Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Would you like to purchase a smile cookie for a dollar?
All proceeds go to the Childrens department of the Royal Inland Hospital.

Hey blog readers.
I love you guys.
And I never ask you for anything do I?

Except for today.

I sold 115 today.
My apparent goal(as told to me by Julie) for tomorrow is 150.
That is where you come in.
As in..come in to the store.
Just kidding.
I will love you even more if you come through my drive thru tomorrow. And buy smile cookies. Heck you don't even have to buy one..Just donate a dollar..or five.

And if my store wins by selling our cookies the fastest then we will win a prize making that our third in a row making me very happy making me want to blog alot more making you happy.
So really. I'm doing this all for you.

So, will you help me out tomorrow?

Oh, but the most important part to remember is this:
If you don't come buy one from me. I understand. I promise I won't hate you forever.
But whatever you do..don't buy one from another store. Since that would be aiding the opposition.


Monday, September 28, 2009

You belong with me.

This weekend makes up for all the sucky weekends.

Details? I think so.

After work on Friday I went to Walmart, cause as we all know no weekend can be perfect unless it starts at Walmart.
I thought I would be cool after that and I took a trip down to the university.
Just being surrounded by all the students made me long to go there myself...JUST KIDDING! Haha, it made me feel better about my choice not to start secondary education this year :).

I hung out with Angela for the afternoon. She showed me the only place worth knowing on campus:The computer lab.
We picked up her brother from school and then went back to her place so she could give me the official tour of her new house.

That was an amazing part of the day. We just sat on a swing outside and talked forever.

But too much relaxing isn't fun at all. So around 5:30 we drove back up to the university and she dropped me off at the Tournament Capital Center thing. I don't really know what it's called. Because I had free tickets to the Womens + Mens Wolfpack volleyball! SO EXCITING!

*Pause* So as some of you know, I am trying to do everything that Kamloops has to offer this year, such as the Turtle races and the upcoming Run for the Cure(I'll post on this soon). But in this journey I will discover as much as some of these things are really fun...Wolfpack Volleyball is not one of those. *Unpause*

Well, maybe it's just because I am not that big of a sports person..but I didn't enjoy this that much. Totally would not have gone if there was not a free ticket. Seriously who wants to pay for that? Especially since Kandace made us leave before the Mens Volleyball :(. I shall never forgive her for that :).

After being forced away from the game we(Me, Kandace and Kyley) headed up to the mall, only since there isn't really much else to do on a Friday night in Kamloops.
Where we pretended we had money to do things like shop and got in trouble for some risque business in a change room :).

Obviously a Friday night is not complete without food. We stopped at my favorite place MCDONALDS. Where we read all the sodium in the food I was about to eat haha.

Then off to Behns. Watched Wipeout, as usual. Then didn't get to bed until about one which was so stupid since I had to work the next morning and I got...



But I don't let things like that spoil my mood.
After work I walked to my brothers house. Dropped off my stuff and went on an adventure.
A pointless adventure apparently but it was fun while it lasted.

I went back to Behns, got ready and Cade picked me up on his way to..
Kelly O'Briens.
I Heart Pachos.

Happy Birthday Josh.

Dinner was good. Full of..Strawberries and Whipped Cream :).
I love food and friends so obviously when they are together I have a fabulous time.

Since we couldn't let the fun end there Me, Matthwell, Josh, Andrew and Cade went to "Pandorum". Which was so not as scary as I thought it would be. It was actually quite funny because all the boys were so freaked out. Where as I was a calm as could be :).

I got home and I went to bed..just like that..at 10:30. It was wierd. But felt so good.

Church the next day. Then a potluck. Yumm, Meatballs. Then the featured event of the weekend.

BOWLING. But being the group that we are we couldn't just go and bowl normally. We had to dress up. In short shorts and tight t-shirts. Ewwwwwwww.

It was fun though.

Next up: SHAE's family birthday dinner! Haha, Me and Kyley seem to think that we are invited to every family occasion. Silly girls. It was fun. There was extremely good food. And extremely good juice (Isabel made concentrated juice from a can for the first time.). And Cake..mmmm Cake. And licking of the floor because Hannah spilled her cake :). I lie. I didn't actually lick the floor but I was going to.

