Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello, old friend.

You would think that I had forgotten about this blog, since it has been acquired so much dust these past few months.
But that is not the case, I actually do see it every day, at least once a day, when I check to see if there are any new blog posts from people on my side bar list.
How can I be so demanding of other people to have prompt and entertaining things for me to read, when I let my readers go hungry?


But I'll tell you what it is like.
It's like that friend that sends you a message.
And you read it right away.
But...for some reason you don't reply right away.
And the next day comes, and you don't reply then either.
Then it gets forgotten.
Until two months later you remember about it, and it's too late, there is no coming back.
It would just be awkward at this point.

Maybe you have never had an experience like that.
But I'm a terrible communicator, so it happens to me all the time.

Can I tell you about my life?
It has been a mini whirlwind since we last talked.

I 'graduated' from college.
That whole thing was a neat experience. I had never gone to school before, but it was easy to slip into.
Only two classes a week, and barely any studying. I got to know a couple girls really well, and it just felt good to finally have some learning and skills under my belt.

Unfortunately, finding a job after that was next to impossible.
It's one of those annoying chicken/egg scenarios where everyone wants to hire someone with experience, but you can't actually get the experience unless someone hires you.

But I'll be honest, I wasn't trying that hard.
I wasn't in the frame of mind to dress up nice, and go hand my resume's in, and call back a week later.
For the most part I think my mindset was that it would be a lot easier than that. But it wasn't. Well, not at the time at least.

I came home to Kamloops one week for a visit, and I stopped by my old job at the construction site. It must have made me nostalgic, because I started getting all sorts of crazy ideas. Like "why I am I still living in Kelowna, making minimum wage at Sears, struggling to pay rent, when I could be working here, living at home?"
Sometimes I take an idea and run with it.
And that is exactly what I did.
Because it was only about 3 week later that I did just that.
I packed up all my stuff and moved home. And it was good.

It has been a lovely working vacation of working at my old job, living at home, hanging out with friends, meeting my beautiful new niece. But I shouldn't have let myself get so comfortable.

Something crazy kind of happened next.
I got a job offer. In Kelowna.
It plopped into my lap (pretty much).

It was an impossible situation of really not wanting to move away from Kamloops again so soon, but knowing that an amazing opportunity like this wouldn't come around so easily a second time.
So I took it.
And 2 months a 3 days after moving back to Kamloops, I was starting my first day at my new job in Kelowna.
Which pretty much brings us up to real time.
In 3 days I will be moving into my new place.
And I will be settling down.

Because that is the scariest part of all.

I have been a wandering ship for quite some time now.
The idea that I went to school for this and it is my supposed "career", to be carried out for the rest of my days, is a scary realization.
And that is the thing I have the hardest time dealing with so far.
That, and the fact that I have to go back to making my own food. Which means it will be the taquito diet again. Good luck, stomach.

There is a little snippet into my life and mind.
Once I get my camera up and running(a story for another time), I hope to update this page a little better, and give you some nice things to look at.

Bye for now.

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