment.
I went a whole month without shaving my legs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

S is for stress.

As most of you know( At least those of you who were at the brunch on Saturday :)),
I am a very paranoid person.
Maybe not in the usual,'normal' ways some people are but I do have some strange practices.
Forgetting something is my biggest fear.

Like when packing.

When it comes to packing for ANY trip it gives me a huge headache.
Cause unlike a boy who just throws a couple tshirts into a back back, I am very thorough.

It usually going something like this.

1. Write out a detailed packing list including EVERYTHING I need, might need, probably don't need but there might be one instance where I might need it for some reason. This list goes down to the nitty gritty of everything I must take.
I play out every part of the day through making sure I have written down anything I need for anything.
I write this list out on the computer because a. it's easier b. it makes for a cleaner sheet of paper since I rewrite this list several times. c.I like to highlight and bold everything in different colours according to what they are used for, what area of the house they belong to, and if I have packed it or not.
Are you feeling the strain on your head yet?

2. Write out a planner.
Here is where I just get ridiculous.
I map out what I will be wearing together and which day they will be worn. Along with any accessories etc. that I might need.
This is more for my flighty mind which might start wearing bright orange shirts with bright red shorts because I just randomly grabbed it from my bag.

3. Gather everything together and try as hard as I can to actually fit all of the stuff from my list into my bag. That includes all the might needs and don't needs. Since I find that there is no way all of the stuff will be able to come that is when I being elimination process.

4.ELIMINATION: The basic idea of this is holding up every article I have just put in the bag and asking the obvious question,"Do I really need this?"
That usually gets rid of the toques I've packed for a summer getaway or the 17 shirts that I'm planning on wearing on my 3 day weekend trip.

And that's the simple way of putting my complicated procedure.

Notes: I mentioned color coding my list. And you might think that is crazy but I'll give you examples.
Blue for things that I cannot pack until the day I leave cause I need to use them up until that day.
Red for clothes I need to bring but I'll be wearing it the day I leave.
Green for things I want to have close to me all the time so I should carry them in my purse rather than my bag.

This was just a little tidbit of what I'm going through today as I try and prepare myself for leaving in 4 days for HAITI!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I got my bottom braces on today.
They hurt bad.

But on the way home I picked up a couple much needed comforts.
1.Taylor Swifts new CD 'Speak Now'. Ahhmazing.
2.Hot fudge sundae. Avec peanuts.
3.Timmies coffee. And a fresh, pretty much straight from the oven pumpkin spice muffin.

The pain of the metal has lessened just having the company of these fine items.


...Oh and I guess the $500 I got today for being awesome helped a little too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We are family I got all my sisters brothers with me

Since I know in the future I will be moving away for awhile I think that realization has made me appreciate hanging out with my family more.

Today was my day off and although I could have done super awesome things by myself I decided to go to the Wildlife park with my baby brother.

It was a lot of fun. I hadn't been there in years and there was a ton of changes that had been made so Noah was guiding me around since the map was as confusing as they come.

'We' took lots of pictures. I didn't have the heart to tell him that when it comes to animal pictures after you take them nobody is ever going to look at them ever again.

But I got him to smile in a couple pictures and we even had a mini photo shoot. It was pretty epic and cut short cause we heard some people walking down the trail towards us.

Then later today me and Sean hung out.
Hung out is relative. We ate McDonalds in a van while we waited for some people. But it was fun.

I'm going to miss my family when I leave. I happen to be very fond of them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Want the Definition?

Sometimes I wish I had an exciting. Not really for my sake. But maybe just to give you some worthy of being read =D.

*pause* I just found out Taylor Swift has a new cd coming out October 25th. Why don't people ever tell me anything?*

I had a nice night off.
I started it by ordering a mint hot chocolate from my favorite place. It tasted perfect. And it was so good I actually finished the whole cup!(back story..I can never finish drinks. I always leave at least an inch at the bottom.)

Moving the night along I went to see 'Life as we know it' for the second time.
I know, bad Hannah.
But I learned a valuable lesson last time.
When I went to see Ramona and Beezuz I LOVED that movie..and about two weeks later I decided it was so good I had to watch it again but it was out of the theaters by that time. And I was sad. This time I was not going to let my hesitant self stand in between me and two hours of laughing, Josh Lucas and Josh Duhamel.
I was not disappointed.
The funny parts were just as funny and I didn't cry as much at the sad parts..Bonus!

