Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Startings of a collection.

I woke up at nine today.
I also went to Nathan's going away party. I don't see why he needs a party when he'll be back in 5 weeks.
But it leave for Camp in 8 days.
It's kinda scary.
I need a criminal record check done before I leave.
I need to pack.
Buy a few things.
Clean my room.
I had a jones for the first time a while ago at Max's house. Maybe it was fate that I chose green but I decided then and there that that was going to be a favorite thing of mine. Since then I have gotten one any possible time I could. I have gone to extreme limits as to buy a sugar free one. They are that good.
Bonuses they have a new picture on the cover everytime(Okay not everytime I do have two that are the same) and they have a cool little saying on the inside of the cap.
And they have 'Run with the little guy' on the packaging. How cool is that.
I need to get up early tomorrow too. I have to remember to put my uniform in the wash. I only have two more shifts before I leave. Even though I am going to miss work, I know the time away is going to do good. And I hope that when I come back it will be like a whole new start.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I need inspiration.

All of my posts seem to be about what I did the previous days.
I need to write about other things. To bad I am not very good at writing and things like that.
I have been eating breakfasts and lunches more.
My two favorite lunches are melted cheese over tostito chips and potatos chopped into bite sized pieces dipped in oil and sprinkled in salt and pepper then after cooked dipped in sour cream.
I like hot dogs too but it has to be a certain brand but I never remember to remember the brand I like so I don't usually have them.
10 days until I leave for camp. I am trying to clean and orginize my room so it will be nice for when I get back. I am pretty excited, I just hope I don't forget anything.

Under the weather.

We for the past couple of days I have been slightly sick, basically just a runny nose and a wierd talking voice. But then today it has worsened. I HATE BEING SICK!
Yesterday was a pretty fun day. It started out with church but my mom had to get timbits so I got some breakfast while we were there. then church was church. Except there was a few funny parts. Then after church everybody sat around while Alex tried to figure out what she was going to do that afternoon. After that I realized that my mom had left without me. That put me in a state of shock..she has never done that to me. Luckily Behn was there but there was 6 people and so me Cade Cassy and Andrew were in the back of Behn's tiny car. That was one squished ride.
When we got home I ran and quickly tried cleaning my room. Then we just sat around playing pool and talking. Until the hamburgers were done. I actually had a whole burger. the reason there was burgers and stuff is because it was the sunday school picnic..After that we played croque(SP?)crokay..haha. I didn't lose is all I can say. Then we had a water fight. That was pretty fun. What started out as little water guns turned into cups, buckets and hoses. After that we foraged down the creek and met a neighbour. Oh did I mention Alex was there? haha. We watched some of 'holes' and then went to fantastic four 2 which I think was terrible. and I spent a buttload on food. And I ate a whole bag of sour patch kids and wow last night my stomach felt sooo bad. But I am better now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am feeling depressed.

Oh my gosh, I was looking at the schedule for work today.
And as always I checked the cute guys work days to see if any of his days coincided with mine. And they has whitouted his shifts and written over them 'Quit'. I am shocked and depressed. I can't believe he quit. I am so mad.RIYHSRLTHI
13 days til I leave. I am so excited.
Wait a minute. I don't think I ever wrote about grad. Okay here goes.
I woke up pretty early that morning and had a shower and got everything together.
Then we(Me and my mom) went and dropped Cade off because he was spending the day with Tim. Then we went shopping at walmart I think it was, which was pretty much a wasted of a trip because I didn't get to go in the shoes make-up or clothing departments.
Then we went to coopers and that was better. I got a danish and a nectarine and it was simple the best.We went to the church after that. I made some punch, played with Lanny and listened to the moms(tip to everybody out there. If you ever want to know anything just listen to moms talking or read your moms email..Did I ever tell you guys I freak if I don't know everything?Anyway that is for another time.). Then I went to the Hammonds house and just hung out with Alex until it was time to go to the church again this time to decorate. Which was really fun. Even though it was really quiet(Note to self next time bring music)Annnnd we talked about the weather alot :P(Inside joke). Then ugh this is boring typing it all out. Me and Liz got dressed(yeah before that we weren't dressed.:)) And we started driving up to foresters but we stopped for icecaps and then my mom phoned and I had forgotten the camera at the church so I went to the church with my mom and liz went up with Matthew because they were doing pictures. So we got the camera and went up there and had dinner........................And then we went down to the church AGAIN and we stood around awkwardly and talked and then me and Alex made this cool paper thing for Matt(You kinda had to be there)))))))))))))))) Rebekah made this cool powerpoint thing of pictures of the grads and I ate strawberrys the entire time. And at the end we let helium balloons float away up in the sky and at the beginning of the night there was this glorius rain mmmmm it was so cool. And after that all the youth type people went up to the Gedderts and watched Equilibrium Which was a pretty cool movie.
And the next day Lefebvre youth Geddert youth and Tim went on a hike wowowowowowow it was a very very I can't even decribe it. it was hard but really fun and I got soooo dirty and wet and scratches and cuts all over my body but soooooo fun. And after we got slurpees and food and went to riverside park where we saw a cow/bull thing played fishy in the water and just sat around and talked. That night I went to bed at seven(accidently) and woke up at eight thirty that afternoon I had a 5 1/2 and then went to bed around 10 so even though I got tons of rest I was still soooooo tired. Yesterday nothing happened really..I finished English...
Do you know what makes me mad? Today while I was having a shower I quickly shaved my legs like...swipe swipe and now then feel better then last week when I spent like and hour getting them ready for grad......?UGG
I went shoppers drug mart shopping today I bought disney princess bandaids and greeen apple gum and scentsations markers. which smell so good.
There is a huge party happening at Laurens tonight. They invited me to go but I said no. I am such a good little christian girl. Okay that is enough,

