Monday, January 27, 2014

Lazy days.

So, my hours at work got cut drastically back at the beginning of January.
Drastically not being an over exaggeration at all.

10 hours a week?
Sure, that will pay the rent.

But, I tried not to think about it. Assuring myself it would pick up, and that I could use all that free time to do so much!


That's how the first two days went.
They were great. I did so much, that I ran out of things.
No joke, the list turned into weird unnecessary things like "iron pillowcases". Who does that?
And so at the end of that second day, there was the switch.
The switch from doing everything possible, to....nothing at all.
And that's pretty much where it has stayed since then.

But here's the funny part.

Back when I wrote my resolutions at the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I would not start another tv show series on Netflix, until I finished that pile of books that was number 3 on the list.

So, I couldn't be lazy and waste the time away procrastinating studying by speeding through a netflix series, so what could I do?

That's where my sneaky mind that likes to find loopholes came in.
I couldn't watch TV SHOWS on Netflix, but I never said I couldn't watch MOVIES on Netflix.

I watched a lot of movies. Like. A lot.

That is why I am now declaring that movies have been added to the no-no list as well.
Which probably means that list of books will be done in the next week. We'll see. I'm sure my loophole mind will come up with something else before too long....

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 has a certain ring.

I can already feel that this year will be great.
Since last year was also great, I will have to think up some amazing things that will be able to surpass 2013.
I've already got som
e ideas.

But let's review.

1. Read the unabridged version of Les Miserables.
2. Find somebody that I can kiss at the stroke of 12 next new years.
3. Have a 1 month goal for every month.
4. Achieve something that will make the whole year seem worthwhile

It's a little sad that #1 is only only thing that didn't get accomplished this year. And, I can't even say I got close. Unless you consider buying the book to be an acheivment, because that's pretty much as far as I got.
And I admit, I gave myself plenty of time. I bought the book mid November, which should have been quite enough. And I carried that thing in my purse for WEEKS!(no small feat, that book is 1200 pages!)
Alas, every time I set my gaze on it, my heart was hardened, and I went off to do something else instead.
So, that goal has been carried over into this year.

#2. As I mentioned in my previous post, I met a wonderful boy, who was able to help me complete my second resolution.

#3. This one started off great, kinda petered off in March, but I adapted it to work.
Last year( as in 2012) I had gotten to a state where I was constantly drinking coca cola. Realizing how bad this was for my body, I used it in my first goal of #3 to not drink it for a month. Well, I'm happy to say that a month turned into two, then three, and now I can say I haven't had any to drink since last January.
I have not sworn off of it for the rest of my life, but I definitely will be limiting myself, now that the year commitment is over.

And last but not least, #4.
I really feel as if there is a lot to remember 2013 by.
The two biggest that stick out in my mind would be traveling to Australia, especially since it was a solo voyage. And finally starting my post secondary education.
They both will have a lasting impact on my life.

Now on to 2014.

Four was a nice manageable number for last year, so we'll do that again.

1. Travel to my bucket list destination: ENGLAND! the reality of me being able to spend 6 months there is kind of gone, but at least two weeks would be nice.

2. Finish Les Mis (for real this time!!)

3. Along those lines, finish the pile of books/dvds that has accumulated on my desk, quite possibly some of those will be worthy of blog posts.

4. And finally, for that one that everybody always makes, that can't really be proven or finished for sure, but it is a good life goal.
This year will be a year of promptness.. Mostly in the way of correspondence. If somebody messages, emails, text me, I want to reply as quickly as possible, and not have ridiculous reasons for why I let something sit in my inbox for two months when all it needed was a simple reply. )
Also, one that we have semi made as a couple: become Pinterest junkies. But that is certainly for another post.


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