I stopped at Shoppers on the way home to pick something up and got a little carried away.
I don't know what it is about those kind of stores, I just get swept up in the sales and the sweet stuff. I didn't spend alot, except for time...

And now I'm here, about to read in bed with a cat curled up on my toes.
What makes this night 50 times better is knowing I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!
Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hannah is smart sometimes.

She knows that if you are tired, you should rest.
And she is SO smart she actually does rest.

It's the weekend.
One of the few weekends that I don't have several events planned.
So I went to bed early, slept in late(Well, okay not late but I forced myself to sleep more when I woke up the first time).
And I have done nothing(!) all day.
I watched a couple movies, the latest episode of Fringe. Wasted a couple hours playing Christmas Couples. Picked some apples. But..that's it.

I like this weekend.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wht Thnksgvng mns t m.


The Lefebvre side. March 2010.

(2).Pumpkin Anything

Yumm! A new recipe I found online this morning.
I thought it was going to be a little risque since I put some of my mothers kefir(I know, shocking!) in it instead of buttermilk, but it still tasted so good. I will definitely share the recipe soon.

(3).Eating- most importantly Turkey.

Hannah thinks that decorating eggs just at easter is lame. So she is starting a new trend.
Eggs at every occasion!

Things I am thankful for:
*note* I have like millions of things I could write..but it's almost 12 and it would take forever and by the time I'm finised it would be so long nobody would want to read it. So for the sake of our get rich quick generation I will put it into 18 simple points.*

1.My bed- I have been sleeping away from home quite a bit and it makes me appreciate my bed alot. It's comfy and familiar.
2.Laughter-I love the feeling you get after laughing for 5 minutes straight. Like everything is right in the world and nothing could possibly get you down.
3.Friends that understand that sometimes I'm just not in the mood to be happy.
5.A home in Canada.
6.A job.
7.Parents that understand that I don't want to immediately enslave myself in another four years of school.
8.Extreme-blasted cheddar goldfish crackers.
10.My fishy- who has been with me now for 5 months and 8 days.
11.The beautiful outdoors.
12.My musical talent.
13.My sweet family.
14.Free stuff :)
15.My drivers license.
16.Lazy Saturday mornings when I get to sleep in and then just lie in bed for another couple hours. Followed by breakfast in bed and a movie.
18.A God who loves me and forgives me again, and again, and again. He's pretty sweet like that.

Friday, October 8, 2010


This morning at first break some of the girls were talking about their nineteenth birthday.
One girl said hers had been on a Monday and it really sucked.
I was agreeing in my head.
And then as I was walking out I figured out what day my nineteenth will be on.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

"It's like Slumdog Millionaire in there!"

I have been waiting for this movie to come out forever!
I have watched the trailer like a thousand times.
And it finally graces us with it's presence at the Paramount theater tomorrow.

I will show up extra early just in the unlikelyhood that more than five people show up.
I am so excited.
This is making my month right now.
Basically an early birthday present.

In other news, I heart apple juice right now. More than you could possibly imagine.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something quick.

I have to sleep pronto.
I love Wednesdays.
They are my new favorite day.
This might be because it is new day off.
But its up in the air right now.

I like sleeping in.(which is really just waking up when everybody else wakes up.)
I like being able to lie in bed for 20 minutes just thinking and relaxing. Not too tired that I fall back asleep but not too alert that I want to jump out of bed and start my day.

I like taking time to get ready since I don't have to be anywhere at any specific time so I can take as long as I want.
I like doing something for an hour..and then realizing I still have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.
I like having time to stare into space on not feel guilty about it.

I like being outside on a crisp, October day. Soaking in the last bits of warm sun and having photo shoots.

I liked almost all of today and I'm counting down 'til next Wednesday.

Monday, October 4, 2010

You heard it first.

Just letting y'all know I'm taking a short break from my McDonalds diet.
this is one of the happiest times of the year for me.

And this year I will win something big. If not by myself I will recruit Matthew to pool our resources.

