Monday, March 31, 2008


The situation at work seems to be getting better and better(that's sarcasm for those of you who could not detect it.)
I came in today to find that Kiet the baker is quitting. Yes that guy who can make me smile even on the worst days is leaving me.
And the guy who is replacing him for now is.....not my favorite person. Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And they have not given me my raise that was supposed to be 5 months ago.
And they keep putting me on till/dishes!!!!!!!!!!!

But I know I cannot quit until at least after the summer.
This makes it hard on me.


Type the letter into 'Tag people' and pick one of the names that comes up, then answer the questions.
[A] Alannah Post
[B] Behn Lefebvre
[C] Cade Lefebvre
[D] Dakoda Funk
[E]Elysha Cummings
[F] Ashley Fisher
[G] Andrew Geddert
[H] Heather Duchesne
[J] Jackie Lupick
[K] Kaley Wells
[L] Laura Bombeck
[M] Mark Wilson
[N] Nadine Baerg
[P] Paul Andrews
[R] Rebekah Hammond
[S]Samantha Dewitt
[T] Taran Waterous
[U] Ryan Unger[
V]Chelsea Vissia
[W] Walter Andrews

WHAT’S YOUR BEST MEMORY OF C: Playing game ever.
WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF R: Well I can't remember back that far but probably..That I wouldn't get along very well with her.
WHAT IS L’S FAVORITE THING TO DRINK?: ..ahem I don't really know her that well..
WOULD S AND G EVER DATE?: Hahhaha, Maybe just maybe
WHO IS Q’S BEST FRIEND?: Q is a friends
DO YOU HAVE T’S PHONE NUMBER?: It would be easy to get but I don't have it right now.
WHAT WAS THE MOST AWKWARD SITUATION YOU FOUND YOURSELF IN WITH N?: I don't think there has ever been any awkwardness.
WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CALLED K?: Ack I never have..better get on that
DESCRIBE E IN FOUR WORDS: Very Cool Looking Person
THE BEST THING ABOUT YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITH A IS...?: She is very funny. Makes me smile.
WHAT’S THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN D AND J?: Well I know of norelationship but come to think of it....:P
DOES U HAVE ANY SIBLINGS?:I think he has a sister
B’S FAVORITE COLOR IS..: ......................Clear? :)
HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN INTO A FIGHT WITH Y?: Yeah, I said I never wanted to see her again and now she dissapeared.
ARE G AND T FRIENDS?: Most definitely not.
WHAT IS K’S MIDDLE NAME?: Okay so I don't know my friends that don't have to rub it in my face!!!!!!!!!!!
WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW A MOVIE WITH R?: It's been so long..I don't know. Have I even ever?
WHEN’S THE NEXT TIME YOU’LL SEE F?: Probably never. Unless I go to Starbucks downtown Kelowna again.
HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN INTO TROUBLE WITH X?: We don't talk..if you get my meaning :P.
WHAT WOULD K AND T BE LIKE AS A COUPLE?: They would probably be very good together
BEST MEMORY WITH H?:..Lot's of raised eyes brows and laughing
HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN C?: 15 years 5 months
DO YOU LIVE CLOSE TO W?: He lives like 3 hours away.
WHAT IS Q’S FAVORITE FOOD?: She doesn't eat.
HOW DID YOU AND N MEET?: Church related activities
WHEN IS THE NEXT TIME YOU’LL SEE D?: Maybe Wednesday maybe not.
COULD YOU TRUST WITH YOUR LIFE?: Prilly them all..Behn most likely I guess..
MAKES YOU LAUGH THE MOST?: Heather..Nadine..Alannah

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh my gosh!
It's Thursday and I remembered.
It's actually quite funny because I was in the shower and I'm thinking it's Thursday has it really only been a week since I came back from camp..but I thought noo it must have been when I got on the computer I look at the calender and sure enough it's only been a week. And then I 'm like.....thursday..Thursday... THURSDAY!
So here I am.
Things I love Thursday
1.Hannah Montana
2.The perfect Chicken club
3.Medieval based books
6.Exfoliating Apricot scub
7.Soft towels
8.Mennonite Squish
9.Garage Sweatpants
10.Colbie Caillet

So as you may have guessed usually the lists are about things that have happened lately or things I have been thinking about.
there is no number to the list just go til you can go no longer.

(let's blow bubbles together)

You Should Date An Italian!

You love for old fashioned romance, with an old fashioned guy

An Italian guy is the perfect candidate to be your prince charming

If your head doesn't spin enough, just down another espresso with him

Invest in a motorcycle helmet - and some carb blocker for all that pasta!

Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?

