Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hannah's B.C. Wishlist.

Well, seeing as it is 32 days until my birthday I thought ity would be a good time to put up my birthday christmas wishlist. I will do the 1 edition here but I am also doing it on facebook and if I have any updates I will put them onto facebook. Not saying you have to buy me anything. I am not implying anything.

1. Movies: Cinderella Story,King Kong,Music+Lyrics
2. Seasons 1,2,3 and 4 of Gilmore Girls
3. CD's: Reliant K,Natalie Imbruglia
4. Any new Jack Sparrow poster that I don't have.
5. Ditto Avril Lavigne
6. Colored LuluLemon Headbands
7. Assorted Junk Food: Pepsi,Fruit Gushers,Microwave popcorn,Doritos,Green Jones Ect.(You know what I like.)
8. A new light thing mabobber
9. Microphone
10.Bob the Builder Band-aids
11.Jack Sparrow bag from Claires
12.Any black or white clothing that I would like(Shirt:XS Pants:1 or 3 or if they are sweats XL
13.Any Jack Sparrow Memorabilia
14.A big mirror
15.A clock/radio/whatever that has an ipod outlet thing..
16.Any random funky accessories for my bedroom
17.Any cool band-aids

Wow, this really is a 'wish'list seeing as most of the stuff in it is expensive.
And there seems to be alot of Jack Sparrow items.

My day.

I really need to get one of those things that you talk into them and then the words come out on the screen because that would be so much easier for my rants.
Today I woke up early and cleaned. I actually slept on the floor last night so I wouldn't mess up the bed.
We had our teen club thing,I don't know what to call it, and we had food.
I made these delicious cupcakes, they were so good I actually had two. That is good since I don't usually even eat my baking. And we went for a hike.
And after the peoples left I just sat around. And then sorta watched some of Bad news bears with Matthew but that movie is soooo much swearing.
And then me and Behn went to mcdonalds because Behn was too afraid to go up to our kitchen while our guests were over.
We did our youth activity. I don't really want to go into detail with that..I mean it was fun but now it's really late and I just want to get this done quick :).
Then after we were like( me and Behn) let's go to mcdonalds again so we did. And I saw some friends from work there.
And yeah. Tomorrow is the youth music thing. And a show thing that my guitar teacher is in so I will probably go.
I also get my avon tomorrow. But there was one eyeshadow thing that I have been waiting for and they forgot to send it so I will get it for free but I have to wait longer.
I am tired but my mom is sleeping in my room so I am sorta creeped out of going to bed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So I lost my ipod at mcqueen lake or on the way back or in our driveway or in the house. I don't know. It isn't technically my fault seeing as I didn't touch it during that process so..
I will offer a $10 reward to anybody out of my family(Family: the reason I am not opening up the reward deal to you is this, you probably have hid it waiting for the day I would offer a reward for it.) of course I don't reallyknow how you would find it except to come over here and go rooting through our stuff which I wouldn't like very much.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ode to Contacts

Oh little contace why are you,
Such a big huge pain
all the things I have to remember for you
are enough to drive me insane
put you in take you out
clean you and change you
the real reason I use you is strange
put little plastic pieces in my eye?
why not use glasses instead
maybe because they fit funny on my head
You really are a big bother
oh well what can you do.

Well it's terrible.
And there is no punctuation(Because I didn't know what goes where)
Oh well.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A thought I have been thinking..

Will blogger still be here in 20 years so I can show my daughter my blog? I mean this is basically a diary, and isn't that what your supposed to do?
Anyway, more random pictures.

The squash we had for supper...yummm(that is a sacastic yumm)

Sean doing his puzzle. He refused to let me help.

Noah looking..Noah-ish

Hannah bored with a camera in her hand


The puppies. They are..10 days old now.

Here is my project. Most of it is not sewn together. But it is going to be awesome.

True Love- DHT

Two Names You Go By: Hannah and Hannah Tootsie

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Sweat pants and my believe t-shirt.

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a relationship: Hmm, A man to start things off and one that would not be ashamed to go on the kiddy rides with me at the fair.

Two Things You Like To Do: Blogging..Cooking
Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:Eat a Mcdonalds bacon and egger. Watch a good movie.
Two things You Did Last Night: Cleaned my room and blogged about it.
Two Things You Ate Today: Cheesies and some grapes
Two People You Last Talked To: Sean and Mom
Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow: Working and maybe shopping
Two Longest Car Rides: To Victoria and vancouver
Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas..I guess and..easter?
Two Favorite Beverages: Good host iced tea. Any cold blended coffee
Two Things About Me!: Well I am crazy and I like to eat.
Two Jobs I Have Had In My Life: Umm Tim Hortons..and ginseng slave.
Two Movies I Would Watch Over And Over: Cinderella Story..The sound of music.
Two Places I Have Lived: Umm Pritchard and Barnhartvale.

