Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days.

So many different topics, so many ideas.

Three different titles I came up with.

1. 31 days to bettering myself

2. 31 Days of pictures.

3. 2 days of pretending that I could blog 31 days in a row before I realize the inevitable truth.

Which one appeals the most to you?

A couple weeks ago I was thinking of my new year resolutions.
I know right?
Probably one of the few that think about those past January 15th.

And something that is bugging is that book that keeps taunting me. Les Mis.
I will to whatever I can to finish that book this year. But it's so hard with all it's references en francais and the general old language of the 1800's.

But I needed a plan. And the plan involved pacing myself. Because there is no way that is a book that you pick up and read in a day. There is strategy to it.

So originally I was planning on dividing into the days of November, and make it into a spoof of NaNoWriMo or NoBloPoMo. (it would be almost as difficult).
But that didn't really give me much time on the other side just in case I slacked off and needed to cram on the other sided. Yes, I don't consider a whole month of December to be enough cramming time.

Which is why it turned into the month of October. Then my creativity ran wild and decided I should add more complex rules to this month of accomplishment.
Taking pictures, reading more books, discovering new music, going outside of comfort zones, learning, all of the good stuff. Following through.

all of this shaping me into a beautiful person for my 22nd year.

I don't want to become stagnant and routine.

This will be a trial and error kind of thing.

31 days? No problem.

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