Sunday, December 8, 2013

Boyfriends are fun.

The Christmas card 'bloopers'.
I thought it might be time to announce my relationship status to my blogging world.

Hey, Everybody. Meet Matt.

Matt is a funny little story that I cannot tell you now, since I am saving that epic tale for our wedding( but don't get any ideas, we are NOT engaged at the moment.)...but it's safe to say the words DATING SITE came into play.

After several years of being single, and going for dinner and movies alone, it's been an adjustment to always have company. But it's a nice adjustment.

He is a smart, handsome man who is a perfect mixture of sarcastic and sweet. And he seems to like me, even though I am a very spoiled girl. So, match made in heaven? You'll just have to hang out with the two of us and find out for yourself.

The last thing I have to say is this. When you find a man who will put up with your least attractive quality, you should hold onto him forever and ever.
There are three that are tied for first in my world. Least Attractive Qualities, I mean, not men. HAHA
1. Listening to terrible music.
2. Taking wayyyy too many selfies.
3. Being incredible needy.
And lucky enough for me, my man puts up with it all.

And there you have it. The reason my blogging has been cut by 50%.
No time to blog when I'm out adventuring with my partner in crime.

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