Thursday, March 24, 2011


1.)Ice cream and
2.)chick flicks
after a long stressful, tiring day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Honey, I'm home!

*NOTE* This post was written over the course of...3(?) days. So it might seem a little wonky.
The internet here is ridiculous. You click on the page and it appears just as quickly as you click. It still is amazing me 24 hours later.
Ready for a tale of the last couple days?

Wednesday morning I went to bed late. That's right, I was so excited about coming home that I didn't get to bed until very very late. It didn't help that I had to wake up early which meant that my internal alarm clock starting waking me up starting at 4:30.

I had gotten everything ready to go the night before so all I did was get dressed, brush my teeth and I was out of there. A kind soul had woken up early to drive me to the ferry(love you, buddy) and I conversed with a boy on the trip over. All the while feeling like death since my body is getting quite used to going to bed early..and sleeping late.

On the other side I had some time to kill so I had my first mcdonalds meal in over two months. Yumm. Normally I wouldn't eat there, but I am a sucker for their breakfast menu.
And I got a cocoa cappucino from Starbucks to keep me going through the day.

Can't say there was much in the way of interesting events on the trip, and I don't want to bore you with all the little details. I did have a 3 1/2 hour layover in Vancouver, but I spent almost the entire time in a mcdonalds staring into space. So no excitement there.

I got in to Kamloops at 11:20 pm. Mama picked me up. Got home and..nothing had changed.
Just a little bit disappointing. I tried to go to bed as quick as I could but when I finally settled down I could not sleep. I don't know if was because of the three cups of caffeine I had drank that day or the fact that my mattress here is way softer than my mattress at home(camp) and it was actually so comfortable it felt uncomfortable for me. So I got back up out of bed and starting organizing and decluttering my room. At about 2 am I crawled back into bed and managed to drift off.

Do you know what is wrong with getting into a healthy sleep pattern of going to sleep at a certain time and waking up at a certain time? It means that even when you go to sleep really late one night your body will still wake up at the early hour it is accustomed to, even if you feel like death!
I started the death off right with a nice breakfast and began to plunk away at the massive to do list that I started writing as soon as I figured out I was coming home last month.
One of the biggest things on this list was all the food I wanted to make.
You see, I live in an apartment to technically I could do alot of baking and cooking but A. It's sad cooking for one. B.I don't want to go out and purchase all the ingrediants myself. Here I can just use the neverending supply of product that my mother keeps in her kitchen.

After lunch I went into town to..SEE MY NEW CAR! My lovely brother Cade works at a mechanic shop in Valleyview and one of his clients decided that they didn't want to pay for all of the work to be done to a car, so they sold it to Cade(in a round about way) and Cade managed to find a way to fix it for basically nothing. Of course he is still going to do some work on it but it's like the cheapest this car could possibly be for the year and make it is.

I then went to the Orthodontist. Yay. That's always fun. He told me that my teeth are where they should be and my jaw is where it should be but for some reason there are still problems so I will stuck with my brace face for at least a couple months longer. I'm okay with that.

I had only put 3 quarters in the parking meter and I was already 20 minutes late so I picked my sandals up and hightailed it back to the van in my barefeet. Thankfully there was no ticket. Wouldn't that be ironic if I got a ticket my first day back driving after two and half month.

I ran a few errands and then headed to the University. I had a reserved table for one at one of the Bistros the culinary arts programs puts on as a sort of test for the second year students.
Of course it was not by accident that I went on the night that my best friend would be cooking.
I would have had some pictures of the food I had, but...someone I know came in and sat at a table next to me. And although taking pictures of food in front of strangers is okay, in front of people you actually know is a big NO :).

It was actually quite fun. *Almost* all the food was amazing. And the appearance of it was so elegant, it was like dining at a five star but only paying for half a star.
And don't worry, Bestie didn't cook the one thing I had a problem with.

Thursday night after the dinner I did shome shopping and headed over to my brothers house to pop and in say hello before heading home for an early bedtime. But what was supposed to be a quick hi turned into a long discussion so I didn't go to bed for awhile even though every part of my body wanted me to be off in slumber land already.

