Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I get home. Go to youth.
Have fun with Kelsey.
Next morning wake up to go throw up my stomach. Yes I know not too pleasant.
So all today I have felt pretty sick. But regardless I went to the some new flipflops since my pair right now are positively disgusting. Walked down to Walmart where my mom was..the walking was a bad idea. Got 2 new cds but I think I have lost track of my new years resolution.
Came home did some laundry, watched family channel for the first time in a long while..and basically hung out.

Tomorrow I don't have much planned and then I leave again..Fun Fun.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paynet(the t is silent)

So actuualy compared to spring break this summer has been really easy.
My girls have been good almost all the time.
And yeah.
I do have a break..I can't really remember when..from like next wednesday so sometime after that I can't remember so yeah I will come home.
It's funny cause I started out in the beginning waking up at like 5:30 and then I decided that no there really no point to that so now I just wake up at 6:30.
Oooo as soon as I got here like a weeks and a half ago. I got a cold..I know it sucked and so I had that all happen and then something else happened..and then on sunday I wake up...and tada I have pink eye. So I was like all ready to go home and they said I didn't have to that I was still in a cabin..Umm excuse me Pink eye is really contagious. But anyway so yeah I am glad I didn't go since this week has been really fun.
So that's it for now.
I will see you soon.
Unless you are a stranger.
And you live in Alaska.
All right bye.
Oh guys have to keep blogging because I need some source of the outside world.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camp. Is. An. Experiance.
So yeah I don't want to talk about now.
Since there is not much time. And this internet cuts out so quick.
So I'm alive.
Just barely 'cause I am sick but you know I will survive.
So Cha Email me cause my inbox is looking a little lonely these days.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm back!

So yeah, I decided I am not going to write about Haiti.
If you want to know, ask me.
Mwuahaha I feel so evil. I don't care if I am not going to be around for you to ask me. If you really want to know it can wait until I get back.
Which brings me to the next item on the list.
I am leaving around 8 tomorrow morning. For camp. I don't really know when I will be back..probably not 'til sept. but you never know. I could come back on a weekend sometime.

So yeah if I get the chance I will post at camp.

..You could write me a letter At camp if you get a letter you have to do a crazy stunt for it. I have bobbed for apples and eaten chocolate covered marshmellow candy dipped in mustard and ketchup before.
So if you go to the trouble of finding the address and everything then you are allowed to write me. Just don't put my name on the envelope. Put 'Tink'.

So yes. It's going to be pretty crazy. I am super excited, but I will miss y'all.

Keep Blogging. I'll just have to have a reading blogs fest when I get home.

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