Sunday, October 5, 2014


First of all, I wanted to mention that this book, which has been the bane of my existence just thinking about it the last 10 months, has become a real problem now that I am actually pushing myself to finish it.
I can't say I'm right on track with where I should be. But the fact that I'm still keeping up with it at all slightly amazes me. I keep telling myself that I want to read all the classics and greats, but if they are all like this, then I'll be happy sticking to my chick lit, thank you very much.

Now on to contentment.
I have been enlightened today.
I have discovered that I am happy.

Now this might seem like a silly thing, or an obvious thing, but really, how much of the time do we as humans live in ideal circumstances, and yet find reasons and ways to have problems because it keeps us entertained. Maybe that doesn't sound right, but maybe there is some truth to it as well.

But today, in this moment, I am aware that I have a good job, a lovely place to live in, no financial troubles, no health afflictions. Life is good. And I think it is important to know and appreciate that when you can.

Pictured above is my new little plant, Steve. He was 1.50 at Rona, and he is filling me with delight.
I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe because he is tiny, maybe because I always love cheap things, maybe because the nice lady gave me a free pot to go along with him. All I know is that a tiny plant named Steve is making me smile every time I look at it.
And if I can smile at that, my life must be pretty perfect.

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