Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Act 1, Scene 1.

"The time was evening,
She had finished the day's work, ate a meal and was ready for a early night.
Cuddled up in her bed, lights off, starting to drift off to the soundtrack of 2 broke girls.
But wait.
What was that?
Some disturbing thought was trying to wiggle it's way into her conscience.

Oh right, she hadn't blogged that."

This is getting to me, guys,

I can hardly remember to brush my teeth everyday, much less write a blog post with a new creative photo every day. This is harder that school ever was.

So, obviously this picture is a pull from the history books.
I had enough energy to leave my bed to type some words, but definitely not enough to get out all of my camera gear.
It's funny how its usually the days that I have way too much spare time end up being the days nothing gets done.

Now back to where I belong....ZZZzzzzzz

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