*Pause* My mother forgot how old I am. How sad. She thought I was turning 18. *Unpause*

Mmmm, we left for Curtis' house after that. Me and Kyley had good catching up time on the way there...although we didn't actually catch up on much :P. But that is okay I guess.

We watch Transformers 2! It was good. Better than the first time I think.

I fell asleep on the way home. And it's so cold at night now. I do hate winter.

3 Months.

P.S. A friend of mine keeps promising to come visit me at work but that person never does and it makes me sad.
Consider this your blog mention.
Now bring me food.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When asked the question, "How are you?"lately, I always give a questioning answer such as 'good?' or 'fine, I guess'.
But today I was thinking about that and..
I can't really complain about anything.
I am having fun with life.
Sure I could be worrying about what I am going to do with my life but for the most part I don't, and I feel okay.
Sure I don't like working as much as I am but hey, I'm making money and it's not as if I hate my job.
I am hanging out with friends, I am just reading for fun, I am doing things I have had on my list to do for a while.
Heck, The littlest things make me happy now, which is very different.
It is actually wierd because I never used to be like this.

I got an umbrella today and it made me soooo happy. (In order to fully understand my joy you will have to see a picture and I already promised myself no pictures of it until I can do a photoshoot in the rain so you might be waiting a while.)

It's nice like this.

I am great!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clothes and Chick Flicks. Boys be warned.

Did I mention it was 3:30 in the morning?

So yesterday was the one of the worst days of work I have had.
I don't even want to go there. The only happy moments were having friends come in. Particularly my second half, Dace(oh, yes that name is never going to die :).

I got her to rent 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' for me.
And I watched it tonight. Finished it about 45 minutes ago.

Let me explain some vital information to understanding me.
1. I am very influenced by movies. Like, "Oh, she is a dancer. Wouldn't it be cool if I were a dancer I am going to sign up for dancing lessons right after the movie and I am going to practice every day and I am going to be amazing."
Trust me. Happens every time. Like when I watched Julie & Julia on Wednesday. :). Okay, so I didn't want to go out and write a food blog and become famous but I all of the sudden had an urge to bake and blog and so on.

So to continue my story.
I watched a movie about a girl who is a shopaholic and has a ton of clothes some of which she has worn only once or twice or *gasp* do I dare say it? Never!
There is a bit of a difference between this movie and others before it. That difference being, I am not wishing to be the star. I am the star.
Okay so I wouldn't go that far. But I might have a eensy teensy little problem.

I have a ton of clothes. I have clothes I have never worn out in public. Some of them have a good reason though, I promise.

In the movie, at the end. I'm sorry if I am spoiling it butt, at the end she sells all her clothes and is right again.

So, here I am going through my wardrobe at 3:30 am. Is this a stupid idea? YES. Am I worried that in my caffeine frenzied state I might give something away that might actually still have a place in my heart? No, not really. The things that I am actually giving away today are shirts that have not been worn in a very long time. And hardly worn at that. I am not worried that I shall be missing these articles of clothing.
Of course I will not be selling my clothing I will give it away.

So there you have it.

Although I have a sneaky suspicion that I am just doing this so I will have extra room in the closet and I won't have to justify myself after I go shopping next time.

I'm sorry if this post does not make much sense. I would like to remind you I am really tired, and I have worked a full 8 hours today(well, yesterday) and yeah I'm tired, my brain is shutting down.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You will have to settle for this.

I got home, I was pumped for blogging.
I was going to write an incredibly long post and it was going to be amazing.
I don't feel like it anymore.
So I'm going to eat Popsicles until I feel sick.
Which won't be long since my stomach feels really bad already.
Sorry guys.

I bought my Turtles for the race on Sunday. They're names are Alfonso, Katrina and Joseph (Father, Mother and Baby Boy).
I am inviting you all to adopt one of your own, name him/her and come out and cheer them on with me.
I bought tickets for the 2:00 pm race.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday September 20th 2009

8TH ANNUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, today I was going through the paper.
*Gasp* There is a shock right there. First time I have looked at a paper in like 3 months at least. Well, okay I was reading Dear Abby like a week ago..but ANYWAY.

