Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The calm before the storm.

This past weekend was sort of the last couple days off we will have for a while.
On Sunday we will be moving downstairs to the Bunkhouse with no kitchen and no private bedrooms, so that will be fun getting used to.

The weekend was pretty relaxing. The beginning was at least. Today was so busy and tiring that I feel as if I need another 4 days just to recuperate, unfortunately I don't get that so I'll have to make do.
Friday was really low key. Just hanging out around camp, tanning, breaking up my garden bed, having a pizza night. Saturday I went to town and spent a couple hours in Starbucks. Made a couple pies..sort of a fail.

Sunday I went over to CR for church, it was my first time doing that. The Baptist Church there is quite large, it was an enjoyable time but maybe a little too big for me. I came home, cried along with 'P.S. I love you', planted my garden and then had an amazing easter dinner at the Harders house(camp director and family).

Today I woke up at 7. Who does that on the last day of a long weekend? Silly me. I paid for it all day too.
Then me and Linn finished up our awesome signs for the ball hockey game. Hid some chocolate eggs for the camp kids easter egg hunt.
We took the ferry across at 4 and me and Linn hung out in CR having a pretty great time, getting stoked for the game.
I don't really want to talk about the game itself. They played well, for their first time together. I expect better things next game, although they are playing the best team to it's a guaranteed fail :D.
The product of our  Linns hard work. Almost 4 hours worth.

Note: next time let tshirts air out before you wear them. I feel sick from the sharpie fumes and I still smell it even though I took the shirt off an hour ago.

What's up and cool right now? Reese's new chocolate bars! Check 'em out, they are quite delish.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

So stoked on life!

I'm happy.

the kind of happy that comes from realizing as I'm going about my day that I'm blessed, content and just okay to enjoy where I am in life right now.

you should try it, it's quite the feeling.

Of course there are other reason for being so happy. There is excitement for what is to come. Let me tell you. I have a two/three year plan in front of me. Not totally sorted out, but in it there is 'school', traveling, living in other countries and branching out from the norm. of course the excitement of now will turn into the panic of tomorrow, but I'll deal with that when i come to it.

For now I'm just STOKED. thinking about future plans and also enjoying the moment as I putter around creating my tiny flower garden.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What make a Sunday a happy day.

1. Not working.
2.Sleeping in.(only half an hour, but any extra sleep is always a good thing.)
3.Taking two hours to get ready, cause I can.
4.Not getting ready in enough time so there is a panicked frenzy right before I leave.
5.Church on Quadra. (Definitely something you need to experience, if only for the worship.)
6.Free Starbucks internet that actually goes relatively fast.
7.Watching my long awaited TV show.
8.Shopping for Birthday presents.*note* MAY 1ST! Mark it on your calendar. It is Reggies FIRST birthday, and also if I did the math right my half birthday. Now you all probably think that these things are trivial. But I love making a big deal out of nothing especially if I get presents because of it.
If anybody would like to send some birthday greetings for us we would love to hear from you
 our address is,
 Hannah and Reggie Lefebvre
Box 40
Heriot Bay
British Columbia
V0P 1H0

9. Feeding my incurable addiction to buying dresses.
10.Shortening was on sale!(at walmart, $2 for a block, quite the deal.)
11.McDonalds fries for the first time in almost 4 months. It felt so good.
12. Hot. Fudge. Sundaes.
13.Getting in bed at 8:00.
14.Sleeping at 9:30.

Stay tooned for the next in the series, 'what makes Monday a happy day'...

Friday, April 15, 2011

on the subject of readers.

Lately I have been pondering how many people actually read my blog. Of course there is no way to know for sure, and I'm not about to ask for a round of comments just to give myself a pat on the back at my extreme blogging talent(can blogging be a talent?).

I have noticed a few of my blogging 'buddies' have tried a different ploy in order to surface their closet readers, some people might have noticed the way they entice you with free books or other such goodies if you only comment on the post.
We all know what you are really up to... But I would not stoop to such a level in order to make myself feel better about myself. Well, that and the fact that just because it would be free for you does not mean it would be free for me. Price of book, add in postage and the effort to actually put it in the mail, what can I say, I'm a procrastinator, you would probably never even see the prize in real life (hey, now there is an idea :).

