Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The best/worst day.

Something I never missed from when I worked at Tim Hortons, was the roller coaster ride of emotions that you would go through on a daily basis. It's the truth.
Somehow, during every single day there was a moment of pure happiness but making it's way all the way back to anger/tear/general frustration.

When I started the job at the hotel, that's the thing  I didn't miss missing the most.

But today changed that.
I don't know, there is something about being at the point of complete stress and then flipping back up to happy with dancing to Taylor Swift and eating chocolate covered fruit, that makes it that much more enjoyable. If I hadn't been to the bottom, of course I wouldn't be able to appreciate the top as much!

Today was the worst day. But it was also the best. And I wouldn't change it.

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