Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here I am,
Leaving today.

Please don't miss me too much,
I promise I will do all that is possible to blog again while I am there.

Even though it's probably a bad idea:

5247 Inga St.
Peachland, BC
V0H 1X8

So, just in case you want send me some love.

I'm sure I will have many tales to tell when I get back.


Please pray for me.

Love you guys.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Before..and after.

Don't worry. It's not permanant.
It will only last 8-10 washes if you trust the packaging.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grad Pt. 1

Needs no words.
It was fun.
We look great.
What happens at grad dinner stays at grad dinner :).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A near perfect day.

Oh my goodness.
Today was..Amazing.
Let's recap shall we.
Though..just to start us off.

I rarely think good of anything.
No, maybe I didn't phrase that right.
It's just that I don't really appreciate things that much.
But today, all day, I have been having fun, enjoying myself, living in the moment, and realizing it.

Ahem, I begin my tale.
I woke up to my mother telling me I had about 20 minutes to get ready.
+1 I had a really good dream -1 She interuppted it.
I looked in the mirror. I was happy with what I saw and I didn't put any makeup on +1.

Went to the park.
I actually had so much fun. And I was sweating and gasping for breath at times and that made it feel so much better. Just so you know that wasn't sarcastic.
-1 In the car before I got out..I put makeup on..I know, bad girl.

After which, I went to Mcdonalds for lunch :).

Then off to school where everybody went to the theatre thing to watch the production that the drama class had put together.
It was..good. I just didn't really understand the old english. But my favorite part of it was, every time I looked over at Mr. Bastedo he was mouthing the lines :).

After school I drove! And I didn't make any almost-accident mistakes.

Then I drove to Grama Denise's house. Where we had a mini visit while I gave her the invitation to grad.
And then to Grandpa Buds where we went in for tea. It was pretty sweet. Drinking tea and visiting with them.

Came home. And decided I wanted a picnic on the patio. But of course we couldn't have a picnik with the way it looked(nasty.) So me Sean and Lukas cleaned everything up and hosed down the cement and it looked so great.

And, of course we had to pick the one day that my dad had taken away the we couldn't have any hamburgers or anything but we had...SOUP instead.
Pretty much the greatest thing ever.

I wanted the fun to go on soo. I suggested a trip to the boys treefort that they have been fixing up. At the time I didn't know that it took 30 minutes of hiking to get there.. :)
We hiked it was tiring but fun. I took lots of pictures..they will/are on facebook so check them out.

Had some deep conversations about Jackie Chan movies while we were up there. Came home.

Sat by the pool for a while cooling off my feet and singing as loud as I could.

Had a snack of Rice crispies and my new earl grey/green tea.

And now I am getting caught up with my pictures.

I loved today.

Edit: Well, the day part of it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ways to be a good babysitter..

Sleep in way too late and let your 'baby' fend for himself.

Threaten to lock him outside if he doesn't change out of his Pj's. (This made me laugh since it actually worked)

When he requests Macaroni and cheese for lunch give him a choice "Sandwich or nothing".

Awww, even though I basically ignored Noah and didn't give him the lunch he wanted he actually complimented me on the good sandwich I had made him.

In other news.
I have been pretty stressed lately since everything is coming up so soon.
Worrying about getting everything finished and then camp coming up in 24 days..
And grad and work and everything else on top of that. It is not a pretty sight. I spent a good while sitting on the floor in the break room at work feeling sorry for myself :).

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