I had this whole post of quiz results but then something happened and it wasn't working so I just left it.
Today was very lazy.
I read..all day. And I made cookies. While listening to Colbie Caillet.
There was actually this funny moment where I was dancing to the music and I look outside and since it was windy it looked like the willow trees were dancing with me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I really need to get back in the habit of doing school.

I slacked off today and did a photo shoot instead..

Who needs a black backdrop when they have black sheets..I knew there would be many purposes for those when I bought them.

We had to leave early because my mom had stuff to do in town so I was an hour early to work.
I walked over to Mcdonalds and spent *Gasp* 13.?? on food for myself. I felt gross even before starting to eat it.

My shift started horrible. It didn't get much better as time went on. And then at like 7:30 it felt like 9 and I should be leaving. I did get Cassandra to let me leave early though.

I came home and tried to watch 'Rent' but seriously 5 minutes in I was already bored. Needless to say I did not manage to get it finished.

And now..time to go to bed I guess.

Later Days

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ponderings of the week.

I usually give my bloggers a month.
And if they don't post in a month then they are off the list.
Of course it's quite annoying because usually around day 28 just when I am getting excited they post again.
But I guess that is a good thing.

You know so many times I think of quitting my job but usually I am just fooling myself. When I look at the reality of it I know I could never actually do it.
But, I don't know, lately I have really been weighing the pros and cons so we'll see.

I have decided I need to buy a really good camera, and an acoustic guitar.
All before I leave in the summer.

I have also decided mini eggs taste really good when you know you got them on sale.

Making coffee at home is way harder than making coffee at work. I still haven't gotten it figured out. If anybody can tell me how much coffee grounds to how much water I would greatly appreciate it.

I think too much.

Getting my life in order would probably be a good thing to do around now.

Things I love Thursday(I know I won't remember it. So I might as well do it now.)
1.Mini Eggs
3.Fresh Laundry
4.Using gift cards
5.Having an actual conversation on Msn
6.Singing(I have not done it for so long)
7.Orange Juice
8.....Sniffy Markers

Okay got to go.
Tomorrows another day at work so I am sure I will have something to blog about.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


March Issue:
I was actually looking for the boys like girls cd, but I came across this and it had been on my list so I got it.

Sara Bareilles - Little voice
So if you expected all the songs to be like 'Love song' you guessed wrong.
It is a change of scenery for me but I'm guessing that I will start liking it after listening to it a couple times.
I was thinking. Like seriously thinking. About this for like a long time.
The best place to meet a guy would be working at bible camp.
1. You know the guys a christian.
And he see's you all the time. So not just when you are all perfect with your makeup and hair just right but also when you have a the worst day ever and you look like crap.
He see's how you treat people, what time of day is your best.
That is my theory.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Monday early morning:
I kept waking up every hour just like I do on christmas morning and I almost got out of bed at 5:00 but I decided I needed to get as much rest as possible.
Then around 7 other people started waking up.
I did a little 'irish' dancing for them, that got them laughing.

Breakfast was..interesting. The cook was getting used to the grill so the pancakes I got could not be cut by a knife they were so hard. But the bacon was good. I had like 6 pieces.

After that we practiced our skits. All the leaders were in a skit group to do a skit for morning chapel. Me and Cade in one together with three other people and we did David and Goliath but set in a school. Twas funny. Most of us dressed up like nerds with our pants pulled up as high as they could go.

Then we moved all our stuff into the cabins we would be in.
I was put with a girl named Chelsea. We were a little nervous because neither of us had done this before but we bonded really well so that was good.

When the girls came it was kind of confusing because they just brought their stuff in and left and we had no idea who was who. And we were basically standing there doing nothing.

Then we went to chapel to watch the rules video.
Word of advice never be in a rules video. We made one this summer doing different tv show themes for the rules. I was in the..I don't remember what it's called. Long story short. They tied me up ducktaped my mouth and put 'clean' boxers on my head.

So they all laughed at me again. I am pretty sure I am going to destroy it so they can never watch it again.

I can't remember anything special about the rest of the day except like around 7 I realized that I was drained of energy and the first day hadn't even ended.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring break camp.

Well, we got off to a late start because Cade was working on his car, nothing necessary, and then when we finally left we had to turn back after 20 minutes because we had forgotten vital things.
So topping it off we were almost to Kelowna when yes we got pulled over by a women police and she gave us a ticket for speeding. Cade has a very good excuse so ask him about that.
Of course bad luck comes in threes.
Well I wouldn't really call this one bad luck.
We needed to phone somebody to tell them we were going to be late and all that we had was 'Marks' cell number. I phone it. its actually his moms.
And just when she is going to give me his number the connection dies. I don't know if it was my side or hers. But I phoned back immediately and she didn't pick up.