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A good day.

So believe it or not I woke up at nine today. I had set the alarm for about then but I woke up before it.
Well actually I did wake up about 5:00 but like who would think to get up at that 'ungoshly' hour.
I did all my chores very quickly and then sat on the couch watching stupid reality tv shows(there are some pretty wierd ones out there).
Oh yeah I did watch part of the mummy returns as well, Gosh I hate Brendan Fraser.
Then I went it for work. It was okay which means I wasn't on dishes :P And then at like 6:15 Sophie(manager) asked me if I wanted to go home early 7:00 I didn't really want to but nobody else did so my mom picked me up and we some errands then I realized I had forgotten my purse at work. I did go to the mall though and I bought a red shirt and black crocs which are both apart of my grad ensemble.
My mom wanted to have a visit with my granpa so while she ws doing that I went and got my purse and I stopped at town pantry and got a full-sugar Green jones. Gosh it was good. Then we came home I tried on all my grad I look great even though I am not really sure about me looking good in red yet. It's a little scary.
I should probably go to bed tomorrow is going to be sooo busy.
I have to remember a camera so I can post pictures after.
Wait one more thing.
I actually like the stuff well some Blueberry is my favorite.
Then Vanilla from TImmy's the other day my mom got the tube ones but the were wierd flavors like pear and peach or peach and strawberry. but once you get used to them they are actually quite good.
But there is this one kind that I had in Kelowna it's called yops and it's like a drink or something. Yeah wierd it just a bit thicker then milk it tastes wierd I threw mine out.
Wow this was long.
Stay tooned for pictures if I remember the camera.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yeck! Never drink sugar-free Jones!

Yesterday on the way home from work I managed to convince my mom to stop at petro-can so I could get a jones. Problem was they only had sugar-free in green apple left.
I got thinking how bad could it be right? So I had the first sip, it wasn't bad until eww the after taste was disgusting. So I gave the rest to my little brothers.
But I also got Mento's mmmmmm those things are good.
Tonights grad! I am so excited.
I didn't ever find any shoes to go with my dress though. I went to the mall on Monday hoping to find some. I spent 2 and a half hours there. Alot of money and several purchases later I still hadn't found a shirt to go with my skirt or shoes for both. I did find a pair of green plaid shorts that I love and some dickies pin-striped pants that I have been wanting forever.
I am going to my lesson today so I will be a little late to the dinner.

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Amazing!

I am here today to talk about my BIG AWESOME SPECTACULAR BRUISE.
It's big and very dark purple and I will try to get a picture of it as soon as I find the camera.
I really need to go to the mall soon to get some grad stuff. I think I might be going today but probably not.
I can't wait for grad!
And I am panicking because I haven't finished math and I am nowhere close.

Friday, June 8, 2007

What am I doing today?

My mom came in and woke me up today at 7:30 and said we were leaving in an hour.
So I immediatly thought it was Sunday because that's what she usually does on a Sunday except it was earlier than usual. But then as I lay there for a couple minutes I got to thinking. Wait a minute yesterday was thursday how could today be Sunday And I was trying to figure where we could be going. It couldn't be work..or...I had no clue. So I weakly called my mom from my bed "moom.""Moooom"MOOOOOM"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM.
She finally came and I asked her and she said Matthews Graduation of course.
Oh. I had forgotten about that. Why it had to be so early in the morning on a Friday is beyond me.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Case Of The Ten Dollar Bill.

So after work today I was waiting for my ride and my hair was falling apart(Stupid hairnet/hat) so I reached into one of the side pockets of my purse for a bobbypin..and pulled out a ten dollar bill.
I have not had cash on me for like two weeks now.
And I would definetly not put it in the side pocket where it could fall out.
I need to find out who put it in there.
This is a mystery.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's been awhile.

So finally I come back into the blogging world.
To tell the truth I haven't missed it that much.
So expect more blogging from now on.

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