Friday morning I finally went for my car. I got it transfered to my name and bought insurance but then spent an hour just wasting time in the waiting room of Cades shop. I don't know if it was because I didn't want to attempt standard after being off it for so long, I didn't want to exhert the energy of screwing the license plates on, or I actually like hanging out in a dirty, stinky mechanics shop? But being back in a standard didn't feel weird, it actually felt pretty good.

Later that day I went out shopping with Behn. Oh my gosh. Just thinking back to that trip drains me of energy. A little bit of back story:
I am the caretaker of the boys house. I clean it, organize it, take away the recylables, tell them to do things. So before I left in January I got this fabulous idea that Behn should buy a cutlery set. And MATCHING DISHES! So I told him this before I left, thinking that since I got the ball rolling he could continue on his own. But that so did not happen.
I texted a couple weeks later to see how it was going, this is the reply I got, "I think I am just going to wait until you come home, I might end up picking the wrong ones". Um, they are for your house, buddy, how can you go wrong if you are picking the kind you like?
I didn't say this to his face...or to his phone, but you can now see why my brothers need me in their lives. So, all this time I have anticipated coming home and going shopping with Behn when just a few weeks ago a thought dawned on me. Behn is pretty well off, and the couches and table are not so well off, so maybe I can weasel him into replacing those too!
I am an excellent lawyer, I made an amazing case, and those items were added to the list.

Although four lines on a to buy list might look small, when you are actually in the process it takes a long time. Like 3 hours long time. The couch part was pretty fun, even kind of like a cardio work out. Walk, walk, sit, walk, walk, sit. I had it down to a science. I sit down, give it about two seconds of consideration and if it isn't holding my attention I move on. Ironically, we ended up choosing the first couch Behn sat down in...but we didn't come to the decision until three stores and 2 gazillion couches later. We got a table and chair set at Jysk. I already made up my mind that we were going to look there and only there for a table so if we had to settle we would have to be okay with that. And it was a good deal, although when we stupidly checked prices at Citywide we found a better deal. Oh well.

The cutlery set was a steal. Like literally a steal. Awkward pause..ha ha just kidding, we aren't that poor. And the dishes look simple amazing on the new table (can you tell this sort of thing makes me super excited?).

The rest of the night was pretty much just building the table and chairs, it's harder than it looks, folks. Oh and trying Champagne, cause that's on my spring break to do list.
Except Champagne isn't really called champagne it's called sparkling wine, and so it didn't seem as magical. I stayed up 'til 2 am purposely cause even though I was beyond super tired, I really really really wanted to sleep in the next morning so I had to push myself as far as I could.

Luckily I did sleep in. It was nice. And the rest of the day I just chilled out. And hung with Bestie. We had fun, like always. And watched a classic movie for the first time.
Who even enjoys 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'? I just could not get into it.
But like before, it was on the to do list so I had to suffer through it.

And now, here we are at Sunday. I went to church, played soccer, hung out at C&C.
You are officially caught up on my Spring break so far.
At the end of the week I am going to post my to do list. Everything should be crossed off by that time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


There is someone I love very much. He's not quite grown up and ready to assist in day to day trials,  but I like him that way and he is a good companion when going pumpkin picking or wildlife park viewing. But wait, if your day to day trail has anything to do with star wars or canucks trivia he would be a great help.*

There is someone I love very much. He's good to hangout with when we arrive at an event and nobody else shows up for 45 minutes. Or laugh together about groceries, cutlery and tuesdays. And he is kind enough to rebuild fences for me when I knock them over with my bad driving skills(heh heh funny story...).*

There is someone I love very much. He is good for anything in the way of car maintenance really. Or a good person to call when your co worker needs a car part delivered right away but the car part stores only deliver to auto shops, he will  order it and drive it over on his break just for you. Oh, and if you are ever in the need of partner when you are playing the pretend sermon game he would be the one you should pick(don't ask, it was a VERY long time ago).*

There is someone I love very much. He's good for cheering you up whenever, going to concerts with, being there to hold you when there was no one else to call on your darkest day. He'll drive anywhere to pick you up, and buy anything you think his house needs :).*