When we finally got to camp we went tot he dining hall and no joke Rob had just dialed our number to see if we were coming. He thought it would be rude to hang up so he talked to my mom for a couple minutes.
We helped set up the trampolines and swepted and raked after that. There was a bunch of new people so I went into my quiet shy self and wasn't really talking.

But as the night wore on I started getting to know the girls and I had fun.
Later we split into groups and were supposed to go over the devotion notes to see ifwe could add anything. My group didn't have very good concordances in our bibles so we couldnt really find any good verses. But we had a lot of fun laughing.

Then I played some piano while all the other girls were in the cabin.

And that basically ended the night.

To be continued....

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am too depressed to post because I have no friends.
The reason I know I have no friends is because a friend would COMMENT ON MY BLOG!

p.p.s. 21 hours til I leave.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Okay wierdest dream ever.
I was at work. But work was at church. So the soup and sandwich station was the sound booth.
And the drive thru window was the door to outside by the kitchen.
So these people were going through drivethru and they wanted chili so while I was talking I went over to the soundbooth to get it. And Aryck was there. I didn't even ask why I was just getting the chili..and then another worker came in and took over the speaking part. They wanted a chicken club...but they said something funny like they wanted it on diced wheat ...or something I can't remember.
So all of the sudden the people who were in drivethru are coming in the door and they know aryck. there's like 3 boys and a mom. So two of the older guys are hanging around the sound booth. And they start talking to Aryck and they're like what are you going to do after school?
Are you going to go to Afghanistan? And kid you not he says "I don't know it depends on if Cassie wants me too." ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh. So I was like eww there is no way Cassie likes you. And I think we started yelling at each other and then I started running. And he grabbed a ladle of boiling hot chili..and started chasing me. Well people Aryck chasing me is scary enough..and with boiling hot chili?AGH so I was running toward the door to lead back to the sunday school rooms and I pass my mom..and another mom. But they don't do anything. And finally he catches up to me. And I think he pours the chili on me. I don't remember but all I do remember is that after I am in the kitchen and i'm saying to myself 'this burn won't hurt because I already had a child.' Or something..
So people. tell me what this all means. To my knowledge I do not have a child.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So this is my 200th post.
It should be awesome but the only reason I am posting is because I noticed I was on 199 so it won't be awesome.
I don't really have anything to say.

Boy I am lame.

Total Opposites

So I worked yesterday and Monday.
Monday was..terrible. I wasn't in the mood to talk so..I didn't. It was kinda disappointing since just that morning I had promised myself to be happy this week.

So I was scared that yesterday was going to be a repeat of Monday but thankfully it wasn't. I had a lot of fun.
It tarted with Corey(who had been working with me the previous day..and no he isn't the Corey you know Jill) telling me effing cheer up(of course he didn't say effing if you get what I mean)
And surprisingly I did. I was laughing the whole night.

So that has put me in a good mood.
I rented movies on Monday night. I watched 'Casino Royale' and I have to admit for an older guy Daniel Craig is quite a looker.

And yesterday I watched a movie called 'If only' with Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was good. It made me cry.

I seem to have fallen into a pattern for school. I do the next days school the night before but since I am up so late I just sleep the next morning. So it isn't really benifiting me in any way.

I have a plan for spring break..I get Cade to come with me..and we'll insure the car to drive down so I don't have to think about buses such. But they might not need him so I am waiting for a reply about that.

I made coffe for myself today it was an experiment since I didn't know how much coffee grinds you are supposed to put in. It turned out okay. But we don't have any cream so it didn't taste like my usual double/double. And since you can't just have coffee I made a huge batch of butter tarts to go with it.

MMMMMmmm I tried the new cinnamon melt from Mcdonalds yesterday and it is soooooooooooooooooooo good.
I wish I worked at mcdonalds so I could have them every time I worked.

Monday, March 10, 2008


So I finally got an email back from camp.
They said the application is all checked out and fine *sigh of relief*,
and they asked if I wanted to be a Jr. Staff for spring break.
Hahahahaha they seem to have temporarily forgotten that Hannah is not sane enough to take on that much responibility.
Hmm, I will think about this today and email them back tonight.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A mystery..

