Monday, October 6, 2014

My warning to you.

This is my warning to all the young people out there, who think that moving out is a great idea, and that it will be fun times and parties every day all day.
Maybe it's like that for some people, and I do have to admit that it can be pretty sweet being all off by ones lonesome. But the compromise ain't great.

I ate popcorn for dinner.
Does that sound like a balanced nutritional meal to you?

Making a meal these days is a luxury, most of the time it just comes frozen, or from a can in the pantry. I don't like to buy a lot of vegetables, because it makes me sad knowing most of them will go bad in my fridge before I get a chance to eat them.

Sure, sure, I could get organized and plan things, and spend an hour a day preparing food, with another hour of cleaning it up (fact: I don't own a dishwasher.)
But my 22 year old mentality does not see it as worth it yet. Give me a couple years.

Anyway. Just my little piece of advice for today.
Stop dreaming of moving out of your parent's basement, and go eat a nice big plate of your mother's spaghetti. And think of me and my bowl of popcorn while you do.

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