Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yet another music post. I'm sorry :).

This song.
Oh my.
Gets me so..emotional. For lack of a better word.

Every time I hear it I just want to..cry..or dance..or something.
I love it.

Thanks for introducing it to me, babe.

Oh, and before you go hating on all my top picks from One Tree Hill I'll show you the latest.
:) It's pretty much your favorite band.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Boys are my life.

Haha, hooked you with that title didn't I?
Or are you just nodding and thinking how true that is..

But I actually am going to go deeper.
So. I hung out with my older brothers at their house today.
I had the MOST amazing time ever.

I was pretty much laughing the entire time.

Then tonight I drove one of my brothers home(a different brother).
And, let's just say it wasn't very pleasant.
I was close to crying at the end.

It just reminded me that I love my brothers so much and care so much about what they think or feel, that one word, good or bad, can make or break my day.

And since I was on this serious rant anyway I started thinking about the male gender in general.
Some people don't understand why most of my friends are guys or why I would rather just hang with a group of guys and how I could be comfortable with that.

But I think it's because of growing up with just brothers.
I usually treat all my guy friends like brothers. So what may appear as flirting to some people is just me being friendly and thinking that a brother would never take that the wrong way. ew Gross :).
I just find it way easier to open up to guys.
Not saying I totally diss girls. I love 'em. And I have plenty of girls that I like to hang out with too.

So yeah. In my mind this was a lot longer. Having to write everything down makes it sound dumber so I changed a lot of it.

Anyway. Now that we are past the awkward serious stuff.

If you can remember from last Sunday I went to Wendy's and wanted the Taco salad?
Well, today Me, Matt and Behn were sitting in the living room watching a show on like TLC or SLICE or some channel(Behn's choice, don't ask me. and that was even better than the chef at home he had going when I got there. What boy watched food network?) when I mentioned that I was going to go to Wendy's and get a taco salad. Should NOT have done that. For the next hour every five minutes one of them would yell out "Bring me Taco salad!" Or incorporate 'Taco Salad' anywhere in any conversation. So finally I caved and drove over and got three taco salads. plus a baconator for Behn and fries for me which I am just now realizing I didn't even touch. Dang it.

Anyways. I had a lot of food to carry out to the car. The employees were laughing at me and one offered to help me out to the car. I later realized that was the signal(that was for HIMYM fans).
But no, I'm stubborn and didn't think I would spill coca-cola all over my nice new seat cover. Lucky for me, I didn't. HAH. Take that, world. *Hm, I guess now would be the time to warn you that I might be hyped up on caffiene from the bajillion cups of earl grey I had at work today. Seriously. At least 6 large cups. It was a terrible idea. Every ten seconds vibrations are going through my feet and I don't know why. ANYWAYYSS*

I brought our salads home and we tried to figure them out.
There was salad and chips and sour cream and chili and dressing and knives *pause* I did just say it k-nives in my head to remind myself how to spell it*unpause* and spoons and forks.

It was so confusing. We didn't know if there was a certain order you were supposed to do things in..and apparantly there was since I put my dressing on top of chili and it was so good. But Matthew put his underneath the chili and didn't like it at all. :D.

But anyway. Attempting to make this long story short. Yes it was good. I would eat it again..except..the chili. mmmm well. We made up crazy stories about the chili to the point where I did almost throw up. No joke. but anyway.

All the while we were eating we watched house shows. Like redecorating and buying and stuff. And then..since we wanted to prove we could be weirder we listened to this and Behn sung along.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One of my friends from work is in love with a show called 'One Tree Hill'.
Since she is always going on about it I decided to give it a chance.
It's not really my type..but the best thing I like about it is the soundtrack. Lots of good songs.



The first one is kind of weird. But the second one is just soft and nice. She is one of the main characters in the show.


I though this was cute.
I was facebook stalking..and I might have been going through a profile of somebody I've never met before. But I've seen this person lots. And I know some of his/her friends/relatives so it's okay right?
Anyway. I saw this..and my heart just went 'aahhhhhhhhhh'.
This person is so weird and creative..and that's only from looking at his/her profile

Interests: You. Yes you reading my interests column right now. I want to learn everything about you. I want to know your heart and soul, middle name and favorite colour. I want to know your preferred flavour of jolly rancher, Beatle's song and if you do Sudoku or Crossword. Do you like your pepsi twisted or vanilla'd and have you ever passed 35 stories on a jenga tower? Legos or Megablocks? And please don't say megablocks. I want to know which letter you'd nix from the alphabit and if you've ever considered dating a guy with a fro-stache. And finally apple or orange and how you take your eggs in the morning?

Is this copy right infringement?
Hope not.
I dont' claim to have written it. I just thought it was really adorable.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today was such a good day. Although it's not over..but I wanted to proclaim my love now just in case something terrible happens and I don't feel like blogging about happiness anymore.