I have not decided if this means I'm allowed carbonated beverages yet. Maybe just from McD's?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Speaking of time management..

Okay this is really bad. I go to blog about time management at 9:55 pm when I am waking up at 4 the next morning while at the same time I am doing like 30 other things I have to get done tonight.
But then again..maybe that means it is fitting?

So, as you guys have noticed my blog is very light and cheerful and never really anything about seriousness. I would like to change it up tonight and actually talk about some of the stuff going on in my life. (Don't get too scared. It's not that bad I promise. And it will be short..for reason mentioned previously.)

Let's be honest.
It helps that not many people who read my blog go to my church :).
I don't really understand my pastor at all. Or maybe it's not that I understand..I just don't really try very hard. And it makes it very frustrating for me since as much as I want to learn and grow in my Christianity I feel like I'm being held back a bit, since church is a big part of guiding Christians along.

Awhile back I actually did go to a couple of different churches testing them out and I might start doing that again. But only half of me wants to do that because I do really love my church.

Okay, so that's serious subject number 1

2: along the lines of that, at young adults tonight all we did for our study was go over what had been said in the sermon this morning.
And this helped IMMENSELY! I don't know if Ryan was putting it in a way I could understand better or I was just in a better mood for listening but I actually could pick stuff up and it was so applicable.

We talked about time management. Which made me laugh alot inside.
Cause looking at my life right now you could probably say that there is no structure and I have no idea what the heck I am doing.
Here is how it goes.
When I come home from work I am super stinking tired and I do not want to do anything except lie on my bed and watch tv shows or read.
So I push all my responsibilities away promising myself I will do them later.
That continues for all of the week and finally Friday is here and I get all excited cause I get to relax and recharge. But ooops, I can't, cause now I have to do all that stuff I didn't do during the week. And since it's the weekend I feel as if I can go to bed later and it all ends up in my being overworked(on the weekend!), tired and really not looking forward to starting it all over again on Monday morning.
So I felt very convicted after this whole discussion.
Especially when I remember that I have been pushing off things like devotions and prayer as well. it makes me sad.
So, starting tomorrow I am going to live in a box with just me and a Bible, k?
Hah. I know it doesn't work like that. Although, sometimes I wish it could.
It will take me quite awhile to figure out how I can cut back off on frivolous things and get more into things that really matter.

That's about it.

And that is the serious portion on my blog for..6 months at least I would say :).

Friday, October 1, 2010

A slight break from the Caribbean.

Since I am not on my laptop and therefore no pictures.

One thing I have been wanting to mention for a while now and have just not had the time for it is..time.
I am going to get all philosophical on you now.
JK guys! It would take Hannah a while just to figure out what that word means :).

Do you ever have that 'condition' (and I know of at least..1 person who does)
where you see a certain numerical time like every day.
Am I confusing you yet?

Every day at least once I see 11:26.
I do not know why. I don't know if it has a meaning or anything but every day without fail I see it. And sometimes..on a weekend or if I'm being really crazy and stay up too late I see it twice and it drives me crazy.
Like actually.
I am getting to the point where it upsets me.
I try to avoid it as best I can but I keep seeing it.
Any suggestions?

Remember how my cat brought me that loverly present of mouse head and guts?
Well, it's happened two more times since then.
I think he's trying to tell me something. But honestly it's not my fault he gets locked out of the house some nights.

Do you know what I like best? Hanging out by myself. I have a good time. And I don't have to worry about being talkative or what the other person wants to do and when they want to leave. There is no awkward silences.

My job is teaching me how to appreciate weekends. Before this I never took them that seriously. Of course it hasn't helped that the one job I have had made me work every SAturday so I never got the true feel of it. But now that I am a Mon- Fri girl I count down the days and hours and as soon as I have left the building on Friday afternoon I feel like a free spirit. My body though, is still on 'go to bed early and wake up early' mode so I start feeling it about 8. Which is why I must keep myself alive with coffee. I just hope I'm not so into the routine that I will automagically wake up early tomorrow. Gah. I will hate life if that happens.

Okay, I need to finish my book before I sleep.
Goodnight all.
Happy weekend.
Happy Birthday Rylee and David.

Official birthday countdown starts now. 30 days.

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