Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The little things (version two)

Not only can little things make me very happy, but they can also make me very upset.
Maybe a little explanation is needed on this one.

Have you ever had one of those days where technically you should be happy cause nothing majorly bad has occurred but on the other hand, a whole bunch of little things went wrong and they stacked on top of each other and by the end of it you just want to crawl into bed for a couple hours and cry?

If it's not the fact that I stupidly gashed my thumb it could be...
People giving other people stupid haircuts just to annoy me (you don't deserve to have your name mentioned,hun)...
Or maybe having to stay awake 'til two when I wanted to go to bed at nine...
Getting pushed into the ocean with my clothes on...
With my cell phone in my pocket...
Being told(and honestly at that) that I look like I'm 8 years old.

Sometimes it's just too much for a little Hannah to handle.

On a day like this I just want to take my car and drive really fast for a really long time.
But the fastest you can legally go on Quadra would be 60 and I really don't want to make my day that much worse by getting pulled over and ticketed.

So this is me in my grumpy pants.

P.s. Mom, if you read this...my cell phone is not working. I put it in rice but...it might be dead. So I prolly won't be calling you until the day before I leave. And it will be call collect. Be ready.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

These are the facts.

I was in a bad mood.
For most of the day.

I am terrible at starting fires.

Here is the story.

So, we as support staff(story on that coming later) had to make fires around the camp for hobo dinners.

A hobo dinner is where the children put together potatoes, carrots, meat and a few other items together into a fire proof tin foilish type dish and they put it straight into the coals of the fire to cook.

Again I repeat, I am terrible at making fires, so I had to get a CIT to help me.
The bell had just rung and I was freaking out because our fire had not even been started yet and to properly cook the meals you need just coals.
I sent the CIT to start the fire with the little kindling we had made and I would chop some more and follow.

Again I repeat, I was in a bad mood.
A lesson for all you kids out there: Please don't try and chop kindling while you are mad and frustrated.
I really can't recall how it happened exactly, and the fact that the axe I was using is quite dull scares me.
But all I know is I gashed my thumb with the axe, and it's a good thing that Josh was downstairs cutting wood with me or else I might have just crumpled into a ball instead going to get it cleaned and checked out.

Blood freaks me out. This is coming from the girl who when she was 9 wanted to become a nurse. I guess it's a good thing that in the 9 years since I have convinced myself otherwise.
When it is my own blood it is made just that much worse, I have to deal with the pain and blood at the same time and I always blow things up to be bigger than they seem.

Maybe not so much in this case, cause apparently they were that bad. Not as bad as they could be, of course. But bad enough that both Josh and the nurse agreed that I needed stitches.

So that started the adventure of three friends hanging out for the last time.
Although for this story I almost feel as if I should call them Mom and Dad, cause they certainly acted the part.

We managed to leave camp with enough time to catch the ferry(one of the down sides to living on an island, you kind of have to plan your accidents around the BC ferries schedule.

Straight up to the hospital we went.
I had been doing pretty well up 'til that point anxiety wise, but arriving at the hospital kind of got my heart racing again.
It's not really the stitches I was concerned about. It was the Anesthetic. I have a pretty big problem with needles. It didn't help when he told me it would hurt alot. Haha, what kind of doctor says that! He already knew I was uncomfortable with the idea of him sticking a sharp object into my body. But once the freezing took effect I was fine and dandy, and I actually spent the time he was stitching me up...laughing.

As a nice consolation prize for getting 5 stitches in the side of my thumb, we went to McDonalds for supper.
Let me tell you, a hot fudge sundae has never tasted so good.

Waiting for the Doctor to work his magic.
P.s. I really wanted to show you a picture of it, but I felt that might be to much. It does look pretty bad.

Also, blogger is not being my friend so I'm sorry if there are large gaps or the pictures are all over the place. I'll try to fix it once I have more sleep in me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's the little things...

Its the .83 cent blow up water toy that you just can't get over.
It's reading a book for the second time but still enjoying it as much as the first.
It's having naps everyday.

It's receiving a text that really isn't all that spectacular but it still makes you smile for the whole day..and several days in a row.

"When you are embarrassed you smile and I like when you smile."

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

2.Seeing friends after a long time.
4.Reading.(rereading a Harry Potter, so good.)
5. Discovering new music that I fall in love with.
6.SLEEP! A big hurrah for two hour naps.
8. 10 painted toe nails.
9. My loverly tan line.
10. Original Burts Bees.
11. Mail. Especially the unexpected time. (is it just me or does it seem that I blog about loving mail alot?)
12. Swimming in warm lakes.
13. Surprising people. Like me..surprising people, in case you were confused.
14.Inpromptu dance parties with myself...brb :).
15. Crayola Scentsations.
16.Panic season discussions in the kitchen.
17. Rice Krispie Squares.
18. Canoeing at sunset with super calm water.
20. Well, I was going to say reading Harry Potter, but apparently I already have that covered.
I'm very sorry that I have not been keeping you updated.
I don't really have an excuse.
As a matter of fact, I have sat down and opened the computer several times for the very purpose of blogging, but I never actually post my writings. Just not in the mood.

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