Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day #7 and #8

Yesterday(Saturday) was a really..weird day.
I spent the day of it hanging with my two favoritest people. We did lots of important things like make cookies, color with crayons and drink TONS of tea.
We also did one extra important thing..but I'm not ready to blog about that.

Later in the day people started arriving..and was just a casual little party thing with games, wii and food. It was good. Have to admit that the cinnamon buns were the best. Either that or me spitting 'blood' all over the table.

I didn't get to bed until 3. Pretty crazy.

This morning was great. We didn't have to be at church until the service started at 10:30. I don't think that has ever happened before. :).
Oh also. To get myself through the day we went to Timmies first for caffiene. On the way over I decided on my order and added up the previously memorized prices so by the time I got to the start of the drive thru I already had my perfect change ready. It made me happy. ..Yeah..I know I'm strange.

After church I picked up Noah from Grama's where he had been so we didn't have to worry about him while we had friends over the night before.
Drove home. Had lunch.
Did some stuff (Like dying my again AGAIN!). And the went back into town to see a movie I've been dying to watch for a while.
Didn't get to see it with the person I wanted to see it with..but. There is not much I could do about that.
Sat in rain for awhile..had some dinner. And then went to the worship night at Calvary Community Church. It was pretty great. But I was really tired.

Now I'm here typing away when I should be sleeping..sheesh. Okay here I go.
More work tomorrow. Yay.
But Lasagna for supper. Looking forward to that amazingness.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day #5 and #6

Thursday and Friday I worked so by the time I got home after working and doing errands I was in no mood to clean.
Which is when I started to realize that my mother is right.
If you are not constantly cleaning up after everybody the house can go back to looking like it did in the first a matter of minutes.
So I just didn't really worry about it for a while. Until Friday night. I was home the whole evening anyway so I tidied everything back up. And did the semi huge pile of dishes that had been stacking up.

Me and Noah went out around 8 to get gas and slurpees and pick Alex up from Hockey.
There was an accident on the drive down. A car was completely flipped over. It looked really bad.
Hopefully everyone is okay.

But that pretty much somes up those two days.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day #4

This day.
I have been going nonstop since 10 this morning.

It feels good to have so much accomplished but still.
By the last hour of running around town I was counting down the minutes.
But while I was in a store the kids were listening to the radio and asked me if we could go watch the torch relay since it was pretty much right there.

They said it was my fault that they wanted to see it since I had asked them yesterday if they wanted to go. Blah.
We parked quite a bit away and walked up the the street. And realized that I had forgotten my camera which I knew was not a smart idea since this is such a historic event. So I ran back. Which is when I figured out that I am not in shape AT ALL.

Anyways. We saw the torch. Yay. We have flags and tamborines and pictures so we can remember this day forever.

Now I'm going to watch a movie until I fall asleep and not worry about any cleaning.
I feel like such a rebel.

P.s. This morning since we had a little extra time I got the mail before we left.
There was an invitation for me in there. For the wedding of two really good friends from camp.
It made me really excited. I was freaking out the entire trip in. You can ask Sean.
And then every time I caught a glimpse of it during the day I would smile.

Day #3

What a lazy day.
Woke up around 8 and did a couple things.
But then Noah's piano teacher came so I escaped downstairs to watch tv.
I was cleaning while watching though.

After lunch I went for a nap. Kind of slept through the 20 minute alarm and finally woke up almost 2 hours later.

Did some laundry then. And vacuuming.
Made supper and cleaned my room, and then did some organizing.

Went back to the tv after that and Me, Sean and Noah watch 'Wheel of Fortune', 'Jeopardy' and 'American Idol' together. Lot's of fun. Every commercial break we would run around cleaning and race back to watch again.

My last show got interrupted by a semi unexpected visitor.
But he brought me flowers so I didn't get mad at him.

I do love flowers.
The rest of the night mostly consisted of planning out the next day and ironing :).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day #2

Haha, It would appear that I'm not that great at making food for only three people.
There was SOO much left.

But today was pretty good over all.
I woke up relatively early.
Yes, it was an hour after my alarm went off but still.

