Friday, October 17, 2014

My Patronus

Penguins are probably my all time favourite animal.
Now, most people would think my pick would be the zebra. And it is true that it holds one of the highly sought after spots in my heart. But mostly because it is so aesthetically amusing and pleasing.

But a penguin. It's just so..adorable, and cute, and pretty and funny.

Melbourne aquarium. March 2013.

As shown above, I was able to see a penguin exhibit in Australia when I was there last year.
Actually I got to see 3 kinds of penguins on my trip.
At this particular exhibit, there were both Gentoo and King penguins, which are from Antarctica, but then also later in my trip at the Melbourne Zoo, I got to see the penguins that are native to Australia.
They are smaller, with more of a dark blue back, rather than black.

Melbourne Zoo.
I could watch these things for hours.

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