Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last couple days.

I went in for skating, my first time of the season. It wasn't really that good but at least it wasn't a total flop. Then after I went for a walk, stopping at two neccesary points(Shoppers Drug Mart and Coopers). Afterwhich I walked some more to work. Since I was so early I had brought some school to do. But instead of doing it, Julie asked me to start early. So I did. An hour early.
The whole shift went okay. Except for the fact I worked 7 1/2 hours.

But I had had like a ton of pop with caffiene in it so I couldn't get to sleep for ever(1:30) which was bad cause the lock-in was the next day.

So first it was our last Climbing Gym. It was good. I completed #13. And the swing was pretty fun. Then the Kandace's drove me up to the mall where I wasted some time dressing up and prancing around Thrifty's. Then Angela picked me up and we went out for dinner at Milestones. Rishelle was working so I got to see her in her natural habitat..well, she was training at the bar and testing all the drinks so I hope that isn't her natural habitat. But dinner was nice, and finally catching up with Ang was really good.

So after that we went down to the church and finished setting up. Then there was some Gargon and bowling..okay I have to admit that bowling was pretty fun. Even though I kept complaining that I hated it and pretty much all of my team sucked(sorry Andrew you're just not good at bowling :P.). So since my group had Behn driving us we stopped at Timmy's before going back. And I have to admit that the night shift was not really up to par, but we got our caffiene and that's all that mattered. When we arrived back at the church they had already started the fear factor game but I hadn't wanted to participate in the first place so it was okay just watching.

I can't even remember how the events went after that. Pizza making and eating..playing dutch blitz...watching really wierd cartoons(hmm I wonder who's idea that was?). Then dodgeball. And then I started playing Rummy with Andrew..who did not explain the game properly at all, making up rules and not telling important ones..tsk tsk I disapprove. But it was fun. Some other people joined so we had to play it the proper way which was stupid so I started losing. Then we just played cards and then talked for like 5 hours I would say.

Then pancakes and bacon. Then cleaning up(it is so much easier bringing the couches back down the stairs than it was bringing them up). Then leaving, going home and passing out not before I set the alarm for 3 pm. I was out like a light until then. So at three I woke up turned off the alarm, checked my cell phone for messages and went back to sleep. I woke up a bit in the night but I didn't officially get out of bed til 7:00 so just a bit under 21 hours.

Sick I know. But I am one of the few people that can say we were up the entire night. It's pretty awesome, especially cause like about 10 the night before I had started feeling really sleepy..But I made it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blah post. was crazy. I was only out of my bedroom for like a total of 2 hours..if that.

Today I..Drove a ton. I went to the mall and planned on buying a tanktop but ended up getting two hoodies. Not really the best waste of ?? dollars but I needed a new one and I just got some money from my grama for my birthday.

Then I went to work and I was actually excited but..that soon faded. I was on soup and sandwich and I felt horrible and my back started acting up again(I know, I'm such an old woman).

And that's pretty much all I have to say.

I am doing pretty good on planning and getting christmas presents which I like because I hate it when it's like two days before and you just buy stupid gifts because you don't have time to think.

When I came home I saw that 6 people had blogged while I was gone. It made me happy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some things you should know..

But you probably don't.

1. Two words:Earl Grey. I love it. I actually never used to be a tea drinker. I had to be in the right mood and that happened only like twice a year but now, I don't know how but I can drink it all the time. I never really try different kinds though, I just stick to what I  know best.

2. Two foods that I am in the mood for anytime: Microwave popcorn and Chocolate kisses. Kisses are actually the only chocolate product that I can eat buckets of. Which brings me to my next..

3. I don't like chocolate. Well okay here's the thing. I like it, as long as it is in tiny portions. I am not one of those people who could just feast away at it(unless the kind mentioned above). I have been known to not have made it even halfway into a chocolate bar and had to stop cause I couldn't stand the taste anymore..I know wiiiierrrd.

4.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Spell my name with a capital H at all times. That is pretty much the biggest pet peeve I have.

5.I have a secret(not so secret anymore) crush on Sharpie markers. I have so many in my room and they are my top choice for pretty much anything.

