Friday, December 31, 2010


I forgot yesterday okay?
And as I am cleaning my room today I found so many things I love. It puts me in a good mood.

1. Green. I have so much green. I delight in it.
2. Sharpie markers. Of all shapes, colours and sizes.
3. Black ink pens.
4. Mulled cider, of the non-alcoholic variety.
5. Hanging out at home. The closer I get to leaving the more I just want to be at home.

I'm going to snow camp for the weekend.
So my resolutions are going to be delayed for a while.
Have a great new years celebration and I'll be back on Sunday night.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Betcha can't figure out this one.

Itiwptetiawstydakhifat. Cstow/mcomattiabtijdrwithrniwtatyhifbaikisfwttbtasmpohtikfdta.

Believe it or not that is the shortened version of what I feeling right now. But trust me I say you will never figure it out. I have even forgotten.

But let's talk about me anyway. Since I'm pretty sure that why you guys read this thing. Not much else on it.

I don't like chocolate. And people are always shocked when they here this. I mean why? It's just another food. Normal people don't like other normal food so why do I get such special treatment on this.
It's not like I hate the taste. Well, okay sometimes I do. But for the most part I can tolerate it, even crave it. It's just not really on my top..300 foods.

I don't like Christmas either.
I find it stressful and awkward(oh so very awkward). I don't enjoy it and it seems like too much of a big deal for me. Now before you start arguing, I'm not saying I don't like the idea of the Biblical Christmas. But in actuality Jesus was not born on December 25th. And we should celebrate Jesus' birth every day not just one made up day in December that we also have to share with the crazy stress of gift giving and food.

This isn't really what I came on here to talk about :).
Despite my lack of excitement for this particular holiday I did really enjoy it. I was surprised.
Maybe cause the kids are getting older now so it's not so much about the presents but more about hanging out with each other.

So Hannah was happy.

Now, Hannah is not so happy.
Cause she realized that she leaves her hometown in less that two weeks.
This is a big deal, guys.
I have never been anywhere for more then a month. And that is with the reassurance that I could return home on any given weekend.

I don't really have that assurance this time.
I am going to a place where I have never been, to work with people I don't know.
And although this whole time I have been getting excited to go now the panic is setting in and it's all I can do not to cancel.

I know it will be so good for me. I will learn so much and become a better person(well, this is my hope. After seeing what Josh has turned into I'm not so sure :D). But for now I'm just scared. And very amazed that I am even sharing this with you.

I'm working on my 2011 resolutions right now, so I'm sure I'll have those up by the end of the week.
p.s. sounds pretty lame. Hopefully it will prove me wrong.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cliche Christmas Post? Heck yes!

We Lefebvre's do it right.
Family bonding over a board game or puzzle? That is a thing of the past.

Here is three great things to make your Christmas eve special and awesome like ours.

1. A little last minute wrapping.

2. This just in:the new way to bond with your family would have to be watching Star Wars on your new 42" television.
We never have been good at leave the opening of presents until Christmas morning.

3. Adding a little spring to our step, the old fashioned way.

Have a happy Christmas. Don't too caught up in the presents and food though...

*pause* I just remembered that I get to eat Turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow.
This just made me really excited. I had forgotten about Christmas dinner. *unpause*

Anyway..where was I? Be happy. Make memories, remember memories.
Talk about your old job that you haven't worked at in four months but it still seems to be dragged back in every family conversation you have(haha, yeah we are weird).


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just another crazy fact...

I get major food cravings.

Like I will do anything and everything in my power to get my hand on the desired food or drink.
But I have started to notice a trend in these cravings.
I start craving what I read about in a book or watch in a show.
And contrary to popular television belief it isn't ever the food commercials advertising 99 cent big macs or the new Tim Hortons oatmeal.

Like the real reason for my curried rice obsession? In the episode of heroes I was watching that day they went to an east indian restaurant for lunch.
And today I watched a man drink a strawberry milkshake.
I. Need. A. Strawberry. Milkshake. Now.

The stupid things I do.