Three women enter a hotel, and they each pay $10 to rent a hotel room with three beds, which costs $30. They give the money to the clerk at the front desk, and they take their luggage to room 613.
Later, the clerk realizes that he overcharged them. The room should have cost only $25. The clerk, being the nice guy that he is, gives the bell-boy five $1 bills to give back to the women. The bellboy brings the money to room 613. The women, being the nice women that they are, each take $1 and let the bellboy keep.the extra $2.
Each women originally paid $10, and they each accepted $1 from the bellboy. That means that each women actually paid $9. If three women paid $9 each, that means that together that paid $27 for the room. If the bellboy kept $2, that makes the total $29. But the women originally paid $30 total

What happened to th4 missing dollar?

Church talk.

Sometimes I will fill up my schedule so I am too busy to think.
It works for a while but when there is a slight pause all my thoughts come at full force and I am overwhelmed.

For once I was in the for the sermon and surprise surprise I actually got something out of it.
Well, lately I have been thinking about how the people I work with are not very wholesome people and usually I hear swearing going on all around me and stories about them getting drunk and high and such and I was wondering if working there is the smartest thing, that maybe I should work someplace like tabs.

But Pastor Dan said how sometimes the best thing is too not even try to evangilize or anything to just be a good example and people will be inspired by that. I am pretty sure that's what he said :P. It did calm some things that have been going around in my mind.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My first big concert.

Things can never be as good as you expected them to be.
But it would have been nice if there had been a contest to sing a song with Avril and I had won it.
I am sort of joking. My actual self is not as courageous as my fantasy world self and if I had won the supposed contest I probably would have declined.

I got there quite a while early so I filled my time by watching all the little girls in bright pink go by, and texting the young adults coming home from Abbotsford.
Boy Like Girls was just a typical boy band. Maybe they are better on the CD but all I saw and heard was just like any other band out there. I think I might get their CD for this month CDOTM though, just to have it.

I did not jump around and dance.

I was sorely disappointed that Avril had dancers. She is becoming like all the other pop singers, but the good thing was she did alot of songs from the older albums.
She showed us her many talents by playing electric guitar,acoustic guitar, piano and drums.(No not at the same time.But that would have been cool)

So, overall it was good.
But kind of awkward going by myself.

Meat Department

I feel bad sometimes when I keep nagging other people to blog and yet I ignore my own, but it is so easy to just not do it.

For this post I am going to relate as it truly happened, not emphasizing on the bad things.
Today I woke up at 7:44. Not purposely. Without an alarm clock. For me this is a big thing. Usually I am so tired in the morning that I am basically sleeping at 9:30 when my mom is reading to us. I had gotten most of my school done last night so I had a shower did the remaining school and was done by 9:00.

We went to the Southshore foodbank. It was good but not as fun as the northshore one.
Then I left early with my mom so I could pick up my check from work. Here's the thing though, before we left I decided I wouldn't bring a purse so I just carried my cellphone and stuck a $2o in my sock just in case(you don't have to remind me that I am wierd, I remind myself.). So after we picked up my check I realized I couldn't bring it to the bank cause I didn't have my card. That was sort of a disapointment. I like it when I can just get it over with.

We went to Behn's house then and switched vehicles with him..the young adults were going down to Abbotsford and they wanted to save money by taking one van instead of two cars.
Oh and coopers too. Funny story. While my mom was shopping at coopers I wasjust wandering the aisles when I saw they had a contest over in meat section to win a blazers jersey with all the autographs on it. I am not one for hockey memorobilia but hey if it's free I'll take it.

So I was walking around the island thing of meats in the middle(I am doing a horrible job of explaining this.) and I almost crashed into a worker lady. I stepped back and kind of stared at her for a while then I was like 'I thought you were a cardboard cutout.'

You know it should have been embarassing but I wasn't. And then I just kept walking and went to fill out the form.

We went home. And I wanted to bike ride to the store to rent a movie for the evening since I wasn't doing anything. So I bribed Sean into doing it by promising him candy. It was fairly easy on the way there. But on the way back since my legs were so tired it was killer. We stopped many atime.
One bike ride to the store and back=Approx. 45 minutes

Finally we reached our destination and I passed out on the chair.
Next thing I know my mom was waking me up. Someone was on the phone. I must have been severely drained because usually I wake up to the phone ringing. It was Ken. I agreed to work 4-9. I hope that when they are cutting back on staff they will remember that I said yes every time they asked me to work even though more than half the time I had plans already(I am talking about the cutting back part figurativly of that the word I want to be using?)

It was one of the more..challenging days of work. Not for angry customers or anything but..trying to make it through a shift without crying challenging. Chores were easy. Kim doesn't seem to understand that even though the stocking chart and stocking fridges are really hard jobs. Hannah can complete both in less than halfher shift and she needs more. But it's sort of nice because then I do chores that aren't mine and she thanks me profusely.

Erin always sings her happy song when she knows she's working with me because apparently when I work things actually get done. Which is not true. I like to slack off. And most of the other people work just as hard as I do.

