Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting 'er done.

There is nothing like denying yourself privileges in order to motivate the finishing of much procrastinated tasks. I was doing quite well with writing everything down on the to do list and actually doing it. But I've noticed in the last couple weeks that a certain couple things get conveniently circled time and time again.

I have no choice but to kick myself in the pants. I'm starting small, saying no to Pinterest and other internet addictions, but if this putting off continues, the list might have to get longer.

My newly founded morning Tim Hortons addiction? Heartland? Or *gasp* maybe even the Book of Faces?

Monday, November 12, 2012

How to plant an M&M tree.

All it takes is:
One M&M in your favourite colour.

One digging utensil.

One patch of suitable ground.
And one girl crazy enough to believe in magic.
I could have been still half asleep though, we'll blame it on that.
 I would suggest to all of you who might attempt this, to layer up a little more than I did.
Going outside in leggings and bare feet inside rubber boots, in a yard covered by a thick layer of snow could be a crazier idea than planting candy trees.
Plant your little treat in the ground, cover it up, and hope for green shoot in the spring.
Or...maybe it will be blue? :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just some Thursday lovin'.

To be honest, today was more of a Things I Loathe day.
But in the spirit of happiness and positivity and all that fun stuff,  I went looking for the silver lining.

1. Clean hair. (As you can see I had to search real hard for the happy :)
2. Grapefruit juice.
3. The fact that the staff at the gym press a button so I never have to open the door to the changeroom.
4. Feeling a bit of calm after the storm.
5. Getting those things done that you have been putting off for months.
6. Having somebody notice the empty fruit gusher wrappers.
7. Ordering cheques for the first time. THEY HAVE SAILBOATS ON THEM!
8. Having an unread message.
9. Looking forward to happier things.
10. Counting down the days til my Big Momma returns to work. 27!
11. Crayons.
12. When somebody repins my stuff. I feel as if I might actually have a sense of style, or humour, or wit, or...etc.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Birthday that went on and on and on.

If you know me, you know that I'm all about the little things.
Which means I don't need a huge birthday party, or a day dedicated to me.
I just need:

A birthday dinner on Monday with family.

A friend remembering and bringing me muffins in the morning.

The same friend making a card and getting people to sign it without me knowing.

A mama who brings me hot and steamy drinks during work.

A birthday evening that definitely tops last year :D

Butter tarts made without the raisins.

A Big Momma stopping by to visit me at work and giving me presents.

Road trip to Kelowna with the Bestie on Friday.

A Birthday dinner on Saturday with work friends.

A birthday lunch on Sunday.

The only sad part is, not being able to use the birthday excuse again for another 360 days.

Well...I still do have that free smoothie coupon...

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