Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome "Home".

Hey everybody.
It's time to give you a little life update.
So many things have happened in the last week and a half, it's hard to believe.

Thursday, September 5th, I went out with coworkers in a last hurrah type dinner.
Friday, September 6th, I worked my last day at the construction site, and went to a blazers game with one of my closest friends.
And then Saturday, September 7th, I packed all my stuff into my car and drove two hours to Kelowna, to start my new life.

Although when I say that I packed everything into my car on Saturday, that isn't really true. If you remember, I had been living with my brothers in a different house this summer, and I moved out of there on Thursday. So rather than do all the work of taking it out once I "moved home" for two days, I just lived with a car packed to overflowing for the remainder of my time in Kamloops. It was a fun two days. Think of how annoying living out of a suitcase is, and triple that feeling.

So, I arrived at my little basement suite, and started unpacking. That got boring after just a couple hours.
Now you would think(and I would think) that I wouldn't even have had that much stuff to be unpacked. And that guess it fairly true. But I'm not a focused unpacker. And what could have taken somebody experience only a couple hours, took me half a week.

I waited to take pictures until everything was unpacked, which is why this post is somewhat late. Takes me half a week to do the unpacking, then another week to get the energy to actually take the pictures, and blog about it.
The kitchen. Looking homey with things all over the fridge already.

The living room. A sweet looking fireplace. Not sure if it works or not though :).

A pretty normal looking bathroom. But tons of storage in the closet, which I found out was necessary.

A nice, big bedroom.

Bedroom view #2.

So as you can see, there is quite a lot of furniture and things already in the place. The only thing I had to bring was a bed, which made the whole thing a lot easier. No need to be living out of boxes still, or sitting on cushions on the floor.

All in all, the overall move and living has been quite successful.

Yay for school.
I have been having the time of my life.
It's so fun.
Not so much yesterday, because I just come back from a visit home(to Kamloops), and I was feeling a little sad. But getting a quiz back with this...

Helped to make my mood a little better.

In some ways it is a lot easier than I had imagined, and in other ways it's harder. Example, there is about 162 terms to memorize, and then 179 more terms that are specific to Dentistry.
Flash cards here I come.

My teacher is really fun. And she makes everything easy, and goes to great lengths to prepare us for the quizzes. And brings us snacks, and fun little things.

The Job!
Leading up to the move, I told myself to not worry about looking for a job yet. I'd let myself have a week of relaxation and vacation, and then start the search.
Ha. Ha. Silly joke.
I forgot that without a job I become anxious, nervous, stressed, paranoid, etc.
Which is why on Saturday, the day I moved in, I was already dropping off resumes.
And what a pain that is.
Job searching, just not the funnest thing around.

My last job was such a breeze to get into, it really didn't prepare me for the years ahead of me.


Then something happened. A silly little story happened.
I had seen online that Sears was having a job fair. Not my first my pick of a job. But when I got down to thinking about it, I really didn't have a first pick of job.
So I show up on that Saturday(exactly one week after I moved. To the hour, if you want to get specific.),
and ask about the job fair.
It had been canceled, they tell me, but go ahead and fill out an application form anyway.
Oh, but then the manager comes back out and say that once I've filled it out, why don't I come back to her office, and we will do a mini interview right now.
The rest is history, folks.
She hired me right then and there, and I am now employed in the ladieswear department of Sears.

It felt SO GOOD to know that I had a job. And all my stress was just wiped away.

I start my first shift tomorrow(Friday). Without any training, it will be train as I go on the job, so we'll see how that works.

But there you go. That is my new life in a nutshell.
I hoping that I can keep up with the blog, to be able to give you some fun updates and stories about my time here in Kelowna.

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