I see an ad for the Turtle River Race. And sad to say..even though I have lived in Kamloops all my life I have never known or participated in this (not that I could, but I'll get to that).

The basic information of it is..You buy tickets. 1 for $10 or 3 for $25 and then the number on your ticket has the same number as an environmentally safe plastic turtle. They drop all those turtles into the river and the first three to make it to the finish line the fastest wins. It's just the luck of the draw really but it's alot more fun that just picking a name out of a hat.

All the proceeds go to Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops.

The only thing that makes me sad is, I cannot get one since this is a raffle and you have to be 19 or over. That's kind of lame.
But I like the idea of it. And I think all you should go adopt a turtle. Except you can't actually keep them, which sucks.
I would name mine Alfonso.

Did I mention there was prizes!

Race # 1: Wii Cruise Anaheim

Grand prize:

  • 3 nights cruise & 3 nights Anaheim package for 2
  • Future Shop Wii Package
  • $1,000 Gift Card at Save-On-Foods

2nd Prize:

  • Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing New Years Eve Gala Event for 2
  • Ocean Pacific Water Sports Scuba Diving Lessons & rentals for 2

3rd Prize:

  • $500 worth of Ric's Grill Certificates

Race # 2: Wii Cruise Las Vegas

Grand prize:
  • 3 nights cruise & 3 nights Las Vegas package for 2
  • Future Shop Wii Package
  • $1,000 Gift Card at Save-On-Foods

2nd Prize:

  • The Hills Health Ranch 1 Night B&B Package for 2
  • Ocean Pacific Water Sports Scuba Diving Lessons & rentals for 2

3rd Prize:

  • $500 worth of Ric's Grill Certificates

    As you might have guessed, there is two races.
    First one is at 1pm and second one is at 2pm.
    The race takes about 25 minutes, Starting at the Kamloops Yacht Club(Yeah Who knew we had such a thing?)

    So yes, I hope this thing appreciates my free advertising..cause it's not like I do this kind of thing alot. I just like turtles.

    If you have questions..there is a website HERE. Like if you want to know where to adopt them from.
    Okay, Thanks Guys.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Apparently it's not the guitar.

I had my first guitar lesson on Thursday. Okay, well technically it's far from my first but I had a year and a half break so it felt a little weird.

After this I walked over to Superstore where my brother and friends were taking wayyy too long to decide what kind of food they want for camping. I just tagged along. Then this man came up to me and started asking questions about what music I played(remember I have a guitar on my back.) we talked for a bit. He told me this good band called Skillet who is actually a christian band(I guess I look like the type of person who wouldn't know that?) then his wife came along so he left.

He came up to me a second time. I was with different friends so maybe he felt intimidated cause all he did was wish me luck with my music playing.

But that wasn't enough. I am browsing the aisles waiting for people and I see him coming..so I turn the other way and go into a random aisle and am pretending to be interested in random food products. He comes up. Starts asking me questions about my music and then goes on to tell me he used to be in a band and wants to be in one now. "One like Skillet, the christian band, have I ever heard of them?"

I was quite frustrated by this point. Later, I go outside to wait and walk over to Tim Hortons. Got some stuff and as I am walking out the door I see these boys in a car staring at me as they go by. Umm ew? I find a place to sit and am happily eating my food when the same car comes out of drivethru. The boys start staring at me again..and then one of them waves.

I thought maybe these episodes happened because of the guitar on my back.
But no.
Since I did not have the guitar yesterday.

I was waiting outside of Interior Savings Centre. I was sitting on a bench, just reading my book.
Glancing up every couple minutes. About 10 minutes later I look up and there is this old man walking by looking at me. When I saw him staring he said hi..I said hi back..and quickly went back to reading. A while later an old man walks up, says "Hello Gorgeous" and sits down. Maybe man #1 was feeling a little bit jealous cause he came back and said hi again. At this point I decided it was in my best interest to escape, so I left.

