Friday, September 30, 2011

These shoes.

These Shoes.
(a Haiku* by Hannah)

these shoes like to dance.
these toenails like going out.
they are very sad.

*haiku in the very loosest of terms. I am sure there is more to it than 5/7/5.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest post from Reggie.

Things are getting pretty bad over here guys.

First she buys a water filter for me. Disguised as a gift, but I've noticed this way she doesn't have to spend as much time catering to my every need.

Now she's forgetting to give me my three square meals a day. She tries to make herself feel better about this by providing me with a new tank seeing as she broke the last one.

And now this! She's been fraternizing with the ENEMY!

I don't know when or how everything will be going down but, trust me, you'll be the first to know.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My brain is smarter than I am?

I guess it possible, and probable.

While texting someone today I wrote out a word.

I didn't know what that word meant.

I had to look it up in the dictionary.

FYI: is one of my favorite haunts on the world wide web.

To my surprise, the word meant exactly what I had wrote it out to mean.

I guess this comes from my years of learning new words through crossword puzzles.

I'm definitely not a "lol haha :):):) how r u?!" When it comes to texting.

My word?


  [tawr-choo-uhs]  Show IPA
full of twists, turns, or bends; twisting, winding, or crooked:a tortuous path.
not direct or straightforward, as in procedure or speech;intricate; circuitous: tortuous negotiations lasting formonths.
deceitfully indirect or morally crooked, as proceedings,methods, or policy; devious.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My day.

When you have the time like I do, you just have to learn to enjoy it, rather than stress.

Enjoy your favorite tea.

Pull out your camera and take a couple shots of your favorite model.

Take the whole afternoon to bake a batch of cookies.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From the personal notes of H. Lefebvre

Dear Diary,
Today I was super excited about life since I had a hair appointment to get a dye job.
Would you like some back story first?

My hair grows super slow. Imagine normal hair growth and then press slow motion x5. (note:this may be a slight exaggeration)
So, I should really think long and hard about ever permanantly dying my hair since I have to deal with the effects of it for about three years, that being around the amount of time it takes for my hair to grow out a decent amount.
But do I ever give it much serious thought? Well, meh, maybe some.

For the past 8 ish months I have been dealing with layers. Not the good kind of layers that you want a hairdresser to put into your hair. No, I am talking about the very defined layers of color that can show you the recent history of what I thought would be a good idea to have atop my head.

Starting at the very bottom we have the remnants of the black of many years past. Then a very dark brown, followed by a red, followed closely by a blonde which really should never have been there but I got crazy with the sun-in for a couple of days. And at the very roots you could somewhat(or I thought) see my natural which is a lighter brown.

All year I have had to deal with the mess of different shades, and all year I have been waiting for the day I could come home and book an appointment to get it corrected.

That day was yesterday.

I go in, she somewhat explains what is going to be happening. I really have no clue how this all works so I took her word and sat down to enjoy the process.
The process was enjoyable for the first half and hour while everything seemed to be going as planned but once things started to take a turn for the worse, I was not finding everything as relaxing as before.

Going into detail in a blog post is not really my idea of fun so I'll just give you the gist of it.

I went in to have her match my natural colour as close as possible and get rid of all the different shades I have. While at the same time getting rid of as much red as can come out.

I came out over two hours later. With a dark brown in my hair that is so dark it is black..and when the light shines on it it goes red, way more red than I had before.

I'm disappointed to say the least. But more than that is the fact that I will have to put up with it for the next three years while I wait for it to grow out.

It doesn't look bad. But it's just not what I wanted.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello Kamloops! Goodbye Kamloops!

Well, I thought I liked solo road trips.
But. Yesterday was agony.
Maybe it was the fact that all I wanted to do was get home.
Can't lie, I definitely went faster than is any province.

Another thing I didn't like about it was the amount of time I had to just think.
I mean, having time to think is probably a good thing. But not when you are coming off the tail end of summer camp with so many memories and having to leave so many good friends behind.

But I made it through. With the help of several things.

My new little friend.

LISTS! Can't live without them. Definitely would have forgotten one to do one of these vital (or not so vital) things.

I haven't gotten very far so this is not a recommendation at all.

I tried to start unpacking last night but my stuff which seemed like the equivalent of a small elephant when in my car grew to a giant elephant when in my room. There is just not space to put everything. And I really just want to downsize and get rid of most of it, but the sentimental/packrat side of me cannot let go of all the 'things'.

So if you were to walk into my room right now it would like a bomb went off. And there is no semblance of order. I'm not going to worry about it. Instead I'm going to head off to the cabin for the long weekend.

So. Excited.

I have not been out there in the summer for a very long time.
Exactly a year. And even then it was just for a night.
This time I get to spend four days out there.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cannot contain my happiness right now.
I'm going to learn how to wake board.

P.s. Three hours later: I couldn't deal with the mess anymore so I cleaned and unpacked everything and now I will finally post this.

Happy long weekend everybody!

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