6. I have this blanket. It's really soft and nummy(not speaking literally). It is very old though..I got it like 6 years ago and it had been my aunties when she was a girl. It has holes and the stuffing has come apart on the inside so it's lumpy and it doesn't match my room so whenever somebody comes over I hide it in my closet but I love it so I won't throw it out/give it away til it comes apart or my mom burns it or something.

7. My mom bought this colourful bowl set at costco one time and there is one bowl in it that is the perfect size for one bag of microwave popcorn so whenever I have popcorn I use it. And it's orange to boot!

8.Okay this one has like nothing to do with anything: I read this book that had like 400+ jobs for women and in all that I could only really find 2 that looked interesting 1.Magazine Editor(or just even working at a magazine) 2. Nanny....*Groan* I am kind of panicking. Seems like everyone else has a basic idea of what they want to do after they grad and I have no stinking idea.

Photo Shoot

Note to self: Get a live-in photographer.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Important Decisions..

This summer should I:
A. Go to camp.
B. Stay home and go to Kissm
C. Stay home and live in a dark hole for the summer
D. Go to Kissm then go to camp for the rest of the summer.

Update: KISSM stands for Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music
It's a three week music school..I would be going for mainly voice but maybe a bit of piano and guitar.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is what happens when I don't go out on Friday night.

Ewww, I think I am becoming responsible.
Last night I made cupcakes so when I went to clean everything up I organized all the dirty dishes so the kitchen would look a little neater. While I was doing that my mom came in and said she was going to bed. Well, my conscience took over and made me load up the dishes, tidy up the kitchen. In doing so I went to put some dirty dishcloths in the laundry and I saw that it was full and overflowing so I went downstairs with that. Put it in to wash and folded all the clean laundry. Pause here: I will never think I have to much clothing again. My little brother had like clothing amount equal to mine and that was just his laundry...tsk tsk.

So I did that and then I rearranged all the bookshelves downstairs. So I never really got around to cleaning the kitchen again but it looked okay.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I got it!

It's the little things..

That makes this world happy.
1.Got a laptop
2.Getting a camera
3.Got my license in the mail.
4...Okay 4 is a depressing one..Merlin went missing
5.I've got a big surprise for none of you..but I can talk about it in case certain someone reads my blog in the near future.
6.Rishelle and Andrew are getting married. This actually excites me alot. I haven't been to a real wedding in forever(when I say real I mean..a couple years back I went to this wedding for my relative but technically she had already gotten married in China.)
7.I bought somebodies present yesterday YAY!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, if you want normal review I have heard it said that it was a brilliant

But I'm not normal am I?

So I got there 30 minutes early. Haha, there was a bit of confusion on my part,
I went all the way around to one end of the place to then discover I was at the
wrong side(or so I thought). So I walked all the way back to the other side and
then checking my ticket realized I had been right the first time
(Hey, what
can I say when I am excited I apparently lose my brain skills.).
I bought a lemonade and sat down. It was really
quite boring just sitting there.

Finally the first act started. Divine Brown.

She was pretty good. Not that I'm in to R&B.
Alot of dancing..and

That over I waited some more.
The BSB show started with them in a boxing
ring mock fighting. Trust me I was rolling my eyes already but then what's that oh yeah
I had been fortunately seated beside and behind the only girls on the place who
wanted to dance the entire time(well I'm sure there were others but I am just
using that for effect okay?) So Pretty much my entire view of the stage was
blocked off by these swaying girls. At first I tried peering around them and
everything but by the end I basically just sat there listening but not seeing.

The boy sitting beside me well, one seat over but the seat between us was empty,
was having just as fun time as I was. About halfway through the concert I feel a
tap on my shoulder and it's the guy, he turns his cell phone my way and "Do you
know when this is going to be over?" is typed on it. I shrugged. Like 15 minutes
later I had had enough I got out of my chair(Fortunately I was the first row
from the top so I could just hop over intead of scooting myself down the row of
dancing fans.) I walked almost to the door and found myself somewhere to stand
and watch. Which was much better. I wish I'd thought of that solution 45 minutes

And I bought a T-shirt. So all in all. I had never listened to they're music
before and I only knew two of they're songs from listening to the radio. I also
thought that they were too old to be dancing and pretending to be teenagers.
Granted they are not as old as I thought they were but still.
Whatever, I can
say I've been to two concerts now. That was really the only reason I went. To
get my concert rep up.

