Monday, September 1, 2014

The summer update.

It's funny, really, how much I don't like writing.
I love my head.
I can honestly say that I compose blog posts in my head at least twice a week, sometimes even once a day. But as you can see, they never make it to the page.

I always have every intention.


This summer has been really great. I have to say that is has been the first summer that I really enjoyed fully, and made things happen to create a memory for all time.

Things that pop out in my head are

1. Wakeboarding for the first time. Actually the whole weekend that I was out at the cabin when I had my first wakeboarding experience was a delight.

2. Going to Kamloops for a very exciting adventure of staying in the hotel that I helped build, with some of the loveliest ladies I know.

3. Road tripping down to Bellingham, WA to have a reunion with almost all of the students from my bible school trip in Greece 2012.

4. And lastly, this past week, which was a mixture of enjoying the Shuswap with my family, and camping this long weekend with my boyfriend's family.

In just over a week, it will be the 1 year anniversary of moving to Kelowna. I mention it now, since with my track record, it will have come and gone by the next time I'm back on here.

My first reaction whenever people ask me how Kelowna life is, is always wishy washy. I haven't really made my mind up about it. The biggest challenge is not having friends and family to hang out with. The place in general is quite likeable, although I haven't explored it's full potential yet. I'm really enjoying the new place that I've been in for 3 months now.  My job is becoming easier and more enjoyable as the days pass. I no longer finish work one day, just to go home and stress out about having to go back the next day (it really happened, folks). For the years leading up to this move, I always dreamed about moving away from home just for the adventure of it, so I'm trying to keep on keeping on through this, because I don't want to be that person who always goes back to the normal and comfortable because everything always seemed too hard.

My goals for this fall are to find ways to better settle in, to find routine, and to branch out all at the same time.
Not that I can tell you what all of that means yet.
Maybe volunterering, maybe taking a class.
If you have suggestions, they would be most appreciated.

There, I'm going to stop myself here before I get burnt out and start typing fluff.
Maybe if I keep my posts simple and don't force them, they will come around with more frequency?

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