Another new clever feature blogger has set up for those of us paranoid writers...STATS.
The best thing to be invented since automatic car starters!
A page that shows you how many visitors you have had that day, week, month etc. And it can even pin point what website they came from.
Now that is the scary part.
I have actually had people I know find out I creep their blog because of this...so really it's not all genuious.
But alas there is another flaw, it doesn't seem to be all that accurate since I have been on quite early in the morning before and it tells me that 17 have already viewed my blog that day.
I'm not that popular, folks.

So, since I'm not the begging type I will not plead with you to leave a comment. In fact, please do not write a pity comment.
I will just delight in the fact that I have 25 followers.
Of course since I actually only 'follow' about 5 people and I do read a great quantity of blogs I can only assume that 25 really equals 75.
Now I feel good :).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A peace offering.

It's nice to be reminded sometimes that underneath there is a little bit of gentlemen hiding in every guy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sometimes you just need comfort.

This whole living away from everything that I love is getting to me.
I love where I am right now, and I'm having as much fun as possible, but still...I'm not a ten minute drive from my brothers house and I can't text my best friend to sneak into a friends hot tub with me.
So, in comes the comfort stuff.

When I was home on break I was going down memory lane by revisiting the boxes of my books that I packed away a couple years ago.
Wow, every new one that I grabbed out of the box was an old friend and there was a lot of screaming and dancing around remembering fond memories. Some of them were just too good and I had to bring them along with me for another reading.
And while reading them I was amazed by how a little ten year old girl had been able to read these books and comprehend them. But I was always ahead of my time.
I've done a lot of reading in the two weeks I've been home.
5 books to be exact.
But I think I will start slowing down now or pretty soon my stack of unread ones will be gone.

Pastry cookies:
A very familiar food around my house. And so easy to make.
Just make up some pastry like you would for a pie. cut it into cookie shapes and bake until slightly browned. For the icing, mix water, icing sugar and a couple drops of almond flavouring. BAM! a delish snack.
I have eaten way too many this week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy?

Oh yes she can.
Maybe not as fine looking as she would have wished, but apparently it tastes good.
But you can't blame the girl, when she has to deal with knives as pastry cutters and a glass jar as a rolling pin.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I've got a feeling, that tonight was a good, good night.

Today in general was pretty agreeable.

Trail clearing, forest cleanup, huge bonfires.

And then it was the weekend.
I put a dress on right before dinner, just for fun, and convinced the girls to dress up too.
Then I went for a mini photo shoot and we did our hair and went out to a fancy restaurant for dessert.
We came home and had another photo shoot. It was so fun.
Everything was happy happy.

These are days that I love more than fruit gushers and pepsi put together.

Irony is...

when the couch set that you and your brother picked out, the one that was supposed to arrive the week before, arrives on the same day you leave to drive nine hours away, not to return again for an extended period of time.

I am not a big fan of change, but I am very good at adapting. Which means I do not usually get homesick, at least, not when I am away from home. However, I do get quite homesick when I am at home realizing that I have to leave all that I love behind.

Are you ready for the amazing list of all that I set out to accomplish this past week and a half?
And barring one I did accomplish?

hem brown sweatpants(k, well I cut them shorter.)
coffee cake muffins(yum)
carrot muffins(they looked super healthy, but tasted really good.)
potato bacon chowder(YUUUUUUMMM. So worth the time it took to make it.)
icecream(Hmm, I'll need to try that again sometime.)
rice krispie squares(it was a family affair. *note*never let mom be in charge of the vanilla)
japanese chicken salad(a good late night prep session before taking it with me on the way back to camp.)
raspberry jam(homemade goodness)
put new bible on spuds ipod
black leggings
one day contacts(what a pain that was, but I no longer have four eyes.)
drink champagne (that was a let down.)
give Nadine money for road trip $50(hehe. The road trip that happened 1 1/2 years ago.)
Road trip to Vernon
catch up on all shows
fix ring
watch Audrey Hepburn movies
put all my music on computer
go through clothes. be strong.
bring back guitar strap
knit dishcloths
watch a sunset (it didn't happen. But it wasn't really my fault.)

So, suffice to say I had an amazing time at home. Too good maybe. Now that I'm back I'm just getting into routine and trying to be happy in everything I do. So far it's been okay.

Ooooh, and today I rode a horse all by myself for the first time ever. It was fun.

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