Just a note for the unsure: I used sarcasm on and off in here so I might mean something totally different than what you are reading.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just have one thing to say...HAPPY 300th POST!
Yes that is right..I made it to 300 posts..I am so proud of myself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

*Signals left**Shoulder Check*

Sometimes you just have to celebrate some firsts.
Especially when it comes to driving.
1. First time Parking..with actual cars around.
2.FIRST TIME ON THE HIGHWAY! (It was easy. Like easier than easy.)
3. First time speeding...wait a minute I did that first a long time ago =)
So I think I am basically a pro at this driving thing. I told my mom today that I was ready to take the 'N' test :P.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I realized lately I really need to get back into music. I have kind of been ignoring it..maybe on purpose. But yeah..What do you guys think?
Should I get lessons..if so for what?
Should I go to choir again..Should I force Cade into teaching me how to use his recording stuff.
Speak, My faithful blog readers!


1. The new latte machine at Timmies.
2. The Library.
3. $4 in tips =)
4. Washing clothes in the bathtub
5. My friends from work

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here is my theory.

Okay never mind it sounds alot different when written down.
Soooo, I am just going to spout off some random facts and you'll never know why unless I see you to be trustworthy.

1.I have a doll. His name is baby beans. Which is a very good point. He is a He..some people mistake him for a girl and it makes me mad.
2. Say you're boy and you consider going out with me DO NOT TAKE ME TO A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT ON A FIRST DATE *Note: I am not speaking to anyone in particular..I just witnessed something like it last night and it made me think of the matter more in depth.*
3. I don't really like that is.
4.I have a fetish for strapless dresses(haha I told Georgette that last night and she burst out laughing..and called me cute even though she knows I hate it..but coming from her it is tolerable.
5.I just painted my toenails black..why I am putting that on this list I have no clue.
6.I have always had a secret(or not so secret) longing for a Chihuahua and I would name him Rikki. But not a hairless one.
7.I like the smell of gas
8. I have never had a Big Mac
9. I have just now clued into the fact that Mac probably stands for Mcdonalds in some way.
10. If I could be granted a talent it would probably be to not embarass myself artistically
11.Buttery microwave popcorn is one of those things that I am always in the mood to eat.

But in other news..
My mothers birthday is in a month and 11 days and I need to think of something outrageously spectacular..any ideas?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm just going to list the positive things of today.
1.I actually woke up at a decent time this morning..and was actually awake, none of that drowsy sleepwalking stuff.
2. I got everything done that I was supposed to before I left..well almost everything.
3. I got to go to Value village and
4. I bought these cute little dresses
5. I got a buttload of books from the library and they all look so good.
6. It was raining.
7. I didn't have to be on Production at work
8. Work was better than some days.
9. There was a whole box of coke bottles waiting for me on my return from work.

Any other things to add.. Cade was supposed to pick me up after work..he gets off at 9:30 and I was off at 9 so I knew I was going to be waiting around for a bit so I started cleaning up the store probably looked funny cause I was in my street clothes already and was sweeping away. So I swept the whole lobby..then mopped. He still wasn't there so I cleared tables and filled napkin despensers and cleaned the vestibule(that little tiny room between the two front doors) and cleaned out the ashtray things outside and wiped down the window ledges outside and the garbage covers and went back inside and did the wall things..I don't know what they are called anyway...Finally at like 10 to 10:00 he pulls turned out he had forgotten to pick me up went all the way to the barnhartvale hall(which is about 7 houses from my house) finally remembered he was supposed to pick me up and came all the way back.
I do hope Tim Hortons appreciates me as much as they should.
Eww, they changed the layout of Hotmail and now it's looks all wrong.
Silly Msn..They should know I liked it just the way it was.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Sometimes I just want to dress up and be like a kid again.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just doing a little upselling..

