Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The day I had been waiting 3 years for.

It's picture day for adults, it's the image you have to live with whether you like it or not, it's usually on par with passports as far as being horribly unflattering.

It's your drivers license.

I don't know what I was thinking the day I went in to day my test to unlock my full license, 3 years ago this past June. The picture part was probably nowhere near as high priority in my mind so much as actually passing the test was.
For some reason, and I'll question myself forever, I had my hair pulled back.
And it ended up being a picture to shame me for years to come.
You think I would have learned my lesson from doing the same thing in a passport picture years earlier, which had an even more disastrous effect (trust me, at least in this one you can tell I have hair at all)
But no.
On time someone who was checking my id didn't even believe I was the same person, so he made me pull back my hair on the left side of my face like in the picture. I kid you not.
So I looked forward to license renewal day ...for months...
I picked a day that I didn't have to work, I woke up early to spend an hour getting myself ready, I went to the licensing office first before any other errands so's not to muss anything up.
I arrived early enough in the day so there was no wait, and I didn't have a chance to sit for a while and somehow ruin something.
And I managed to take a great picture.
She gave the option of retaking if I wanted to (an option, I might add, that they did not give me the first time round) but I figured it was probably as good as it was going to get.
And today, after weeks of waiting, I receive the card in the mail, and I am so happy.
I know it's such a trivial thing, but I'm okay with sweating the small stuff occasionally.

Before, and after!

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