One of those things would be..
Running across my back yard in bare feet.
So, not only was there like a foot of snow everywhere but it was that hard snow that practically cuts your feet when you walk on it so imagine the pain been ten times worse because I was running.

I now have a blood blister on the side of my pinkie toe and the most of that area hurts like heck. I'm hoping I didn't do any permanent damage.

At least there was no frost bite...

Monday, December 20, 2010

A cooking adventure.

I have been spending so much time in the kitchen.
It amazes me, really.

I made a pork loin with rice the other day.
It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. But it didn't taste bad.
And it was my first experience making rice(crazy, I know). And I ended making way to much.

But that is okay because when it got to be supper time today I had a craving for curried rice. So bad a craving I almost drove into town just to get some butter chicken from the Wok Box. But I went to the kitchen instead and told my mother of the craving. She had been planning on using the left over rice for dinner anyway so she left me to it and I made curried rice.
It wasn't totally what I had in mind. But I don't think I could have accomplished what I had pictured so this was good enough for me.

Today was sort of an up and down emotional-wise day.
But my mood was brightened when I started baking at 8 Pm. At the same time someone started talking to me on facebook. Someone I *never* would have expected to have a really good conversation with. But we did. And it was enjoyable.

I wasn't in the spirit of Christmas baking before. But I guess hanging out with my friends who were baking yesterday sort of got me in the mood, and I was looking through recipe books all afternoon.

I made Cranberry Bliss Bar.

And Gingersnaps.

And that is all I got for tonight.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hap Hap HAPPY!

I set out willing myself to have a good night. And for the first hour it was a terrible night full of disappointments, hard to understand asians and getting lost on the north shore(OMG).
But after the storm there is a rainbow and it was quite a beautiful one.

Complete with:
Hanging with the brothers and adopted brothers.
Getting some delishish Timmies and catching up with one of my boys.
Rocking out on the way home to some bass thudding party songs.
On the way INTO town going super slow cause I had nowhere to be and it was fun.
Stalking some guy with UGLY jeans.
And the best part...


It quite made my day ..week..month.

It's so beautiful.

It's going to take forever to figure out how to work it but Matthew tootsie gave me one of his uni books from his photography class so that should help me to understand aperture , exposure and all that junk.

A good day.

P.s. my heater broke though. And my room is freezing. Momma, can you buy me a new one?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl.

There are so many things that I have never made.
And when I say this I mostly meaning in the cooking world.

My mother put a chicken and potatoes in the oven this afternoon.
Just how they were.
Just a plain chicken and potatoes.

I can't stand to see *plain*.
So I added some stuff to the chicken, you know, the usual.
Garlic, onion, some green flaky stuff, salt and pepper.

And the potatoes I turned into twice baked potatoes, which I have heard a lot about but never made them.
And they didn't turn out bad according to sources. I didn't have one..haha I don't trust my own cooking.

Nothing special about them really. Just butter, salt and pepper, cheddar cheese and a little bit of garlic. Okay, maybe some italian seasoning too.
They were delish though.

I have a habit of making amazing food =D.

One of my friends wrote this as her status today, and I thought it was so hilarious I wanted to share it somewhere. And since my twitter only lets me do 140 characters I will have to copy and paste here.

"Soo... I was sitting at a coffee shop with my bff's aaand... This girl walks up and says to me, 'My friends thinks your cute!' I turn around to see a 40 year old man waving at me, and smiling. I have nothing else to say...."

I'll leave you with that.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


1. I can go for periods of surviving on less than five hours of sleep a night without feeling bad. Or periods of sleeping for more than ten hours of sleep without feeling bad.
But I cannot mix the two together.

2.I am very complex. Like seriously. I confuse myself.
And I have many different moods. Which makes being my friend very hard.

3.I am quite the amazing cook when I put my mind to it. But I don't like to put my mind to it very often.

4.I painted my room lime green and black when I first moved into the new house(new=4 years ago) and now that I'm older and 'more mature' I keep thinking i should repaint it a more subtle color. But every time I try..I can't. Cause I love it so very much.

