Friday, May 25, 2012


Funny thing is...I'm finally at a legit computer, but my post will be shorter than ever since I only have a few minutes left on the clock.

Just today made the trip for me.

We saw dolphins. Well, more than saw, they saw along the bowsprit with us for like 15 minutes. It was obvious that they liked the attention.

Still having fun, still learning lots.

Miss you all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sorry guys, I wasn't entirely truthful. Yes, I saw a shark but it was a dead shark. I realize that I hadn't said that part until I got comments on it. It had gotten caught in one of the fish nets they had set up. I really wish my iPod would let me upload pictures because i could show a picture of the strawberry, chocolate crepe that I just consumed. So. Good. I am definitely living the life. We are in a town called Skopelos. Its where Theo the director lives. W are staying here for a week, whih is kind of nice, being able to stay in one spot that has everything you could ever ask for. The entire trip we have been building up the awesomeness of this place so I was really thankful when we got here that it actually was brilliant. It's been less that 24 hours and it's already had many hilarious, enjoyable moments. So. Everything is going great. I'm over the bit of homesickness that plagued me a little about week ago but... It would be nice to just talk to my mom..(yes I realize this will probably pull on your heart strings, mama). Yesterday I had to go out on the bow sprit ( the part of the boat that stretches out in front of the boat over the water) while we were sailing in heavy winds. Haha, it didn't seem like that big of a deal when I was out here but after people were so proud of me cause it looked a lot sketchier than it seemed at the time and it seemed like I was going to get tossed out to sea with all of the up and down motions. Kisses from Greece!

Friday, May 11, 2012

There is a shark in the water.

Yesterday I saw a shark! And we experienced a cool lightning storm that turned into an actual storm with torrential downpours which meant we had to have watch teams stay up through he might and make sure we didn't crash onto the shore In other news I felt that I had a real break through in my faith a couple days ago. One of the things we do on this trip is each day pray one on one with a different member of the group, and this particular night I wa matched up with Theo who is the skipper and director of the Kingfisher Project. Talking to him always makes me feel nervous because he seems so wise and I'm so... Not wise. But I put away my inhibitions aside and just started asking questions and opening up and in the end i felt so much better. Now I'm feeling less stressed and more on track and I'm just having the time o my life. Okayyy things aren't THAT perfect, but life is never perfect so ya just gotta deal . That's all for now!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Well, even when I'm not in the country I can still remember to make a big deal out of a little boys birthday.

Here's to the most faithful man in my life.
I forget about him, don't remember to feed him, only clean his tank every couple weeks and yet he still follows my finger when I drag it around the tank.

This is love.

Now I mentioned in last years birthday post, that maybe by birthday the second I would be so attached to him that I would cry at his funeral (don't knock pet funerals). And I've come to the realization that Reggie is so much a part of me, I just imagine him dying ever, so yes, I would probably cry.

In honour of his two years of unwavering service, I bought him a little friend to keep him company when I am not available.

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