During the morning I cleaned the mudroom(the back door where we put all our shoes).
And the van.
That's all I had time for.

We went to Starbucks first. I'm sorry that I have an addiction.
Picked up Isaac and went up to the skating rink.
I felt so official walking in there with my coffee and blanket and helping 'my' child put on his skates. :).

Even more official was grocery shopping after. Although, I couldn't find a couple things so I had to ask an employee. How embarrassing, Haha.

I even got gas on the way home.

And the mail.

At home it has been constant cleaning since then. Kitchen cupboards. Inside and out.
The Foyer. Walls. Floors(I heart nail polish remover.).
I made supper in there somewhere. And helped Noah with piano theory.
Basically I have just been carrying a cloth with me everywhere and I can always find something that needs to be dusted or washed.

Tomorrow I tackle downstairs and vacuuming. Oh, and laundry. And I guess cleaning my own bedroom is a good idea :).

Today I learned:
1. Makeup is not always a must. I chose sweeping over painting my face today.
2. Naps are a really good idea. By six I was so tired and just wanted to sleep then. Definitely fitting in a nap time tomorrow.
3. Google is my friend. Simply type in a question such as "How do I get black marks off the floor?" and millions of answers pop up. Which is where my love for nail polish remover came from.

Well, I'm off to bed.
Tomorrow I get to stay home all day but the piano teacher is coming in the morning, Hence the helping Noah do piano theory at ten at night :).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day #1

It wasn't even a full day and already alot has happened.

Ahem. For those of you who haven't been informed, or just have forgotten cause it's not of that much importance to you: My Mother and Father have officially left for Mexico. Leaving 4 children here unattended for a week and two days.

Short recap(it's been a long day and I actually have to wake up early tomorrow.):
Two minutes after saying goodbye to the parents Noah starts crying.
All the way home.
Getting out the van at home I assured him that he was strong and he was going to be fine.
He replied that he was not strong and he wanted mom and left to do some more crying in his room.
Came out a while later.
Tried talking to him again and during that he informed me that "I don't thing I will survive."
It was so sad but very cute.
We watched a movie to keep his mind off them being gone. I fell asleep during it. I felt very old.

Cleaned fridges after that. Haha, I banished all of Mom's Keifer to the extra fridge. I was almost going to get rid of it all when I noticed 'Don't Throw' on every container. Clever, mom.

Went out to C&C. Came home to Noah in bed like I asked him.
But 5 minutes later started having another crying fit.
I'm really hoping this doesn't go on for the entire week.
Can't say I'm the best at comforting 9 year olds.

Sean has been normal through all this. And even if there was a funny story he might happen upon this blog and get mad at me for telling the world. So I'll just stick to the cute Noah stories.

Tomorrow is skating, groceries and a whole bunch of cleaning. Yay. No sarcasm,I am actually very excited.


I missed my BIRTHDAY!
Well, My blogs birthday that is.

It has been three whole years.
Quite proud of myself.
Especially since I started with blogger back then just as an experiment.

Looking back on this last year it seems that 2009 wasn't the best blogging year.
Having a whole 83 less posts than the year before.
But my excuse is that as I'm getting older my writing is improving and I am starting to realize that there is some things that you just don't have to blog about.

It can only get better from here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

1. Sweet dreams.
2.Nachos dipped in sour cream.
3.Getting things accomplished.
4.Catching up.
5.Waking up to see I have unread texts.
6.Trying to set up a bedframe at 11 o' clock at night. Getting it almost finished and then realizing we did something wrong so we have to go back to square one.
7.Changing things up.
8.Playing hockey.
9.Waking up only to find out you can sleep for another two hours before your alarm goes off.
10.Being myself.
11.Being a mom. Haha.
On that note. This morning I was really worried cause Everett wasn't swimming very much and was just chilling at the bottom of the bowl..I feared the worst. But later on in the day he went back to being his usual happy self.
And then after supper he was doing the cutest thing.
I put some food flakes in and he actually ATE them! I was so happy..but then two seconds later he spit them out. And they floated down to the bottom..I put some more in..the same thing happened. He eats them and then couple seconds later spits them out. Maybe I should be worried. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Case Closed.

