Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"This week on Fuller Ave."

On Sunday, I moved into my new home.
It's a really cute little place, and so far I haven't noticed anything that will be a problem.
Unless having a ton of neighbours that are friendly poses a problem. I haven't decided yet :).

I have never lived in such close quarters with people. Sure, we all have our different spaces and houses. But I walk out the door, I see people. I open a window, I hear people. It's a different experience for me.
Growing up, I lived on a farm, and even moving "into town", we had a large piece of land with a neighbourly sense of community not being high on the list.

So, I going to try and revive this poor little blog.
And renaming it is the first step. Hopefully I will have something at least once a week to share with you.
Maybe something going on at home, on the street, at the place of work, or everything and anything between there.

Like the silly little story that happened at the library today.

The several times I have been to this library, the fiction section has always been up the stairs, to the right, past the computers.
So that's where I went today. I don't try and kid myself. I read books for one reason. To entertain the shallowest parts of my mind. I pick them up and devour them. It has to be light and happy to catch my attention. That's probably why Les Mis is still hiding in the darkest part of my closet right now.

I walk up the stairs, walk to the right, past the computer lab, and there is no fiction. There is a row or two of books on tape, and some magazines, but nothing more except rows and rows of empty bookcases.
I was perplexed. Are libraries going out of business? This would be a tragedy for me.

But I couldn't admit that I had mistakenly walked to the wrong area, so I pretended to be interested in those books on tape for a while, before wandering over and pretending to be interested the magazines.
Once satisfied that nobody would think I was a silly confused girl, I walked past the stairs to the left side of the floor, thinking that maybe they did a major turn around, and the fiction was now where the non fiction used to be.

Or maybe not...

The non fiction was still non fiction.
But you know me, I had to fake my way through that discovery for about ten minutes.
There are a lot of boring books in that NF side. And yet, there are also some fun books on that side too.
Who knew?
I grabbed one. Something about learning how to declutter your house.
And they have cookbooks over there!
This was a great realization for me.
I think I might just have to visit that scary non fiction side more often.

But, don't worry, I found my non fiction section a little bit later.
It wasn't even up the stairs.
They really threw me for a loop.

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