Friday, June 29, 2012

Locked out of life.

What happens when you try and sign in to your Youtube account in Rome and forget the password?
Answer: They think you are a hacker and lock up your account.

Okay, that is fine. But wait, my blog and email are attached in this deal since it is all run by Google now.

I'll paint you the scenario.

Doing my usual routine of logging onto my blog to see if any of my friends have posted anything, I get a error message, but it's in french so I can't understand what it says. I copy and paste unto my ipod's translate application and the translation comes across as something like, "Your blog has been deleted."

I didn't even know what to think, or say, or do. So I checked my email again. It gets a little confusing here. But I have my hotmail account, but it's linked to my gmail account so I get all my emails together and I hadn't checked the side folder so I missed the email that said there has been suspicious activity and they are locking my account.

Let me tell you, you don't realize how important your blog is to you until it is gone. I, like most bloggers (I assume), sometimes get the doubts of whether or not it's time to shut the blog down and have the freedom to not worry about having to put up a post for all those who wait patiently. Well the writers block hasn't hit me hard enough yet. I cannot count the times I have gone to blog over the last weeks and groaned because I can't. The count for how many times I wanted to blog about this situation is high enough alone.

Long story short, I started the process of getting everything sorted as soon as I got home and a couple days later I got to sign in again, and it felt so good.

So there is my excuse for internet silence for the last little while.
Terrible events like these always have to happen at the most inopportune time, so I'm sorry you didn't get to hear about the rest of my trip as I went, but I will be describing it soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Food to try when visiting Italy: Gelato Pizza Pasta Limoncello Spritz Biscotti Hello, everyone! I am doing great. Just soaking up history and culture in Venice, Italy. And when I say soaking I mean it half literally seeing as it decided to pour rain for a while today. I love rain do I enjoyed it, and I tried to convince Matthew of reasons why it was good. Tomorrow we have one more day here before we take a night train to Paris. It will be my first time on a night train...this whole trip has just been first all around, but we'll save that list for a time that I can go into detail. Ciao.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The backpacker life.

So. This morning we said goodby to the wonderful Skopelos and ferried our way back the mainland. A short bus ride later and we were in the Athens! And let me tell you, it's been great. Just wandering around, eating gyros, hanging out. I had my first real shower of the last two months and it was great. I feel clean. I met up with the brother. Ans now we are all up on a rooftop, eating pizza, hanging out with other hostellers. I am so ready for three more weeks of this. Tomorrow I say goodbye to my family of two months. It's going to be painful. I'm sad. Goodnight. P.s. Matthew has already met two Kamloopsians, two Vernonites, and a guy from kelowna. All just in Athens. British Columbia is taking over the world.

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