Thursday, October 2, 2014

Keep calm and have a cupcake.

Things I love Thursday: The weekend.*

This week was a little hectic at work. We were one person short in the back, which meant the girl at the front went to the back, which meant I was all by my lonesome to try and keep the home fire burning.

On top of that, I picked some sort of bug along the last couple weeks, or perhaps all of the not sleeping caught up to me, because I came down with something.

Put that all together with the regular every day stress of my job, it was nice when 5:00pm came around today. Just coming home and flopping down on the couch made me feel ten times better.

Oh, and the mint chocolate cupcake. That helped in the healing process.

*the rest of my TILT list.
2. getting mail two days in a row!
3. These colder days that make it all the more cozier to
snuggle in the blankets in the early hours of the morning.
4. Living so central in town that it never takes me long to get anywhere.
5. My little pal Jeffery. It's been a year now, and he's still alive and kicking...or whatever those beta fish do in their little bowls of homes
6. The new sensation that I am learning to enjoy. The art of relaxing. 
Sitting, and being. It feel so good.
7. Getting to take a new picture for my id tomorrow after living with a horror of a photo for the last 3 years.

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