I love new things.

Like, thermometers, name tags and bottles at work.

Sweet songs to do for worship.

A frame for my bed that raises the boxspring off the ground and now I am so high off the floor. It's crazy.

Unread notes for me.
I had to work at 6 this morning. I didn't get to bed until 11:30ish and then I couldn't sleep for over an hour cause I was stressing over stuff.
Then I kept waking up during the night cause my brain knew that I would probably sleep through my alarm.
I didn't get much sleep at all.
The two expresso shots I had didn't really help at all.
:(. why does caffiene never work when I want it too?
My Everett is still alive. I consider it to be a miracle.

Robert Pattinson should stick to Twilight.
I started another movie of his tonight and after 5 minutes decided that it wasn't worth me staying up really late to watch it. So I might finish tomorrow. I might not..we'll see.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a boy!

I would like to introduce to you my new little baby boy, Everett Manning Lefebvre.
To be honest, I have no idea what gender the fish is but I would like to pretend it is a boy :).

I have been wanting a blackmoor goldfish FOREVER. And finally last Thursday I got one.
Got set up in his new little home. But..he wouldn't eat. And still won't eat so I did some researching.
I'm doing all the right stuff except..A Black Moor Goldfish is supposed to live in a 10 gallon tank.
Well, I don't have one. And don't have the space and I'm not going to go out there and buy one just for one $5 fish that might only live for another two days since he is not eating.
So, as bad as this sounds if he lives he lives and if he dies..I'll go buy a fish that can live in a smaller tank.
But I really love this guy already. I talk to him and everything.

I felt guilty.

Who am I to judge a cupcake by it's color?
After posting about the other two and then feeling bad for leaving Miss Red Velvet in the dark I went the next day and purchased her to relieve my conscience.

Who am I to discriminate just cause she is named after Fabric and is a shade of red that I do not think is healthy for my stomach.
I was willing to give her a chance. A chance to live up to the others.
Epic fail.
She doesn't taste good at all.
And her icing was all smooshed and not very good looking.
I think next time I will trust my instincts and not go and buy the 3 dollar cupcake just because somebody said it tastes really good.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I *heart* Starbucks Cupcakes!

They are so pretty. And I buy them just to have photoshoots. The plus is they taste amazing too.
There is one more in the set but I'm not a fan of red velvet so I haven't gotten it. Even though it looks BEAUTIFUL!
One thing they could change is the amount of icing. There is WAY too much.

The song I will interpretive dance in the meadows to.

I didn’t enjoy the movie much
and I know I will get a complaint about that from Rebekah :).
But I did like the soundtrack.
500 Days Of Summer.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nothing but sunshine..and cheesecake.

So, I have this friend. Who ditched me. So when you think about it he's not really a friend at all :).
He is pretty awesome.
He wears the toque I got for him even though it is the dorkiest thing I have ever seen.
Terrible taste in tea though. Just saying.
"Buddy, it's called Earl Grey and it tastes great."
Usually he is kind and let's me play my Taylor Swift even though he cannot stand it at all.

See? It's all sunshine.

Now onto more important matters.
How can I phrase this..
To put it bluntly. When I'm sick I have the stomach of a pregnant lady.
HAH. Weren't expecting that were you?

But seriously.
I get Nauseous. I have cravings. The smell or sight of this just makes me want to hurl.
Apparently it's quite entertaining for some people though *Cough*Mother*Cough*.

Today I saw a cheesecake. Yumm, I was drawn to it. But then all of the sudden I had to turn and away and close my eyes before I emptied my stomach right there on the floor.

Cravings. Haha, right now would be Grapefruit. I have both pop and juice..and bodywash but I don't think that will help much in satisfying the craving.

Anyway. If I see you in the next little while..that would be impossible but if I do..and you offer me food or are wearing any kind of scent do not take it personally when I start gagging.

Do you know my favorite is?

Discovering music for myself!

It makes me happy inside when I peruse the pages of youtube and find a sound that I like and get into the artist. It makes me happy because..I don't like this because my friends all like it or because it is on the top 40.

I like it just because I like it.

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