Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday.

My head aches and I'm going to go watch a movie but I knew if I did not blog after a week of silence bad things might happen to me.
I cleaned my room yesterday.
Cleaned my phone yesterday and today.
Started my christmas shopping and planning today.
I feel good.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hairdressing school here I come!

K, I admit..I only did half of it..and then my mother took over..But I totally did the half that matters :).

Friday, November 20, 2009

3 Times!

I think I am having selective busyness. No, that is not an actual thing. I just made it up.

But seriously. I am really busy when I need an excuse for not doing some of the things I'm supposed to be doing, but on the other hand I always seem to have time to watch my shows and have naps just because. Well, the naps are a good thing..but maybe not the tv shows.

So, sometimes if I say I am too busy you should ask me to reconsider that..
Although, sometimes I actually am THAT busy.
Take yesterday for an example.

I went into town three times. Yes it makes me cringe just to think about it.
Once for work.
A second time for guitar lesson.
And a Third time for Worship Practise.

But in between one of those trips I did have time to watch "My Sisters Keeper".
Which was..well, not really what I expected but it was sad and it made me cry. Which I was expecting.

Anyway, here is just another post trying to cover up my laziness with excuses. :).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm alive.

Just don't really have anything of interest to blog about right now.
Of course, usually I wouldn't let such a thing as that stop me. But..I don't know. Maybe my new 17 year old self is different.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, How ironic is it that the one Thursday that I actually remember is the one Thursday that I cannot seem to think of anything I love.
But honestly it is very hard.

I was talking to someone the other day and they asked what type of mood I get in when I am sick. I didn't really have an answer cause I didn't think I had a different sort of mood. After two days being sick now I figure out that BOY, WAS I WRONG!

Yesterday was fever and headaches. I felt:Mad, annoyed with anybody that tried to talk to me, annoyed with everything really, and I hated the world.

Today is chills. I feel: Very, very emotional, like crying for no reason, and just really sad. Tiny little problems seems so much bigger. I think of all the stuff that I should be doing or should have started a long time ago and feel terrible for not having done them.

Anyways. Happy things.

Things I love:

*EDIT* Okay. I have found two things that make me immensely happy. The first thing happened after this post so you can't get mad at me for not writing about it.
The second..well. Remember I have been dizzy? I cannot think straight when I am like this so it's really not my fault.
1. My amazing manager Julie! Haha, no I am not joking. I phoned her today saying that I was sick and I couldn't make it tomorrow. After that she texts me back saying she took me off all my shifts for the next week! She thought I would be mad (and well, I probably will be when I get my paycheck next week :) but right now I am just happy. Although feeling alot guilty because I've never had to call in sick before. But I'm sure I will get over that reeaal quick.
2.My green blanket that I got for my birthday. I have not woken up in the night since I started using it. Which is quite amazing since I used to 3 times at least.
And it is especially nice today because I've had chills constantly and it's kept me really warm.

Things I crave Thursday.

1. Tostito Chips.
2. Oreo cake
3. Actually wanting to go out and do some exercise.
4. Feeling better.
That's pretty much it.
Night all. I'm going to go sleep away my sickness.

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