Night Owl Strikes Back.

I took a really long nap today it went from like 2or 3 to quarter to eight.
Picture this Hannah wide awake at the time that normal people are going to bed. Wait you don't have to picture it yourself, I will do it for you.
So I think I will change my identity to night owl just for this post.
1. Night owl starts cleaning her room since she has so much raw energy and she cannot put it to loud uses.

Ahh much better.
2. Night owl discovers many hair elastics and bobby pins in her bed due to being too laazy to undo her hair before she sleeps.
3. Night owl painted her toenails for lack of a better thing to do.

4. A Night owl thought 'the silence is really loud'.
I have two clocks. One is like 21 seconds faster than the other one(I counted)
Our house is really cold.

My old shoes. You have served me well. But there comes a time when, out with the old in with the new.

*Sniff**Sniff* Yummy smelly markers

*Gasp* Where has it gone! I want September back! Which reminds me 37 days til my birthday.

To go.
Well this is Night Owl signing out. Tune in the next sunday that Hannah has a nap on a Sunday afternoon because she is so tired to read about more nighttime adventures.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hannah hasn't really felt like writing the past couple days so she is just going to put some pictures up.

Look at this item new to my bathroom! My mom bought the set thing but she doesn't like these tiolet cover things. She was going to give it away but I snatched it up. I don't really see the point to them though.

Here are the brownies I made. I do not find them worthy enough to put on my cooking blog seeing as they are made from the box. But to do something different I put extra virgin olive oil. They tasted slightly funny because of that, but they were a good snack.

Just a lovely hand. I really like my hands right now, I don't know why. And the white shirt compliments it nicely

The last Coke bottle. Mmmm I managed to make the box last for quite a while, like 2 hours almost..JK, they lasted a week. They are the best candy ever. But I think that they should have the coke amount different in each one. If you get what I mean.

Here is some of the sewing I started before the summer. I was planning to make a big quilt but that thought died away. I want to start it again. It will be huge. It might take a couple years but I will make it.

Here is a favored pastime of mine. Of course I cheat and if I can't get one I will just move on so I have 3 books of half finished ones. But they make me happy. And they teach me new words, so I tried convincing my mom that doing them could be my didn't work.

Tsk,Tsk. 'tis time for a good cleaning.

Tee hee. I love taking pictures of myself with different faces.

Friday, September 21, 2007

You killed it, you killed the vegetable pac-man.

You know you are addicted to blogging when..
Every time you see a thing that is the slightest bit interesting or just plain but you would make it interesting you blog about it.
Such as if you see a funny item and you knew it would be a hit on your blog so you race to get your camera..let me tell you the story of 'the beheading of mr. Pacman'
My day started at 3:40. I woke up to go to the bathroom and just as I was falling back to sleep barkbarkbark *Just so you know this has nothing to do with it I am just telling you about my day* I knew it was Spenser. I tried to fall asleep but with constant annoying sounds like that I cannot fall asleep. So I thought about opening my window and talking to her, but since my room is so far away I would have to shout and possibly wake up the neighbours or my own family. So I thought about going down and talking to her but..I mean like why was she barking? Could it be that as soon as I open the door I would have an axe-murderer smiling down at me? So that was the reason I did not go out onto the deck either(If you do not know my house this would not make sense to me..of course you don't even know where the puppies were born. I have done a great job of not explaining. Right when you go down the steps by the back door there is a little covered area with the big freezer. That is where they are.). So I tip-toed through the house, stood on the stairs and opened the window there which is directly overtop. And I called out:spenser. Spenser. SPENSER she stopped for a couple moments and went back to barking, I kept calling to her and finally she stopped but she was still whining a little. That was okay with me. I went back to bed and at this point I was seriously considering just getting up right then and making the salad but I didn't know how to cook the chicken so I went back to sleep.
Now you might be asking 'what salad?' Which brings me to the tale.
Today is the first day of our youth 'club'(don't ask) and it's a potluck so I decided to make Japanese chicken salad and this new type of cookie I got of the food channel(you see I told you that would be good for is actually quite entertaining to watch) I made the cookie dough last night and put it in the fridge to chill, then this morning at 7:30 my mom woke me up. I cooked up the chicken,after asking my mom how, and then I got the cabbage out of the fridge. since I had never cut a cabbage before I asked my mmom to show me. She cut it in half and then cut out the stem by doing a v shape. Hold it I said I need a picture so I went searching for the camera which is not an easy task in our house. And then after that accomplishment I had to find batteries, I tried two different sets before I got exasperated and took a pair from my brothers gameboy. Those ones of course were the cheap ones but I thought that they would do for one picture. I took the picture but just as it flashed the camera went dead I turned it back on to see if pacman was there but he wasn't,I looked up and my mom had already started cutting it. And this is where my title comes in. I kept saying that over and over. I guess there is always next time to get a picture of the vegetable pacman.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I pity thee.