Mmmm It doesn't stop there my friends.

I was walking from work to the church today and a car drove past and a guy in the passenger seat leaned out, smiled and waved at me. I most definitely did not know him.

Okay, So maybe all these guys were just trying to be nice to me? I don't know.
But I do believe Kamloops has become a very creepy place while I was gone and I do not feel very comfortable anymore.
One thing is for sure, you will probably never catch me alone at ISC again.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's Thursday, and I remembered! It's amazing I know.

1. Colbie Caillat.
2. Doing little things to make other people happy.
3. Oreo Cakes.
4. Popsicles.
5. Spontaneity.
6.Singing in a microphone.
8. Spell Check, haha.
9. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.
10.One of the boys.
11.Being able to resist temptation.
12. Before and after pictures.
13. Heart Surgeons.

Enjoying the graduated life.

When people ask me what I am doing this fall I tell the truth:
I'm working part time and going crazy having fun the rest of the time.
Just in the last two weeks I have done so much.

I have had photo shoots.

Cleaned my brothers house..Took so long, but I think it was worth it. (The before and after pictures should be appearing on facebook soon)

Had craft night at the Neutelings(See Kandace? I told you I knew how to spell it!)

While everybody else was busy doing neccesary invitation making I was just having fun.

I had a fun last night with my duckling before she left for camp.
Hanging out in Aberdeen was a wayy better idea than going to watch a movie.

I have started working on the perfect Hannah Tootsie donut.
It is far from perfect. It will take months of experimenting before I discover the perfect recipe.

I met up with a hopeful youngster applying at Starbucks and I asked if I could take a couple pictures of her. She wasn't really in the mood so here is the only good one I got.

Apparently this youngster has no friends since she asked if she could come home with me. Since I have such a kind heart I let her tag along on a biking adventure where we got the best popsicles known to mankind.

And caught a glimpse of the biggest dog I have ever seen. The picture does not do it justice.

The girl would not leave! So I let her stay the night and the next day we met up with a similar character and went on many adventures. Included in this was getting girly drinks from booster juice, comparing phones at koodo, walmarting, eating mcdonalds and taking my second ever bus ride in Kamloops. Pretty fun. On the bus we decided to be cool and sit at the back of the bus.
Yes, we are that cool.

That was only scraping the surface at what I have done since I am home. But really, don't you guys have better things to do than reading about all my crazy adventures?

I am having a blast.
Now go have your own crazy adventures and try to outdo me.

P.S. If any of you have the cell phone number of Derek from Sport Check could you please contact me?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sometimes when I say "Oh, I'm fine."
I want someone to look me in the eyes and say "Tell the truth."

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. And I have erased that line and replaced it with a trout.

Your shin (n.): A device used to find furniture in the dark.

If it weren't for the gutter, my mind would be homeless.

I miss your face :[

Fun size? What's so fun about eating less candy?

My friends are cooler than giraffes. And giraffes, they're cool.

If you die
You'll be dead
I'll be sad
Don't die okay?

If he catches me staring, at least I'll know he was looking back.

Pardon me while I burst into song.

Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!

Remember that one time...Oh wait, that was a dream..

You're Wrong! Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong.

I'm the girl that hides her pain with a smile to brighten everyone elses day.

I speak whale.

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love being home.

Of course it would appear that my family is not used to having me around the house.
My mom keeps forgetting I am here and not making enough food because of that.

And, aww, the other day I was in my room on the computer and Noah walks in and asks "What are you doing here?..Oh wait I forgot that you came home." :(..

There is also strange things happening.

Today Sean told me that he sings 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' all the time. I thought he meant just the chorus....But no, he informed me that he has the whole song memorized. Weird.

The past two days I have been cleaning my brothers house. It actually makes me feel good.
Although I still have lots to do. When I am done I will be putting before and after pictures up on Facebook.

Today I finally cleaned my room and finished unpacking. I was sick of my room being a mess so I told myself I was going to listen to one song over and over again until I got it finished.

Lucky- Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz
30 Times.

Surprisingly enough I didn't hate it at the end. But I am getting there.

K, I think you are updated enough for now.

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