My managers must love me. Even when not working I promote Tim Hortons.
I had to personally go buy these items to take a picture seeing as this drink is so new there is no pictures of it on Google.
So GREEN ICED TEA flavoured with Citrus. We got two new iced teas like a week ago. this one and one regular iced tea flavoured with Lemon. I don't usually like any iced tea except Starbucks and Goodhost so I was a little leery of trying them. But one day while I was working , one of my fellow employees tried the regular one and said it was good. I tried it..but it was only okay. Next shift I had this one and it was excellent. At first it seems too sweet but then the flavours balance out and it is perfect.

Next PUMPKIN SPICE MUFFIN, this thing is amazing. especially the way I have it.. I mean if you just go in normally there won't be as much white frosting on it. Since I'm so special I just walked into the back and squirted some more on there. Anyway the flavour is not really that spicy very tame if you ask me. And if you warm it up even better. So I suggest trying this quick cause I don't think it will be around much longer.

Okay I promise no more blogging. 4 posts in one day is enough.

Nov. 1

Okay first note. IT IS ALREADY NOVEMBER! That is freaking crazy!

So today me and my mom went out for lunch to Earls. It was good. I got this hot chicken caeser salad and there was sooo much. I stuffed myself, then...

I convinced my mom to buy this drink called "green eyed pink panther". It sound really good: Gin, Watermelon and Strawberry liquer, Pink lemonade and a cucumber.
But then we got it and it was disgusting! See if we ever take chances with expensive drinks again.

We did a little driving practise.
Went to the mall, did some errand, went home and Matthew and Behn came for supper.

It's our choice of food for our birthday dinners so I got Pizza hut pizza and icecream cake. Of course I was still full from lunch so I didn't appreciate it as much. And I was so tired from getting my sleeping pattern so out of whack for the past couple days.

Anway. My Cousins gave me a photo album so I am going to try and fill it with pictures of year 16.

Beware, all road users!

My idea of studying for the 'L' test.

3 years before: I am going to get the manual out now and have it pretty much memorized by the time I need to take is so far off I'll just leave it for now.
1 year before: Okay one year to go, have to get that book out and start studying..well it is so far off still I've got time.
1 week before:Okay I'm pushing it now have to start reading the's boring so I only make it to chapter 4
Stayed up til 12/1 reading the book and memorizing important facts, went to bed, got out of bed after half an hour because I was so nervous, wrote on my blog..checked my email..went back to bed and just lay there until I finally fell asleep at 2. Woke up at seven did nothing for a while. Went on the computer and took onling quizzes..glanced over the book. Ate cheese and drank water so I would be hydrated and nourished so my brain would work properly. Went to the place..messed up on filling out the forms(good thing they don't take points off for that) got the grossest picture ever taken. Then took the test. I aced it. Well I won't say aced but I did get 91% only four wrong out of the fourty four that I answered. Finished it in 10.6 minutes. Pretty proud of myself. Went driving today. Didn't do much but you know..have to start out slowly. But anyway. I'm pretty happy.

Ignore the fake cheezy nasty smile.


So, I kind of screwed this up. Pretend that the top is the bottom and vice

Yesterday I took the 'L' test(more on that later).
Then met up with Kandace,
Silken and Alex downtown and went grad dress shopping. It wasn't very successful
but Kandace tried on a dress(Picture #1), a little bit out of price range but it
was fun.

Later we went to Kelly O's for lunch. T'was good. Mmmm Pachos.
Then Mrs
Neutelings drove us up to Sahali for Rock climbing.

It was fun. I always feel so weak after that.
Kandace came home with us and we..just sat around and talked..haha she gave me part of my present (although I don't understand why I need clothing that doesn't fit =).

After which My family, Kandace, Seth and Lukas, Mrs. Geddert and Lanny headed
out for the Heslips farm. That part was good. Had fun laughing about
parent chaperones...sucking on lime candies.

Oh and the ginger snaps were mighty fine.

Then we came home.
Ate some candy and I passed out on the couch while
watching Family Channel.
Any birthday that involves Family Channel is the
thing ever.

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