So. I started work at six today. Haha, how can I be happy about that?
1. That means I get off earlier.
2. I get to spend time with mah friend Jason.
3.The day goes by quicker(proven fact).
4.Not as much traffic going in so I can go all the way up to Oreole road.

I saw my brother #1 and I threw "Snowballs" at him.
Then a friend came in to see me. AHHHHHHHHh I couldn't stop smiling after that.
And then brother #2 came in..and I asked him to go cut a key for me and he did. And that made me even happier.

And then I came home and I've been cleaning *my* car since. And now it looks clean and good-looking. And I personalized it and put in sweet *emergency stuff*(okay technically not emergency..but it's nice to have things like extra gum and hair elastics just in case).

And I can't wait for tomorrow cause I'm going to buy seat covers and they will be awesome.

Now for the best happy news of all.

So today...I came home. and no one was home so I listened to the answering machine..and I noticed something funny about the machine so I investigated and figured out that my mother got us caller ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This is big news. I heart caller id. Cause..I don't pick up the phone. But now that I know who is calling I will be more likely to pick it up. and it's just awesome.

But funny story on how we got it.
My mother got a call from the telus guy. And he said something along the lines of "I see you've been making lot's of long distance calls, would you like to get a better plan so it's cheaper?" .and my mother did. And the plan included caller id.
and the only reason that we have had more long distance calling is because I have been phoning Josh at camp. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo I have Josh to thank for finally getting my life long dream(no joke.)

Today has been better than Christmas, my Birthday and Halloween combined.

Although, seeing as I don't really like christmas and my birthday is halloween...that doesn't make this day seem that great.
Let's try again.

Today has been better than 'Dancing in the rain to a Taylor Swift soundtrack with my fishy umbrella and those sweet polka dot rainboots I saw at value village two weeks ago'.
Yeah, that good.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're going down swingin'.

We went to Wendy's today.
I really wanted to get the taco salad thing but I changed my mind when I heard my dad order it. That would be awkward if we got the same thing :).

P.s. I did not like my potato at all.

As we were leaving I saw these forms for "The Birthday Club". I grabbed one, I was really excited. I really wanted to be special and receive free things on my birthday.
My heart was crushed when I went to fill out the form and saw that it was for kids ages 10 and under.
Apparently they don't accept kids at heart.

In other news,
I got my hair cut on Friday.

This is pretty monumental seeing as I usually only get a haircut every..two years.
I just really wanted some layers, my hair before was pretty straightforward and boring and when I had it down it would be poofy and thick. So I layered it a big to help flatten.
P.s. the only reason it looks huge and poofy in the picture is because it's still wet.

She chopped off an inch at the bottom though. I cringed a little. My hair grows extremely slow and I have been trying to get long hair for a long time.

I played bass at church today. It was pretty awesome. I had alot of fun.
It was the first time I have ever played bass in front of people. I kept freaking out and thinking I was playing the wrong notes. Only 1/50th of the time I actually was playing the wrong notes :).
Definitely something I would like to do again.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hannah had a pretty bad night..

Wow, last night.

I had like five different dreams.
And I woke up like 10 times.

But funniest of all.

I had to dreams, in which I worked at Starbucks.
So I kept waking up during these dreams and feeling the need to clean my room cause nobody would want to come into a Starbucks if it was dirty.

And I actually did end up cleaning my room a bit during one. But then I realized what I was doing and crawled back into bed.

I used to do this sort of thing when I first started working at Tim Hortons.
Maybe my brain is telling me I should switch jobs?

I'm just really glad this happened on the day I had more time to sleep than usual.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do you know what makes me happy?

Spinach Dip.

Working at Tim Hortons.


Nice guys that come through Drive-Thru.



Lucky charms.


Relationship Advice Counselors.

Satisfied feelings.

Peanut butter cookies.


Veal Stew. Okay. I might have just lied there :).

Making other people happy.

Having fun conversations with total strangers.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another way my coworkers are good to me.

When I get a stupidly bad drink from VV#2 all I have to do is bring it over to my store to get it fixed. And then they make it extra special just to make me happy.

And when I'm in the back of the store. And I realize something amazing. All I have to do is smile and put my arms out and my manager comes, picks me up and swings me around.

The sad part is I can't remember what made me so happy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hannah likes this.

If you don't get it..then you are probably over the age of 30. Or just ignorant.

Monday, March 1, 2010


One of our regulars(XL Refill Steeped Tea 3 Sugar 2 Cream Microwaved for 45 seconds but actually only 30 because we have decided 45 is too long) gave Me, Julie and Rylee strawberries on Saturday.

They were good.

They were little summer sensations in our mouths.

Just one of the ways that work makes me happy.

Okay. Forget the diet.

I'll still keep at the no Starbucks thing. I just don't want to worry about too much right now. It's overload. So, I'll save the 40 day plan for another month..or year.

p.s. I love my job. More than that, I love the people I work with. They got me through the day. And I had fun.

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