5.On a similar note, when I was younger I used to wonder what age do you have to be in order to look cool when you use kids stuff rather than just looking dorky and childish.
And just recently I had a realization. It's not that there is a certain age. It's the age when you stop caring that people will think you are cool or not. Fortunately I reached that age several years ago. Which is why I am totally comfortable hauling around my disney fairy water bottle and my Super awesome umbrella that looks like a frogs head.

6.I am very much an organizer of my brothers. I don't think its very normal. Which is where I pause to wonder if it's cause I'm so OCD or because they are disorganized..a little of both? Especially my older brothers.I clean their house. Do their laundry, go through their mail and make sure they are paying the bills. But I love doing it. It's going to be a little bit sad when they up and marry women who can do that all for them.

7.Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, having a drink of carbonated beverage can make me feel better. But this isn't a sure fire thing.

8.I have smokin' bass skills apparently. It makes me laugh when non musical people think you sound good even though they are not a proper judge at all. It is a nice little ego boost though.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I luurrve Thursday.

1. Cheese. And we are talking about legit cheese here. Not corny humour.
2.Green Tea w/ Lemon
3. Zooey Deschanel
4. Finding something I'm good at, and actually enjoying it.
6.Nachos and sour cream.
7.Playing my favorites list from youtube over and over and over.
9.My pseudo parents. They think I'm stylish even when I just throw on a pair of leggings and an old tshirt.
10.Not having to. (no, not going to explain this.)
12.A donkey wearing a John Deere hat.
13. Taylor Swift.(i thought it was appropriate since her favorite number is 13)
14. Budda Boomers :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life at it's fullest.

Sometimes in order to experience life you have to go outside in the dead of winter wearing only capri pj's and a huge old, blue paint shirt that makes everything smell like tempera.
You just need to stuff your unsocked feet into your shoes and make mini snowmen.

Sometimes you need to eat five chocolates. Just because.

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and make a dress out of a pillowcase.

Sometimes you need to be thankful, for a friend who is there for the long haul.
And be glad that she's photogenic too.

A little bit experimental.

Being at home for hours on hours, days on days had given me some restless energy that for the most part I have been putting to good use and attempting to clean the house.
The first day I cleaned both of the fridges. Wow, was that ever a treat.
My stomach is very delicate right now, I can start gagging at just the thought of normal food. (truth. I saw a plate of cookies yesterday and felt sick to my stomach.)
So, of course this made my stomach go over the edge. At one point I had to stop because I was dry heaving so bad. I am definitely a strange girl.

Anyway, to use up some of the stuff that has been piling in the main fridge I made lasagne!
Lasagne is so delicious. I love it. I might even love it more than my first love Spaghetti.
But I had never made lasagne myself before so this was a big experiment. I used a basic recipe I found online at Kraft Canada.
But since I can never just have simple I 'spiced' it up to my liking.
I added cheddar and hickory smoked cheddar as well as the other cheeses and instead of ricotta cheese I put cottage cheese cause that's what I had.
In the cottage cheese, egg mixture I put some pesto so make it a little more interesting.

The recipe called for water so you don't have to cook the noodles before hand, but the amount they tell you is too much because it turned out very watery so I would probably put half in next time. And give it alot more cooking time.
But all in all it was wonderful, and the fact that I made it myself made it taste that much better.

Monday, December 6, 2010

¿Puedo hablar español? No es una casualidad

Estoy escribiendo esto en español para tratar de engañar a usted a pensar en realidad estoy trabajando en los objetivos de mi caída. Pero yo no lo soy.
Creo que para que yo para aprender un idioma que tendrá que estar completamente inmersos en él, así que se puso fuera de mis aspiraciones bilingüe hasta que pueda vivir en América del Sur por un tiempo.

Si le ayuda, los otros dos objetivos se está trabajando en pulg. Maneras no tan común.Pero al menos tengo algo que mostrar a cambio ¿eh?

Me gustaría tener más que decir esta noche, pero la mayoría de mis noticias tiene que ser publicado junto con fotos y soy perezoso.

Por lo tanto, te dejo con una canción en su lugar.
Esta canción ha sido mi píldora de la felicidad para las últimas dos semanas.
Es muy pegadiza.

P.s. The english translation might be a little messed so use your imaginations.

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