It cam unannounced and unexplained. Hives of some sort.

It's Called SharkPhobia

Hannah is scared.
We are probably going to go exploring underwater in mexico..but there are sharks.
I have watch enough movies with sharks in them to be more than a little scared.
I really want to do the whole get up of flippers and airtank and everything but..sharks can eat you.
I heard of this little inlet where you can do that sort of thing but there are only tiny fishes. That is probably the only way I am going to do it.

Monday, September 17, 2007


So, as you have might have heard, there is actually seven.
They are so soft. I want them to be kept in the house but the mother said no.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big Surprise.

So a couple hours ago my dad came in from the backyard and yelled at us to come and see something. I go out and there is our dog Spenser with two little babies!
We never suspected a thing! And so we all sat there watching and while we sat the 2 more came out!
This is so exciting. We have never had puppies before.
Anybody want one?


A while back we got scale. I think I have told you about it. The one that is wonky and gives you a different reading everytime you step on it.
Well we got a new one today. A working one.
I am actually 109. I need to start excercising.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Kamloops Vs. Kelowna

Today was a lazy day.
But I made apple crisp. I wasn't here when it came out of the oven but it looked good when it went in.
Me and Cade drove like everywhere downtown looking for a parking spot until I finally convinced him to look on the street of interior savings center to see if there was any there. There was. The game was okay. I just don't understand why they keep stopping and starting and pulling players off and putting new ones on and yeah. It was fun, I switch on and off from watching the game to doing my crossword puzzle. I always seemed to be doing my puzzle when something exciting happened. I hate that. But I had popcorn..that made me happy(Thank-you David).
And after we went to Denny's(Yeah I know, who goes to Denny's?) I actually didn't know that they were open til 2. I got a chicken salad and sampled Angela's oreo milkshake. It was really good.
Did I mention the blazers won 3-1? It was 3-0 until like the last minute.
And I learned some new hockey information.

No further roadblocks.

Well, you guessed it. Our passports are finally here. Now there is nothing stopping me from going to mexico. I have planned my school around it, booked time off work have a passport. All I need to do is pack and I will be ready to go. Though I think it is a little early for packing. It's 57 days away! 10 Days after my birthday.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well, I got a big surprise when I went into work today. We switched from coca-cola to pepsi! I have been waiting for this day forever.

In other news, My mom bought a home blood pressure tester because she has high blood pressure. And so all the family has been trying it out. They are scared by it as well. I don't find it that frightening.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Summing it up.

I don't have alot of time. And I don't want a whole backlog of things I need to blog about so this is going to be short and to the point.
There were angry people in of them said the F word.
I got off at eight but my mom didn't pick me up until eight thirty and I didn't get home until ten. So much for getting to bed early.
I had a lot of candy.
I went to the mall and bought the comfiest sweatpants ever. Definetly worth the thirty bucks.
And I went to Walmart and got some pj bottoms. They are blue and yellow plaid.
That night we had hockey at the dallas park and I actually played for like 20 seconds, it was so much fun! And I befriended a little girl names Paigy. She was like three or four and she was at the park with her older brother(9?) and they were all by themselves no parent. Paigy was not shy at all. She was wow..her parents obviously never taught her to not talk to strangers. After that Kandace slept over and we were pretty much laughing the entire time.
I made a card for Josh and Amanda's wedding and I did nothing. Then I went to the reception and served water. And ate tootsie rolls. Stole apple juice(hehe no actually we didn't).
(Note:for the past few days I have gotten so little's not even funny.)
I went to church and I did nursery..I am not even going to go into that.
And we went to '3:10 to yuma' and that was..if my counting was correct, there was 17 profanities. Then me and Alex went to the mall and she bought the sweatpants that I have. Then we walked from the mall to the church. Yes, you heard me right. Only taking a few short breaks at Tim hortons and coopers where we saw Ryan and 2/5 Hayes. We walked the last little bit and just rested on the grass in the backyard for a while. And after it started getting to cold we went into the bathroom and talked. And then into the hallway and talked and then onto the couches and slept. And yeah. Then everybody ate my gummy worms :( (did I mention while we were talking and sleeping c&c was going on?) Anyhoooo that is my life up to date..sort of. Tomorrow I go to mcqueen lake for three days and OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO REMEMBER THE CAMERA!!!! Anyway goodnight.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh where is my hairbrush?