There is someone I love very much. This one can make you smile just by saying that crazy nickname that was born one day after eating too much of one type of candy.
He's a great companion when climbing intense mountains and knowledgable on all things related to outdoor equiptment. And I do believe one of these days he will make a wonderful traveling buddy.*

There is someone I love very much. SHE is probably the best thing ever. Someone you can vent to about the same things over and over and over and over again but she still at least pretends that she is interested. She would probably knit anything in the world for you. And is pretty good about paying for the things you sneak into the buggy while she isn't looking.*

There is someone I love very much. He volunteers for hours each winter just so you can ski for free(well, thats the story I made up for myself and I'm sticking to it :).
He has a nickname for me that makes me feel like I'm five again, but I'm okay with it.
Oh and a very lame sense of humour sometimes, all you can do is roll your eyes and say "oh, dad."*

So as you might have guessed by now...I'M HOME!
And being home has gotten my emotions going so of course I had to blog about the enormous amount of love that I have for my family.

I have a lot of to say about a myriad of things that are going on but I'll leave that until tomorrow.
My sleep-o-meter needs to get caught up.

*this result is not intended for all viewers. some many restrictions may will apply.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I have been holding out on you guys.

So I actually have this huge piece of information that I have been withholding from you.
I'm sorry.
I did want to mention it, but blogging just hasn't been at the top of my list for the last...month..and a you can understand why I haven't gotten around to it.

Okay, here goes nothing..

Roomie left.
March 4th

Figures that only roommate I have ever had would leave after living with me for only two months, doesn't look too good for future hope of marriage.

Okay, so it wasn't all my fault.
Actually it wasn't my fault at all. But of course my ego would want to be at least part of the reason.

She left for good reasons, and I'm happy for her although I'm sad she is gone.

On the other hand I do enjoy having a room to myself.
I have arranged it to my liking and surprise surprise I have managed to keep it clean ever since.
Partially because there is not much else to do beside clean here. That's mainly what I do...clean and early bedtimes. I need a hobby...

Anyway before I say goodnight here is a picture of the *updated* living quarters.
I think I would do quite well at the 'student living in a tiny dorm room' life.
Well, minus the student part :).

Happy Monday, Everybody.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What makes a day?

Rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain.

Waking up to the sound of that rain pounding on my roof.

Dancing in that rain.

Playing hockey for the first time in months.

Drinking pink,bubbly juice.

Having Swedish coffee time with Linn.

Korean Elvis.

Being incredibly excited for some amazing things that are about to happen.

Going to quaint little churches.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Linn's Life Lessons.

Lesson #1: How to make Swedish pizza. (really, Swedish pizza is just regular pizza made by a Swede, so I'll never be able to perfect this recipe.)

Spooning on the homemade pizza sauce.
Leaving plenty of space on the edges so's your fingers can have room to hold on.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you see what I see?

For the most part these days, I read books to relax or unwind, so rather than hit the heavy thinkers I  prefer lighter, happier novels. An area of books that my mother labels as fluff books.

Well, the last book I read was as 'fluffy' as the rest of them but it did have some interesting information as well. I learned about the Romany and Anthropology and a bunch of other things.

The girl from the book had some trauma happen to her as a girl which caused her to go totally colour blind,
Which is why I did all the pictures like that.
Can you imagine having to live life with no colour?
Makes me feel a just a little more thankful for everything I have.

Btdubs:The book in the picture is the one I'm talking about in case you are interested.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Maybe a little bit o...c...d...

I love order. 
I like organizing.
Guess what I did today?
I cleaned and organized.
I really wish I had taken before and after pictures since the effect is really quite amazing.
But luckily I have some back up before and after cleaning pictures so just imagine this was an office instead of a dining room.

There is something about cleaning and making things pretty that gives me a thrill.
I admit it's one of my favorite things to do at any time.
And in a way I think it calms and relaxes me.
Although I don't think I could ever work at at job that that would be my main objective.

I should probably give you a update of my life one of these days.
Just not today, cause I'm bored of typing on a computer already.
Just know that I'm healthy and for the most part happy.

And fishy is doing better than ever.
If I could only capture his excitement when he sees me coming with his food.
He actually recognizes me and understands I will feed him, I am sure of it.

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