One thing that made me mad was that I was filling in for Corey who had 'gotten sick' but as soon as I start my shift Taran and Amanda tell me that he is over in A&W hanging with a friend. I almost told Ken because he would be really mad and would be a scary way but I was good and decided I didn't want Corey to hate me for forever.

And I injured myself. Let's just say there is a big chunk of finger that is not on me anymore. Okay that is a little drastic. It's not that big....littlebig. And it hurts and it was 'gushing' blood when it first happened.

After Cade picked me up we went to Behn's which I wasn't in the mood for but I didn't really have a choice. Watched a movie, came home watched another movie and now I am caught up to date


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I started the day out with filling out my application for camp. Determined to get it done I 'slaved' away for hours, in the end basically getting my mom to write it. Hey, I wanted them to hire me right? I am not the best writer(far from it.) so I knew that anyway I wrote it it wasn't going to turn out desirable, and everything she said was true to if Trev or Rob is reading this I just want you to know the whole this is true.

After that I had a lengthy phone conversation with mah pal discussing such things as Avril concerts and bacon..don't ask :). Of course I was supposed to be doing school but really who wants to do school when they are sick.

While on the phone I discovered that I better hurry up or I would be late for my guitar lesson.
Got ready, went to the library, and then drove up to Long & Mcquade. I am always early for my lesson and I never bring a book so it's just me and blonde haired middle aged women who takes singing lessons from Jesse. One time she talked to me. I had nightmares for days.

The lesson when as my lessons usually go. Nuff said. We went to Tim Hortons for me to check my shifts for next week. Oh my gosh I had none. Again. So I went up to Krystin and I said "Look if you are going to fire me just get it over and don't make me wait so long." Then she apoligized and said that she had been so high on T3's that she had forgotten to put me on the schedule, and I was actually supposed to work Monday and Tuesday*Big sigh of relief*(I didn't think I was actually going to get fired. And she had T3's because she got her wisdom teeth out.)

On Sunday when I was renting my movie I put my Debit card in my pocket and forgot about it.
Later that night I pulled it out and it was bent. I tested it today and it still worked but I didn't want a bent card so I went to the bank and got a new one. I don't really like it. It's a darker green and it doesn't have my name on it but oh well.

Then, while my mother was getting a haircut I got the groceries. It took me a while, which is strange seeing as how last time it was a breeze. But while I was shopping I came across a sale on my most favorite food item. FRUIT GUSHERS FOR ONLY 1.75 or something like that. A very good deal because they are usually 4 something..I think..or 3 something. Anyway, I bought 4 boxes :).

And that was the end of my eventful day.

P.S. Just for fun I ran spell check and everything was perfect.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


so today was I guess better than yesterday. So far.

Went to church. I had forgotten to put my contacts in so I could hardly see. And I was in Nursey.Wow, I hate little kids..jk :P.

After church I said goodbye to Matthew(sniff). And the youth groupish people went on a hike.
Which the first part of was intense but it got easier.

After Kelsey dropped me off at home but the door was locked, fortunately she was still there and I asked her to drop me off at the store and then I would walk home. But she wouldn't let me I don't know why and now I basically don't have a ride home. Hmm I will figure this one out later.

But today was one of my 'quiet' days. Most of the day I didn't talk.

My cold was okay this morning but it's back in full force now.

Let's think of the joys shall we?

1.My ears are plugged so I can't hear the dreadful noise they are pounding out on rockband
2.I don't really have to do school tomorrow since my mom is gone and she hasn''t arranged my term.
3.I had gummy candy and grapefruit juice and dorito type chips.(my personal pickup food)
4.I rented martian child so when I get home I can watch it.
5.I am wearing some extremely comfortable pants.
It's actually quite wierd.
When I go to bed 'early' I sleep in really late but when I go to bed really late I wake up at eight(not meant to rhyme).
I am sick. Just normal sick. Sneezing and burning up and headaches and all that loverly stuff.

Do you have those times when you're in a mood and then some little thing happens, and usually that thing wouldn't bother you but since you are in a mood it does and you go off in a rampage?

Or maybe it's just all the bad stuff is coming at me at once and I am not strong enough to fight. I don't know.

I'm cold and I'm sick and I'm using the crappy keyboard downstairs. And Matthew is leaving tomorrow, and I just watched a sad movie and I just heard about something that really ticked me off.

This wasn't supposed to be a ranting post.

I just need really Starbucks and a girly movie and Spaghetti and camp..and all the thingsI have written on my love lists.
and sleep.
Maybe tomorrow will turn out better than today.

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