I forgot to say that I have a hairbrush now!
Since I got short hair I have only used combs and I don't know how but all my old hairbrushes disappeared. Just in the past few month I have started using one but since I don't have one of my own, I have been using my moms..:) finally she got tired of always finding it in my bathroom so she bought me one of my own.
It is small and I don't really know if I like it yet but it's MINE!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sucess is equated with excess..

So yesterday I set my alarm for..7:40 I think. But I have two alarm clocks so I set one for ten minutes later just in case I "accidently" turned the first one off.
But it turned out that I woke up before the alarm went off and decided that I wanted to sleep in so I turned both of them off. Iam going to try getting into routine..but it can wait until next week..maybe. I
I got my school done at 11:28 and read my book for a while. Until Cade came into my room and announced we were doing something with Curtis and Karemi. And he only gave me like 20 minutes to get ready. So I had a shower..and did normal get ready type things and then we left. And since Cade didn't know how to get to Aneta's(Karemi's Aunt) house I had to direct him(I did alot of directing yesterday..nobody knew where they were going) And then we went to Curtis's house and just stood around for a while trying to figure out what we should do. I got my camp shirt. But it's a small not an I hope it shrinks. Finally we went to Starbucks(believe it or not it wasn't my choice) and I got my usual mocha frappacino blended coffee but this time they put drizzle on it. I don't know why, they have never done that before. Karemi paid for Curtis and Cade's because she got a discount but they didn't know she paid so they paid too. But they only made two drinks not four.
Since there is nothing to do in Kamloops we went to the mall because "walking around is much better than sitting." Not sure if I agree with that but Jess was working so we said hi and we just walked around while Cade went and had his Bass lesson. And I kept seeing people I know. And I got a guitar t-shirt. And a green zip-up hoodie. I tried on the large.
Hannah:I think I need a different size
Curtis:Yeah, you should try the medium
Hannah: What no way! I am going for the extra large.
Silly Curtis, he doesn't seem to understand that you need a huge one so that you can curl up in it. Or..I don't know big ones are just better.
We went and got pizza. And walked(we did a LOT of walking) over to superstore and got pop and chips and mini peach rings. We ended up only eating one pizza one thing of pop(we had two) and none of the chips..what a waste of food.
We went to rent a movie but it was time to pick up Jess, so me anc Cade left C and K and went back up to the mall. We had to do an errand for my mom so we took a huge detour back downtown. On the way Jess interested with facts such as the new bus schedule is in punjabi. Finally we went back up to Anita's house and I realized it was a bad decision leaving C and K to pick the movie all by themself..they picked Disturbia!!! Which in fact they both had already seen it. And it was me Jess and Cade who hadn't. What a freaky movie..yeah they kept laughing at me through the whole thing because I was so scared.
But that was our night.
p.s. I forgot my camera..what a shame.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So, I think most of you have heard that my family is going to Mexico.
We are leaving November 10 and getting back November 18. This is big in a number of ways. I have never been on a plane. I have never been to the USA/Mexico..heck I never been outa B.C. . This is the first family vacation we have been on since I was a baby(we went to victoria because my dad had a business meeting I think). I plan to get a better tan. To maybe go snorkelling though the thought of that is scary..I mean sharks are in those waters..and other dangerous creatures. Of course that is 9 days I don't have to think about work/school(though I might bring some along).
In other news..My store has changed from 24 to 5am-11pm..which is going to be bad because we sometimes went there for late night excursions.
I started guitar lessons today. Kris is the same as always.
I have figured out that my school this year is reading baking/cooking and math all my best areas except for the math part.
Mcqueen lake is next week. I am pretty excited.
I need new Pyjamas..
Pyjamas is a funny word.
I watched the kids choice awards last night. SO STUPID.

Here(In your arms)

The video is a little stupid but I didn't like the music video for this song and I wanted it mainly for the music anyway.

I like where we are,
When we drive, in your car
I like where we are.... Here

Cause our lips, can touch
And our cheeks, can brush
Our lips can touch... here

Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me
Whispers "Hello, I miss you quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be, but here in your arms

I like where you sleep,
When you sleep, next to me.
I like where you sleep... here

Our lips, can touch
And our cheeks, can brush
cause our lips can touch... here

Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me
Whispers "Hello, I miss you quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be, but here in your arms

Our lips, can touch
Our lips, can

Well you are the one the one that lies close to me
Whispers "Hello, I miss you quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms

You are the one the one that lies close to me
Whispers "hello I miss you, quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms

Here in your arms.
But here in your arms.

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